Seresa Balken


Race: Human
Class: Ranger 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good


Seresa's Journal and Bestiary

A relatively young human woman possessing fine traits usually associated with elves, such as sharp eyes, a slightly pointed chin, thin long nose and fine straight hair. She hides most of her womanly charms under a fully suit of studded leather armor, mostly cobbled together from scraps of animal hide with metal studded belts holding them all together. She possesses blacke hair that has a slight silky appearence despite the lack of care given and her attire is usually black, green or brown colored to help with hiding.

An experienced hunter of the undead who takes up bounty hunting simply to both hone her skill and to support herself. She harbors a great deal of guilt for her village's destruction and blames herself just as much as she blames the undead that wiped it out. She usually hides this under her a silent image of herself and lets it out in battle, though her boiling desire for killing the undead usually hinders her sniping at times (which requires patience). Though she is hard to make friends with, she truly appreciates those that are close to her and would gladly fight for them if need be. With those who she deems friends or closed ones, she opens up by joking around, talking more and generally being more comfortable.

Hailing from a village community bordering near an area where a great battle was once held, life for her and her family was hard but manageable. This village was made from the widows and children of the soldiers who died in that very battefield, which included Seresa's grandfather, who was a large stocky man who used a large crossbow. Here she learned her wilderness survival skills, which taught her how to be as attentive as possible, the right herbs to eat and the skills of animal tracking. Her weapon of choice then was a shortbow, for she lacked the strength to properly use anything larger. One day, while she was 15 and nearing the age of maturity, a lich found the old battlefield's location in search of a ripe area to raise an army of undead servants. Seeing it as her duty to protect her village, Seresa took up her Grandfather's bow and began to hunt the undead, killing them off one by one. The lich in anger sent his entire legion after the girl, which eventually lead them to the village. No able to see the difference between living creatures, they ransacked the place and killed nearly everyone. Horror stricken and with nowhere left to turn to, Seresa choose to be a vagrant and has been wandering the world ever since. It was been 2 years since she first took up arms against the undead, at first trying to a place among the clerics of Pelor, she eventually left after she got sick of their regimental ways.

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