Name: Whisper (Possible Alias)
Race/Gender: Unknown Female
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Skin Color: Unknown
Age in Years: Unknown
A mysterious woman who is reported to have emerged in the shadows of the Omasian royal court around the same time as Queen Aeleen was infected with her mysterious disease. She keeps her face and body hidden with a heavy cloak and veil, and speaks with an accent reminiscent of drow or wood elves; and most likely is not an Omasian citizen. She is rumored to be a lover of King Kaldan and possibly the one attempting to assassinate the queen. She is under the protection of the King and thus cannot be forced to reveal her identity.

Whisper also seems to have a hand behind the scenes, hiring mercenaries who she believes are loyal to the crown to discover the true identity of the queen's poisoner; and thus may be a protagonist rather and an antagonist in this story of courtly intrigues. She is one of the few people that have access to the queen's chambers on a regular basis. She has signed letters to her associates with a spider insignia which appears decidedly rune-like in nature, reminiscent of old elven.

Whispers associates know that she has access to some sort of information network, but she has never been seen with allies outside of the King and her hired mercenaries.

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