Seresa's Journal and Bestiary

This is the journal of the sharpshooter Seresa Balken, daughter of Samael Balken and Praticia Balken from the now ruined village of Top Haven. It has been a few years since I left my hometown, or rather was horribly evicted due to my own carelessness. I have decided to take the time to write a journal and record species I find of interest in it, for the betterment of my state of mind at least.

Journey to Anevale Dungeon
When I first arrived to the free city of Omas, I immediately went to the tavern as per custom of a seasoned explorer such as myself. There was a most curious disturbance where a large group of people were talking while drinking hard drinks. I decided to ease into the crowd and no one seemed to mind, they seemed like they didn't know each other and were probably working together for an adventure. After I came to this conclusion, I picked up bits and pieces of information, including the Halfling archelogist who hired us to help find his brother and I also found the most adorable walking lizard. I shall name him Kolby. A group of 4 adventures came into the scene and immediately we began a petty squabble over the ownership of the adventure site I suppose. Eventually however, one of us managed to get to the leader's good side, and we were off on our merry way. Oh a giant lizardman something like a Kobold except 3 times taller, far more muscular and far more uglier came in and spoke in draconic with another man who spoke in draconic, then the adventure leader also spoke in draconic. Little did they know I spoke draconic too! Who knew that so many people knew this ancient tounge, but I think it is because there are so many ancient ruins around the area that it attracts those who know how to decipher them. I also picked up the kobold and put it into my nearly completely empty backpack, he smelled of alcohol but I've smelled the breath of the undead before.

Once we reached the area, we all spotted and smelled a large group of rotting carcasses and corpses. After a bit of examination, I managed to conclude that the meat were debonned and mostly left untouched, which meant that the bones were most probably used exclusively. This was when I discovered that the group had been attacked by undead the first time they tried to enter the dungeon, and had to return to restock and rest. At the mention of undead, I steeled my resolve and became a bit reckless, which would prove disastrous for me later on.

Entering the hole that was the entrance of the dungeon, we came upon a large metal door barred form the outside with a rusty iron bolt. The stupidity of the design asideā€¦I mean really! How can anyone get out from the inside! I also noticed that there was a bell hanging 3 feet from the ground. We immediately came to the conclusion that this was a most devious trap, and the lizardman quickly cut the bell loose. I then proceeded to release the bolt, a horrid mistake, for a bolt of acid hit my face. It continued to burn and i quickly ran, the lizardman was hit next, and then the orc before finally someone stopped the trap by ringing the bell. Which alerted someone armored from the other side of the door.

Eventually, the leader of the adventure group we met at the tavern opened the door while I was continuously ringing the bell. With the trap constantly turned off before it could even start, it was done without the fuss I had to suffer through previously. What I saw behind the door were three armored figures, wearing rusty and battered full plate armor and ruined tower shields with holes here and there and most of its wooden parts throughoutly eaten away by mold. The female leader of the adventuring group quickly hid behind the door, allowing me and the magicians of the group to rain hell down on them. These were skeletal warriors, possibly old guardians of the tomb buried away with their master. The bleached and brittle white bones clearly visible through the cracks in the armor and the open faced visor of their helmet. Fighting the undead was what I was born to do, and these undead would fall to my aim, as have many before.


The Kobold

The first creature I will record is this curious species, whom everyone calls the Kobold. So far I have only found one specimen of this species, a warrior from a tribe. Despite no introductions and thus we are unaware of each other's names, we have begun to communicate with each other and I think him and his species are rather interesting. I have decided to nickname him, Kolby, he doesn't seem to mine and I find it fitting.

The Kobold's possess a very thin, lithe body with spindly limbs and with a large head not unlike those of a lizard or a bird. They possess scales on their body and I think they are also cold blooded, not in the figurative sense of course, I mean literally cold blooded. Agility is their forte, which combined with their small size, makes them a hard to hit and nimble foe in battle. They don't seem to possess much intelligence however, but are nowhere nearly as crude or stupid as an orc. From what Kolby claims, they seem to shed their skin once every few months or so despite reaching their maximum growth. There is one curious oil, Bitterweed I think, that helps stop this unnessisary and uncomfortable shedding, and he also mentioned it had medicinal properties for scales and skin alike. I will look deeper into this herb and try to recreate the oil using my new friend's help.


Monstrous Spiders

The spiders I have met thus far come in two varieties, the one that make weak hearted maiden's scream, and the ones that make everyone scream. The monstrous spiders are larger than an average spider by many times, the smallest are roughly the size of gnomes and have thus far exhibited the ability to shoot webbing at will.

It also tastes surprisingly good. Like crab meat a few others claim. Maybe its just those spiders we ate, but take that into account if you ever decide to take a bite of spider.

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