Character Sheet

Race: Assimar
Class: Cleric 1
Alignment: Neutral Good

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His skin is a golden tan, his hair fair blond, his eyes molten silver. Solaris much like his name sake radiates light and life. Though his armor; well made and every bit utilitarian, and his weapon; a grand morining star crafted for him by the best smiths in Omas, do lend an appearance of the practical and earthly to his otherwise ethereal appearance.

Solaris is out to heal the world and free the oppressed, in this he is naive. Young and cloistered he has yet to understand or experiences the harshness of the real world. He is quick to laugh and forgive and slow to anger, believing talking and diplomacy can win most battles before they begin. Though his upbringing among the nobles and high priests of Omas can some times cause him to be a bit aloof he hardly means anything by it.

Solais Ish'Talri was born into a noble family. His mother knew he was different from the beginning, she still had fond memory's of her great great grandfather whom had been a half-celestial. She recognized the odd eyes and the inner glow the child seemed to posses. She named him for his fair skin and shining eyes. Solaris grew quickly as children are want to do, ignorant of the outside world, beholden only to his mother and the few caring maidservants, of his father he saw little as he was oft gone with merchants errands. Solaris's gifts for the divine became apparnet fairly early in his youth, his touch was enough to stop minor cuts and wounds from bleeding and to wipe away bruises. He took to the healing arts but also enjoyed watching the paladins and knights train, dreaming of riding off into battle. He never took to history and other more learned things, not thinking they were necessarily useless, but understanding his short comings. The better part of his life was spent withing his father's estate or in one of the larger churches within Omas, moving from place to place by carriage, and giving no thought to whom took care of the horses, whom cooked his food, mended his clothing and so on. Curiosity finely beat out his common sense one night though and he decided to sneak out and see the forbidden parts of the city. He put on some of his father's traveling clothing, stole a light riding horse from the stables and set out into the city. He rode though the abandoned streets of the rich quarter much disappointed by the lack of night time activity, by sounds of music and laughter attracted him to the poor quarter. The source was a small tavern tucked next to a warehouse. He tied off his horse, swept inside and found his self a seat off the side of the door. For a short time no one paid him any mind, he laughed and sang along with all the patrons, he even drank his first Ale, and then some; but such things are not to last, the folk began to notice him as the music died down, he attracted a few stairs at first, then out right resentment. A few saw opportunity. Solaris not accustom to negative attention paid his tab quickly then left the tavern. He untied his horse and began walking it not trusting his self to riding in his drunken state, nor did he notice the two large men exit the bar not long after him. Halfway between the City's inner wall and the poor quarter, right before the Merchants row, the two men clubbed and grappled Solaris, they drug his near unconscious form into an ally and began pawing though his pockets. They took everything from him, dozens of gold pieces, a knife his mother had given him, his signet ring, most of his clothing even his shoes. They didn't stop there though, once they had striped him to his pants they decided to teach him a lesson. "Rich lil prats dont belong down in Underwall, wes gonna make sure ya remember that." Solaris took the beating as best he could protecting his head and trying to inch away at some point something inside him spoke of light and the sun, and there was light as bright as the day. The thugs not knowing whom or what had made the sudden blinding light ran leaving Solaris bleeding and battered in the ally. The light also attracted a guard, the guard took him to a church, and from there he made his way back home. He spent many days in brooding silence locked safely away behind the walls of his family's keep. One of the older priests would finally manage to speak to him. He explained fear and greed to Solaris, he spoke of the real world, of the suffering of common folk. Solaris donned the mantel of cleric that day, swearing allegiance to good and justice. He decided that he would ride out among the good and earthly folk, that he might try and heal there wounds and alleviate there suffering. How naive he was.

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