Ryu Iko

Iko Ryu
Player: jam730
Race: Human
Class: Heroes of Alvena Monk 2
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: Long blond locks of hair dangling in a pony tail down her spine wearing a red Dogi on a 5'8 tall body. Her skin fair and slightly tan with a hint of blush on the cheeks. Her face supple and sublime in curvature down to the dainty sapphire blue eyes, free lobed ears, narrow nostril nose, and pert lips formed on the face. Her cheek bones lacking in appearance as she stares with sublimity in her gaze.

The lithe looking body lacked visible signs of muscle in them from the long slender arms to the well built thick smooth legs on her figure hidden under her Dogi. The builtness of her chest looked rather filled out in a C cup size hidden under an open neck top. Her waistline narrowing down deeply into a tampering point tied in by a black tie on belt of cloth. The fabric of her outfit going down to her bare ankles and showing her dainty light feet curling and uncurling her toes.

Personality: Collective and contrite, she always keeps her composure in the heat of battle. She never seems to take to fighting as fast as her sister in law does but she can be ready for an all out rumble if the situation were to bang onto her current predicament. One thing reliable about her is her punctuality and hard working ethics in anything she does.

Background: Born in a rural village, Kim Masia was a rather rambunctious child. She often chased chickens around every day and handled doing chores until her village was attacked by a group of bandits that were near her village. Before she lost her life, a man came out of nowhere saving her as he had nothing in hand but just his bare hands. Having lost her mother and father in the bandit raid, She felt very lonely. The man took her along with him to his home abode far off with an odd family.

There she met Otome. The little lady was punching a wooden log that had a notable rough spot from being hit so many times at the center. She didn't get along well with Otome at first since she wasn't the physical type. She did, however, have a gifted knack for handling herself around the household.

The man had been giving her some strange chores that seem to keep her in peak condition throughout the days of her stay there. Otome would often take her up in a spar just to give Kim some practice in taking care of herself in case any thieves or bandits tried to take advantage. The one thing kim knew was adapting to her weaknesses and handling a situation realizing it. That was probably the day when she finally got Otome onto her back during a spar between them.

At her 15th birthday, she was given her first Doji in red contrasting otome's white as a gift from the elderly man. There were also a pair of gloves within it that held some signifigant weight on them. She didn't know how to respond to such a gift other than getting a vigorous rubbing on the noggin from Otome.


Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 10-13-2012 35 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Buy 10-13-2012 -2 Gauntlets
3 Travels Over The Land 10-17-2012 1300 1160 Iko was traversing along the lands of Alvena to find her long lost twin before running into various adventurers on the way. Her venture with an elven village had lead her to face up against a snake shaman ape named Y'boa who had used his power to control the elven villages snake patron animal to cause them to fall into illness. After a long arduous struggle against the mammalian primate, her last blow had ended the conflict even though her plan to lure Y'boa away with a race failed.
4 Travels Over The Land Pt2 10-18-2012 700 640 Upon her next travels, Iko had a run in with goblins and mechanized machines that had plundered along the landscape. Valiantly as she fought, she was felled into submission with one stroke leaving a scar along her mid waistline upon her recovery at an Inn.
5 Shopping 11-02-2012 -300 masterwork upgrade
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