The Lighthouse And The Storm

One day, a small-scale mercenary company recruits the PCs to take care of a single job. They say they would do so themselves if not for the fact that their very few members are already aiding in the repelling of an orc raid in the west. According to the leader of this band, he was hired by a raving lunatic to… "Save his lighthouse from the ocean!" The leader agreed because the pay was decent, and after a simple scouting job, the band discovered that there were only a few bandits around this lighthouse. He asks for only five percent of the reward for turning the PCs onto the job and makes a personal request they give him a couple of maces, as his company is running low on usable weapons. The lighthouse is in the farthest north-eastern corner of the Omas Kingdom, and it's surrounded by a lovely forest on the way down the mountains.

Upon distant inspection, the lighthouse appears to certainly be lit (and the PCs can tell, because it's just starting to get dark), but it stays frozen in place, pointing out in a single direction, and that's just to the right of the road, extending over the forest. In the distance, you can also see the end of the forest, where the road breaks into a clearing and continues another roughly fifty feet and ends in front of the lighthouse. It is connected to a small shack.

Despite seeing a burly, vigilant man in the shack, some of the PCs burst out of the trees and attempt to intimidate the man into leaving. This provokes a fight which looks grim in the beginning, but quickly turns in the PCs' favor. Only one of the bandits that got involved in the fight wound up escaping, leaving a long trail of blood into the woods.

The PCs examined the area and found two potions of cure light wounds and a few journals which seemingly belonged to the bandits. These journals contained the chronicling of the bandits' enlistment in a mysterious cause, their concern with strange goings-on, and a final entry which always involved an abrupt end and signs of violence (blood stains, ripped pages, etc).

After setting up a makeshift camp inside the lighthouse, a storm began to brew over the ocean, and eventually reached the lighthouse, battering it heavily. The players inside expected to only have to deal with puddles due to the leaky roof. However, one of the puddles reached up and actually wounded Nicodemus.

A battle ensued inside the increasingly water-filled lighthouse, where the PCs found themselves a little frustrated by the combination of water and lightning elementals. They eventually vanquished the little foes, though, and the storm began to clear away.

Almost before the PCs got a break, they heard the sound of horses approaching. Twenty armed men were coming down the road. The PCs attempted to both play a prank on and intimidate this battalion into leaving.

The battalion left, and reappeared shortly afterward, stealthily capturing one of the PCs. The perceptive PCs got up the stairs just in time to see Emma being taken into the trees. The PCs attacked and were quickly placed in a bad position.

Given the choice "Surrender and live or resist and die," the PCs tried harder and harder to keep their honor, which involved not surrendering. Eventually, this resulted in the deaths of Nellethat and Janus.

The remaining PCs were treated civilly once they were taken back to the battalion's full camp. After some questioning, it was decided that the PCs were not actually part of the bandits originally at the lighthouse, and they were given a new offer with less of a dangerous edge (beginning the campaign "Fire on the Ground and Water in the Sky" campaign arc).

EXP for the first session: 760
EXP for the second session: 640
Other rewards: 750g per character and some worn out bandit equipment (you may ask about that on ORPG, as it's not worth a whole lot)

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