Sewer Dragons?

Sewer Dragons?
DM Name: Karrius


Achelles, Barbarian 2
Vrisch, Bard 5/Merchant 2
Jaakezi, Gunslinger 5
Angela, Witch 5

2x Bog Mummy (CR 5)
3x Crocodiles (CR 2)
1x Half-Fiend Sorcerer 6 (CR 7, adjustment due to low gear)

CR 2 tokens x3
CR 5 tokens x2
CR 7 token x1

The party was hired by the "great" and "mighty" kobold "dragonhunter" Grimyip, who hired them with news of a mighty sewer dragon lurking in the sewers (where sewer dragons naturally like to lurk). Promising them half of the dragon's hoard, the group headed into the city sewers, and began to search. Beginning their search, they found two bloated corpses, injured from long reptilian bite wounds that had festered. The corpses rose as undead, and were soon dispatched. Heading further into the tunnels, the party eventually found a small fiendish boy, curled in a cubby, with three demon-tainted crocodiles protecting him. Attempting to negotiated did not work, so the crocodiles were slain, and the boy captured with mostly-not excessive force. The boy was taken back to the city, where it was discovered that he went missing after a housefire that was suspected to be arson, but never proven. He was handed over to his remaining family, and the party rewarded for his return.

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