The Statue Of Andrew And The Lake

DM Siam

Players Moxie (Quicksilver), Lithial (Nalei), Laranith (Lothoris)

It was a hot lazy afternoon, the kind of time with just the right amount of heat to make almost anyone lazy. However, the sound of hammers hitting metal along with the hissing of steam could be heard in a smithy near the Guild's Hall. As a trio of females from the Freerunners were passing by, they heard the familiar sound of Andrew yelling. The party responded to the call and found a nearly motionless Andrew holding onto a glass vial filled with a black liquid substance. Andrew hastily talked about the explosive potential and sensitivity of the substance and explained he needed Oyster flesh to neutralise or at least weaken it sufficiently. Moxie quickly whipped up a support stand for him to rest his right arm while Lananith quickly found a high probable place to look.

The hour long trip was uneventful, and eventually they arrived at a sand bank near the river, with trash, rocks and logs strewn about. The three managed to spot a crocodile bathing in the sun among the debris. Bold and confident in her kinship with the sea, Lithial went forward to allow safe passage for her friends. The first obstacle overcome, the party enjoyed the feeling of the cool lake water in the hot afternoon sun. Lithial quickly jumped into the lake and looked for the giant oyster as the other two stood guard and played in the water.

However, their senses could not detect another watery predator until it was almost too late. A split second before she was bitten, Laranith leaped out of the water, saving herself from the bite of a large python. Moxie was not as lucky however, taking a painful bite to her neck which almost knocked her out. She quickly followed Laranith back onto dry land before it had a chance to trap her in its vice like grip. Just then, Maxx (Laranith's loyal mastiff) leaped into the water to engage the serpend while Laranith herself summoned another canine to aid it. Things went badly after that, with Maxx bitten and crushed near to death in the serpent's coils. In the end however, the party prevailed, just as Lithial returned to heal the unconcious Maxx.

Plunging into the water once more more the elusive Oyster, she quickly found herself staring at a glint of light in the darkness near the bottom of the lake. Closing in to the glint, she found a large oyster roughly the size of an ogre with its mouth open and a giant pearl neatly placed in the middle of its meaty insides. Not willing to risk being consumed by the oyster, the party took an extra long net to trap the oyster. They then pulled it out with the help of a rope and a large group of oxen. Then, it was a matter of time for the Oyster to suffocate and release its meat and pearl. The party quickly returned to give the flesh to Andrew, who has still staying in the same rigid posture as he was 3 hours ago.

The party found a large fist sized white Pearl inside the Giant Oyster with a value of 3,600 gp. As a treasure item, it can be sold for full price.

665 Exp for Lithial, Larinth and Moxie for avoiding a conflict with the crocodile (CR 2), defeating the constrictor snake while it had the advantage of water cover (CR2+1) and overcoming a Giant Oyster (CR2 modified Giant Clam).

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