The Steam Empire and Nexus City

Nexus is surrounded by a large wall, the main gate has two iron golem standing guard next to it, though they are a bit rusty (or are disguised to look that way) from disuse. Behind the Golems and the massive walls stands a dark brooding metropolic, the sun blotted out by smoke and soot pumped out by the cities many factoties.

The darkness makes this city an ideal home for several variety of sentient undead as well as the numerous constructs that inhabit the city. The area just beyond the front gate is mostly smog free and brightly lit by long glowing metal bars along the streets that shine with magical light to show people their surroundings and the store fronts. The shops sell everything from finished produced goods to raw materials and even a few knockj off blueprints for things produced in the city.

In the weapon shops one would find very high quality machined weapons and armor, though there were no bows in evidence, instead having been replaced with firearms of all sorts, from simple blunderbus' and flintlocks to detailed and ornate rifles and revolvers. Near the main market square was a larger bazaar with bulk purchase in mind, there were docks just to the left of the bazar, though no water was in evidence, instead what sat there were berths for a dozen airships, to the right is a very ritzy inn that stands five stories tall that caters to merchants as well as storage for caravans. To the north is a strange looking building, seem to be made of obsidian. On the front facing the market are the letters NMU, upon colser inspection there is a large pair of double doors with a pair of martial looking constructs opening and closing them for visitors, on the doors reads the words "Nexus Mercenary Union." And the building has a stream of young adventurers and grizzled vertrans coming and going.

Beyond the murchant sector in the low rent resedential areas the smog dips down further, settling around the buildings and streets in those parts of the city making it hard to breathe and see very far, though it is livable it is not pleasent. There is one street leading toward the center of the city that seemed smog free and lead to the more afluent districts as well as a few of the more magicly inclined factories.

The Society
Ruler: Exarch Reagent (Alchemist/Artificer)
The ruler Reagent is the chosen ruler of the city and state of Nexus and The Mechanized Empire respectivly. His advisors include a wraith for undead affairs, an elf rogue for syndicate operations, a human gunslinger for military operations as well as three ordinary citizens for internal affairs. The three ordinary citizens are picked by lottery after three years of service, no one may campaign for these positions as they are to give the ruler an ordinary mans view of situations and rulings.

The majority of people are happy with their lot as very few are menials, these positions are filled by basic constructs and simple undead, leaving the people time to enjoy their lives and follow pursuits of the mind or military, some live in squallor in the low zones but these are the ones who wish to be a burdon on society and not pull their weight or can not rise qabove their current situation.

The city is split into several districts which include the fabrication district where the construction yards and factories are located, toughly three similar factories per fabrication district, the low housing district where beggars, mindless undead and constructs frequent, majority are barracks and shantys.
The economic district is filled with markets, inns, taverns, whore houses, drug dens, and lot sales. The air in this area is clear for the most part up to the 3rd story where the smog becomes thick
The next is middle known as middle town, this is where the majority of people live, they supervise undead and constructs, put finishing details on items or are artisans. The air here is muggy but comfortable unless there are heavy windstorms or humidity, then it becomes a pain to be outside instead of inside one of the clean buildings.
The final district is the rulers district, the majority of this is underground, built down into the rock instead of up into the air. The air in this district is spotless and the metal here gleams with polish, there are maybe three dozen ornate and beautiful homes with gorgous lawns and estates around them, in the center of these estates is an angular keep with two war airships anchored to its roof. Below the surface is a great citadel of a fortress, the majority of the cities human military is housed in this structure.

The military of Nexus makes use of firearms, prefering to keep enemies at range if possible, if the enemy closes they switch to scatter weapons, and finally baoynets. The front line of troops are mindless undead and simple constructs to keep the enemies at range. The support units of Nexus include iron golems, Seige Golems, Cannon Carts (tanks) and combat airships.

There is no state religion of Nexus, and while any religion is accepted and nearly all religions are practiced if able to do so peacefully, the majority of inhabitants worship at the alter of innovation and advancment. They are able tosee the wonders of industry and science combined with magic around them every day.

Nexus is a massive importer of raw materials, woods and metals, as well as food. Nexus has great stores of subterainin food supplies in the event of seiges, but because of the heavy focus on industry of the city the area around Nexus is poluted and unfriendly to plant life, making the import of food of high priority.

Nexus is one of the larest (If not the largest) exporter of printed books, as well as exporting high quality firearms and constructs they produce steam wagons (Normal wagon propelled by a magical steam engine instead of horses), airships, and a variety of other conviniences both magical and mundain that other nations and groups may not have the ability or desire to produce themselves. Another, more select, service provided by the city of Nexus are disposible armies and trouble shooters, many nations know of Nexus' neutrality, so send agents there to post jobs and to hire mercenary companies for less than on the level jobs.

Nexus is a place dedicated to expaintion and advancment. Those who choose to live here see the world as it is, wallowing in complacency with their lot in life, where as the races of Alvena could do so much more and be so much more. Those who come to Nexus wish to push the bounds of technology and magic and fuse them to make the nation, and by extention the world, a better place for everyone.

Social Quirks:
A majority of people in Nexus, even the low classers, wear ornate scarves (ornate for their position anyway) both to signify themselves as one of the living, and for the practical purpose of fuiltering out less than desirable particles in the wind. They find anyone with a weapon that is ranged, be it a sling or bow to be rather backwards socially, as they have yet to see the light of technology, subsequently they tend to speak to those types as if they are slow, this is mostly the merchant and lower class though, the middle and higher classes are more open minded.

Another quirk is that the people of the city tend to rarely look up towards the sky, as all that is above them is a roiling grey/black mess, everything that interests them is down around the first floor of buildings.

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