The Everlife Colonies

The Everlife Colonies: A recent addition to the powers that inhabit Aendeel is the Everlife colonies, which owe their alliegance and possession to the powerful Necrosia city-nation far away on the continent of Sarlana. Existing primarily as a means of trade with the outside world, and as a means of reaching out diplomatically to the world around them, the colonies are ambitious embodiments of their Lich Queen's hopeful thinking.

Brief History: The land the colonies were founded on was originally part of the Goshreh Lowlands to the west and south of Everlife and Omas Kingdom. The land was granted after the current governess of the colonies, Stillora Ketmesh, met with King Valhandran as a diplomat. No one knows exactly what sort of arrangement caused the king (who is often noted for his shrewdness and greed) to apparently grant them enough land to start the colonies, but soon after their meeting the construction was underway. From this point, the colonies increased in density with rapid growth, from the combinaton of exceptional enginuity, undead manpower, and what could only be estimated as a very precise planning of the development that would likely have taken years before even acquiring the land.

Border Relations: While Goshreh seems to have openly welcomed the newcomers, their neighbors the Omasians seem to abhor the very existance of the Everlife colonies, and often suggest that the king of Goshreh has either fallen in league with evil, or has been bewitched by the foul magics that permeat the colonies. Most of their differences are primarily based in religious and societal issues. Everlife by its nature is a Necropolis colony, filled with thousands of undead laborers, citzens, and soldiers; while Omasian laws and religious beliefs typically abhor undeath, and see the colony as a blight on the face of Alvena.

This has caused the Omas Kingdom to have become one of their greatest rivals, and has caused an interesting relationship. The people of the colonies typically stay out of the Omasian borders, and the Omasian Templar regularly patrol the borders (and some say make incursions into the colony borders to strike at them). The colonies have so far managed to hold together, but the Omas Kingdom has a longstanding foothold in Aendeel, and their words and wishes hold great sway throughout the land, and the scheming of the Templar have caused the colonies to focus more heavily on developing a military power for their own defense; which in turn is often cited as a sign that they have a more military purpose than the governess and her lich queen would suggest.

Ruler: Stillora Ketmesh, age: unknown (apparent age is somewhere around 30 years), race: undead human, gender: female, Common Knowledge: Stillora Ketmesh is the governess of the Everlife colonies and generally resides in their capital city "Rebirth", where she dictates the paths taken by all the colonies. She has few if any advisors, and may be in contact with the Lich Queen in Sarlana. She is rarely seen outside of the grand temple-fortress in the heartlands of the colonies, but occasionally makes her way out for diplomatic purposes or to address her people.

Military Power: While Everlife and its rulers maintain that they are not a military power, they command vast legions of undead workers who double as competent soldiers, which means that at least 80% of their entire population is arguably military as well as civilian in terms of usage. In addition to their powerful spellcasters and undead legions, the colony is also home to Stillora's elite guards known as the Dread Knights, which serve as potent defenders and guardians of the colony, and have several sects and training centers dedicated to training the knights in their skills. Most of these knights rival the Templar in terms of ferocity when called to arms (which may actually spur the hatred towards the colony even further, as the Templar view the Dread Knights as some sort of evil counterpart or rival).

Rebirth, Capital City of the Everlife Colonies

Description: As you enter the colonial city of Rebirth, your senses are awashed with many strange sights. The colony is built up of countless buildings made of bricks fashioned from clay and straw, as well as stone which seems to have been gathered in enormous quantities. The architecture is foriegn to your expectations, and uses a lot of triangular shapes and designs, coupled with sleek flat surfaces. At the center of the colony is a massive structure called a pyramid, which displays two beautiful women at its front, with a dress that appears to signify them as some sort of authority, with one being more lavishly dressed than the other.

Its people are likewise equally dressed in strange clothing. Many of them favor robe-like garbs which leave much of the body revealed, and wear interesting piercings which can be found along their brow, ears, nose, lips, chest, and so forth. Many of them have darkened skin, and wear a small amount of highly colorful makeup which gives them an exotic allure. Most of them have hair that is either kept in countless thin braids, or kept strait. Their clothing is colorful and covered often sports designs and pictures, or strange runic symbols or writing.

What sets off your senses most of all, however, is not the exotic dress, or even the exotic music or scents of food coming from the nearby resturaunts, inns, and shops, but those who are not mere citizens that walk about around you. Hundreds of skeletons and zombies, polished to a shine, decorated with brass, copper, and bronze, and well maintained with magic shuffle about under the direction of the citizenry. Hauling crops, fruit, lumber, stone, and trade goods around endlessly. Along with the countless red pinpoints of light of the undead, are the Knights atop fierce skeletal warhorses, which pass by you from time to time.

Truly, this city would be like none you have ever visited before…

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