The Halls Of Goblin Doom

DM: Arturcas
Characters: Jaakzei, Sarah, Remmy, Liona, Eva, Angela,
Location: Dungeon
Date:September, 10, 2012
XP: Tokens: 2
XP: 500
Gold: 400
Scroll of Obscuring Mist
Scroll of Comprehend Languages
Scroll of Grease
Scroll of Reduce Person
Scroll of Summon Monster I

4 History Books (Dwarven) 50 GP Each.

Wand of Cure Light Wounds 25 / 50 Charges

Nodachi "Fang of the Dragon Emperor" - May choose the break the weapon to automatically score a critical Hit with + *1 multiplier for damage, weapon is unrepairable after this.

Shield of the Evershifting Defense - Can turn into a tower shield, or a heavy shield, at will once per day. +1 Shield. Made of wood.

Silver plated Shotgun "Bad Mother Fucker - Normal 2x shotgun, cept four barrels, axe bayonet, non magical and non masterwork.

Leather Armor of the Wilds - When worn, once per day a ranger may change their favored enemy at the cost of all favored enemy bonuses for the rest of the day. This uses a level 1 spellslot. (As in wearing the ar
Chat: Log
Summary:The party divded into the Halls of Fidalf and cleared it of goblins

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