Royal Pain Chapter 3 Log
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(40314) Sayge: hrmm, can't seem to be able to remove the first one
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: ***** Game Intro: Royal Pain - Civil Unrest *****
(40300) John: (( does the 'must be socailly capable' aspect rule out thunk? ))
(40383) Scytale: (well as we are dealing with nobles and intrique...probobly so lol)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: When we last left our heroes were in the heart of Omas City in the dark of the night. Damepora had recently been released by the leader of the KoO (Knights of Omas) after complying with their wishes and answering a few of their questions. Having found that the lady Whisper was suspected to be trying to undo Queen Aeleen from within the castle itself, she had set out into the shadows to meet up with Whisper - but her motives were unknown to anyone but herself. He friends and allies were planning to meet up with her soonish...
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Maybe John. How does he handle law, order, and general decency? :P ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Or maybe civility, would be the word. :P ))
(40337) Flamester: (hmm, brb
(40337) Flamester: Disconnecting from server...
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Before I go further, I forget, Natie. Did Damepora already meet up with Whisper tonight, or should I continue from there? ))
(40337) Flamester (exit): 21:04
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( 'Cause I forgot. :P ))
(40351) Master Natie: ((She hasn't met with Whisper yet.))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Cool deal. ))
(40300) John: (( he can handle it well. until someone starts messing with him too much ))
(40300) Brant: (( so ill just use brant ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: As Damepora slips into the garden, figuring to find her employer there as she did before, the garden seems empty. The night is dark and no light is around except for rays of moonlight that is almost overshadowed by the lights on the inside of the high castle walls. For anyone else, this sort of environment would seem exceptionally disconcerting. However, after a few moments moving about the garden, Whispers familiar voice calls to her from the shadows. "Hmm, I saw you down here from the castle windows. It's a bit late for a stroll, no? Perhaps you were looking for me?" the cloaked woman asks emerging from behind a nearby shrug cut into the shape of a wyvern.
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( brb 1 sec ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Back ))
(40422) Flamester (enter): 21:08
(40383) Scytale: (psht nd i am accused of having giganto minis :P )
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
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whispering to Sayge, What program did you use to make your custom mini?
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( nearby shrub*, not shrug. :P ))
(40300) Brant: (( wait. so we all recieved the letter so should we all be showing up now? ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Nah. I'm gonna bring everyone else in. This particular campaign is about three adventures deep. :P ))
(40300) Brant: (( oh ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Currently Damepora and Scytale are veterans. :P ))
(40423) Sephi (enter): 21:12
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Since Natie is taking a bit, I'm gonna split it up just a bit. :P ))
(40383) Scytale: (/strikes a pose)
(40351) Damepora: "Yes, I was."
(40423) Sephi (exit): 21:14
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Meanwhile - Across town, the talk of the taverns seems to be political. Most of the common folk are discussing the use of tax money to try and heal the queen's strange new illness, as well as the general state of affairs in the city at large, and some outside of the city. Gathering information about the local conditions probably wouldn't be too difficult, and might be insightful.
(40351) Damepora: (("Unfortunately, something happened while I was on my way here that stuck me in a different time space continuum. I've totally forgotten the actual reason I came to see you."))
** (40262) Xem listens to the gossip, with a little interest. He turns to Sayge and addresses her. "Well the queen here seems ill..." **
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Damepora - Whisper walks through the garden, stopping only a few feet from Damepora herself. With her usual old-elven accent, she makes an inquiry. "Well, here I am. I notice that the others aren't with you. Did you want to talk about something in private, or are they still investigating Carlos D'canthen?" she asks, a bit curious.
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol I thought it was because you had spoken with the leader of the Knights of Omas, and that they believed that Whisper was the one responsible for the queen's illness due to her being so close. Meanwhile, Whisper wanted the group to quietly investigate one of the queen's political opponents, Carlos D'canthen. ))
(40129) GM Xanola (enter): 21:18
(40351) Damepora: (("Well, I can only remember that...")) "I was just arrested because the town guard seems to think that you, and by-and-by myself, are the ones responsible for the queens' illness."
(40129) GM Xanola: ((I too late to join in?))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Everyone Else - Back at the tavern, Xem, Sayge, and the others are enjoying a good drink and noticing the general unrest within the city. Seems like everyone's a bit on edge about something, or someone, and generally stressed or concerned. (( Knowledge Local, Diplomacy, or similar could shed some light on things. ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Not at all Xan. :) ))
(40262) Xem: (No your not too late...but you have to pay the DM.)
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (40129) GM Xanola...
** (40383) Scytale is a half elf male, slightly overweight with a round face, brown eyes and hair. He wears dirty artisan robes. His eyes are a little dull suggesting he had been drinking but his face is worn with laugh lines indicating he was a good natured individual. **
(40300) Brant: (( haha. i took the dilettante feat. i can try any knowledge untrained. woot ))
(40422) Kiv: (diplo time heheh)
(40422) Kiv: [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
(40422) Kiv: (23 on diplomacy)
(40300) Brant: (( can i try all three checks? ))
** (40262) Xem attempts to strike up a conversation with the barmaid. "So what is the news?" **
(40383) Scytale: (il use diplomacy and use detect thoughts on the crowd)
(40383) Scytale: [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20)
** (40422) Kiv is a small green kobold. with a black cloak **
(40300) Brant: (( take 10 for a 14 on a charisma/diplomacy check ))
** (40300) Brant doesn't trust his dice **
(40408) Shunkiro: Disconnecting from server...
(40408) Shunkiro (exit): 21:24
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Damepora - Whisper nods and rubs her slender chin beneath her hood. The elven woman seems to ponder for a moment before speaking. " the Knights are concerned about the Queen's benefits as well. I'm not surprised, but I didn't expect them to peg me as a suspect. If they suspect me, then they may suspect the King as well. The queen is currently surrounded by her personal honorguard, and no one but the healers can get to her at the moment. However, if the Knights suspect you and myself, it may make movement through the city more difficult. They are a separate entity from the state but their wield a considerable amount of authority due to their reputation and their strength of arms. If they let you go, it may be that they are using you somehow, but I cannot say." she says walking about. "Perhaps we act to slowly. Carlos is hosting his party three days from now, and several of my sources suggest that he may be involved in shady business here in the city. It would be easy to slip into his mansion during the party, but have you and your friends formulated another plan?" she asks.
(40314) Sayge: Is sitting with Brant and Kiv, the tall elf looking out of place with the two much shorter companions. She is overly green in many respects and is clearly an elf that has spent a great deal of time in a forestery life in the past.
(40300) Brant: (( wow. a forest loving elf. never woulda guessed. lolz ))
** (40262) Xem sips his drink. **
(40351) Damepora: "They did say ((something along the lines of...)) we should become allies. Who knows what that could mean, though? My... friends and I haven't come up with any sort of plan. The arrest, as well as some varied differences in perspective, separated us."
(40314) Sayge: She watches Xem strike up conversation with the buxem barmaid. Maybe his skills with talking with a rock for many years will help him in the task. It is practice, of sorts?
** (40422) Kiv chats to a few partrons of the bar, trying to gain some informatino **
(40262) Xem: (Elmo is not a rock! He is my friend! *Whips out a switch blade with crazy look in his eye*
(40314) Sayge: (sorry.. he is not a rock or... a volley ball.. but your own.. "special" friend...)
(40262) Xem: (WIIIIILSOOOOON!)
(40314) Sayge: (lol)
(40129) GM Xanola: ((Spawlding))
(40383) Scytale: (I would love to see a barbarian who thinks hes psionic carrying around a chunk of glass calling it a psi crystal and talking to it lol)
(40300) Brant: (( thunks intelligence is low enough he could believe that....... ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: One of the barbaids turns to Xem. "Well, a lot I guess. Our fair queen has become unnaturally ill. She's been confined to the castle and cannot regularly attend court. They're saying that it was an assassination attempt, or at least a poisoning of some sort. Are you a tourist?" she asks. Brant asks a few questions of his own, and manages to get something out of the Bartender. "Ehhh, as is...I hear a lot. One of the healers responsible for tending to the queen says their magic can't cure her, and he doesn't understand why. They've tried just about everything he could think of. Ill omens indeed. The Red Queen's one of the best military tacticians we have in Omas." he notes. Scytale wiggles a bit more out of some people. A mercinary near him comments "Well, there's a guy down near Quarta that's hiring up a lot of mercenary companies, and paying them top dollar. I'm not sure why, but my cousin's headed down that way to cash in on it. Buildin' an army, he is. I forgot his name though." he says. Scytale however gets a noticeable glimps into the man's mind. "Well, half true anyway. I doubt Talon is his real name."
(40314) Sayge: Stretching out her legs she drops her boot covered feet on the table, drinking up a local beverage, while idly listening to coversations around her. Her two scabbard swords hang off the chair behind her.
(40383) Scytale: He smirks at the bit of information, he takes a deepp ull from his beer and lets out a belch and he grins stupidly while turning his dull eyes around the tavern, swaying just a bit for added effect, looking for anything interesting, he checks out the elf who put her legs up, expecting a half elf should take interest in a female like itself then continues his eyes around the room, sweeping the room with his mind looking for any other details that might be useful to him
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Damepora - Whisper nods. "Hmmm, we'll see about that. I don't have any interest in getting tangled up with the Knights. I've got more pressing concerns. I saw someone suspicious moving through the castle last night, but they escaped me before I could apprehend them." she muses. "I would suggest laying low. Here..." she says, handing Damepora a bag of gemstones. "I can't leave the castle at the moment, but use these to hire new allies you deem worthy. I'll have my spies track down the others and inform them of the split. I believe that you can get into Carlos's mansion and find out what his hand in this was." she adds.
(40262) Xem: "H urtuate.thre thig ee abut te ueesconditio thatis unusual? And not a tourist, just a traveller, on my way to Quarta."
(40262) Xem: (Wireless keyboards suck)
(40383) Scytale: (i thought it was some weird text morpher lol)
(40314) Sayge: (yes, why I never use wireless anything)
(40300) Brant: (( i thought he was speaking elven lolz ))
(40262) Xem: "How unfortunate. Is there anything else about the queens condition that is unusual?"
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Tavern - There's a strange humming in everyone's ears for a moment, but it's uncertain exactly what it is, but then quickly vanishes. The barmaid that Xem was talking to keeps coming back now and then, however, and rubbing up against him as if by accident. "Oh, sorry dear. Didn't mean to bump into you...can I get you anything else? Maybe another drink, or some snacks?" she asks, acting a bit like she forgot all the other customers.
(40351) Damepora: "I think I can manage to do that. And what do you mean, hire new allies?"
(40262) Xem: "Just a refill for my companions and myself."
(40314) Sayge: Holds her empty mug out for a refill. "Thank you, champion. Very nice of you, dear Xem."
** (40262) Xem smiles at Sayge. "Of course." **
(40300) Brant: (( would a 14 pass for a perform check here since these are drunk people? ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Tavern - The barkeep ponders. "Well, uhh...hey Mac?" she asks looking to the Barkeep. He answers for her, as she heads off to get the drinks. "Well, they say she's slowly withering away. The healers keep staving off the sickness but it doesn't go away. Damndest thing. I couldn't imagine who'd want to hurt the queen. I don't really know anyone who dislikes her. She's from a tribe up northeast, near the Rai'clan lands in the forests. Married the Prince at a young age - but then, they were both young - and been the best damn queen we've had. She has her own army too, I hear. Mostly comprised of ex-mercenaries and her northern tribesmen." he notes.
(40437) Grip (enter): 21:47
(40437) Lothoris: ( sups again,.;
(40314) Sayge: ( hi )
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Yep. You'd get [1d10] => [9] = (9) copper pieces, Brant. :P ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Hiya Loth. :D ))
(40262) Xem: "Hmmm...who would want to hurt the queen is a good question...a good question indeed."
** (40300) Brant gets up and starts playing a few songs (take 10 for a 14 perform) **
(40300) Brant: (( on stage of course ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( 9 copper pieces be yours. :P ))
(40383) Scytale: ( A star is you! :P )
(40300) Brant: (( woohoo. and the instrument only cost me 5 gold lolz ))
(40262) Xem: (Keep that up and you'll pay off your bardic loans in a few decades!)
(40300) Brant: (( i just earned 1/60th price back lolz ))
(40300) Brant: (( damn cheap peasants ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Damepora - Whisper nods. "Well, if the Knights are watching me, I'm not certain I want to try to contact additional allies for risk of revealing them. It's likely that you could do so without much notice, since you can meet people outside of the castle grounds. Strong, capable people, loyal to the queen and the crown would be best." she notes.
(40300) Brant: (( just me, grant, and my flute ))
** (40262) Xem quaffs his drink then stands up looking at Sayge and Kiv and the rest. "Well this sounds like a intriguing mystery I can't simply ignore...who is up for some investigation?" **
(40351) Damepora: "If only I knew people like that. Don't worry, though. I'll find out what I can. In two nights, if I find anything, I'll come back here. Then the day after, we can implement the plan you originally created."
(40314) Sayge: Debates for a moment for giving Brant a cheerful clap, but that would involve putting down her drink. .. she wasn't quite ready to do that just yet...
(40300) Brant: (( i would prefer a cheerful tip ))
(40300) Brant: (( *rubs index finger and thumb together* ))
(40422) Kiv: "Kiv is interested."
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Tavern - Barkeeper: "I dunno, but commerce is beginning to suffer. The taxes have increased a bit since the queen took ill. She always was one for keeping the nobles from bleedin' us dry. Coupled with the bandit activity on the roads between here, Quarta, and Falcon's Rest, the economy's getting pretty tight."
(40314) Sayge: ( don't eat the green mushrooms - tip of the day )
** (40262) Xem a copper piece floats to Brant and lands itself on his head gracefully. Xem gives a polite golf clap then waits for the other's responses. **
(40300) Brant: (( woot now i have 1/50th of the flute paid for itself ))
** (40383) Scytale looks over at the stage, he smirks and claps, tossing a copper peice over to the stage from his seat at the bar, yelping out as the motion almost spills him from his perch **
(40314) Sayge: "Hold on," tips her head back and finishes off her drink, "I think you got me to drink enough to talk me into it. And you did pay for my drink after all. . . " says with a sly smile.
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Damepora - Whisper nods. "Hmmm, you should go. I hear the guards coming, and I need to get back to the queen." she says, hurrying Damepora off. Whisper then quickly runs back to the wall of the castle before vanishing.
(40314) Sayge: Slides her feet off the table with a thump to the ground and stands from her chair, giving Brant a good clap of her hands to his performance.
** (40262) Xem smiles back at the elf. "Thats the spirit...with you and Kiv I think we can find out what truely happened to the queen." **
** (40351) Damepora sighs and tries to find a bench or chair to sit on and think for a moment. **
** (40383) Scytale looks over at the loud clamp from the forest elf and he gives her a quisical look, slightly drunken, wondering why one of those would be in here, he flashes a wink her way and waves as they were kin...kind of before he takes another quaf of his ale **
** (40262) Xem motions Brant to come join their table now that he's finished torturing the audience into pity coppers. **
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(40410) Lothoris (exit): 21:59
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol @ Xem ))
(40314) Sayge: ( rofl )
(40383) Scytale: (LOL)
(40422) Kiv: (so true)
(40262) Xem: "Alright then...heres what we know...the queen has aquired a mysterious illness recently that resist all attempts to cure it."
** (40300) Brant stops playing and walks over to the table **
(40383) Scytale: (that might be fun, play a bard wo always takes 1 on his perform checks and refuses to leave untill he gets payed :D )
(40300) Brant: (( *ponders* ))
(40262) Xem: (You could use your ranks to do negatives)
(40300) Brant: (( realizes the bouncers would just throw him out ))
(40383) Scytale: (the next days headlines are about a bard so horrible the cities elite guards had to respond XD)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Tavern - As Brant is merrily playing his flute for a fairly average performance, a group of armed individuals enters the tavern. Without any fuss, one of them takes a seat at the counter, and suggests to his comrads that they go find some more chairs. Most of 'em look pretty tough. Obviously trained for cobat. About six of them. "Bartender, I'll have seven ales. Two for me, and one for the rest of my men. I lost a bet." he says jokingly. However, Scytale hears something a bit different from the minds of those near them. "Hmmm. I wonder where our informant is. It'd be nice to know when the Knights are going to be away."
(40262) Xem: "So thats unusual, and since the queen seems to have been the only one affected...and politics seem to be involved, it seems likely this must be an attempt to kill or keep the queen out of the way."
(40300) Brant: (( any knowledges i could roll to see what might be affecting the queen? ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Not without at least seeing her. ))
(40300) Brant: (( can i roll with penalties for hearing descriptions? ))
(40300) Brant: (( actually. it would probably be a DC 20 to pass. i would already have to roll an 18. if i had penalties i would fial ))
(40300) Brant: *fail
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Sure. I'll just increase the DC a bit. ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
(40422) Kiv: [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14) Sense Motive (on the armed group)
(40300) Brant: (( is it even possible to pass with a max roll of 22? ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Err...not really. :P ))
(40300) Brant: (( ok then ))
(40262) Xem: "We need to determine who has the motives for doing such...where and when the queen contracted this illness...and once we have some suspects we can do a little questioning."
(40262) Xem: "Thoughts?"
(40383) Scytale: He would look to captain and he smirks, nudging him with his elbow and grins at him, showing white teeth, he adds a slur to his voice as he speaks. " bets can be a biitch..." he chuckles a bit and offers his mug to the man in a toast . giving him a bit of a destraction so that he might be able to get more information from his mind
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Tavern - The Bartender slides the mercenary a drink and then turns back to Xem. "Well, I wouldn't be surprised with politics, honestly. The queen's not terribly popular with most of the nobles. I think it's her upbringing in her old tribe. She thinks more down to earth, like normal folk. She tends to keep us in mind when they're passing laws or doing things. Cuts into the profits for the nobility most of the time. Especially D'canthen's profits...rat bastard, he is."
(40422) Kiv: "Good plan, need to gather information first."
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: The mercenary takes the drink. "Heh, sir, you'd best watch your mouth. Mr. Carlos's money just bought these drinks." he says laughing.
** (40383) Scytale screws his face up into a look of mock concentration then shakes his head and wobbles a bit on his chair. "I cant watch it, its a wiley little thing." he grins in a good natured way before taking another smaller drink **
(40314) Sayge: "Maybe you should find out more about this... old tribe of hers. Motivation might be related to her old home and not policital pollination that is here."
(40262) Xem: "Who is D'canthen?"
(40300) Brant: (( knowledge local check? ))
(40300) Brant: (( or knowledge nobility ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Scytale gets some other thoughts from the men. "Hmmm. I agree with the Bartender...this job sucks. If not for the contract, I'd love to throw him out a window.", "Man, look at the titties on that one!", and "I hope the Wyvern Company goes around Ravencrest. I better write home and tell the family to make themselves scarce soon."
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Yep, Nobility or Local. Bonuses for using both. ))
(40300) Brant: (( [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20) nobility ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Score. :P ))
(40422) Kiv: (Probably the oly rouge that hasnt taken local knowledge)
(40300) Brant: (( i have all knowledges *hugs the delittante feat* ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( You can roll Local too. ))
(40422) Kiv: (then use local too)
(40262) Xem: "Its possible Sayge...we'll have to check into that."
(40300) Brant: (( [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5) ))
(40300) Brant: (( nope ))
(40300) Brant: (( i can roll . i just cant roll wel ))
(40262) Xem: (*Gives Brant a tee shirt 'Born to lose' with a d20 on a nat 1 on it.*)
** (40383) Scytale notes the information on troop movments away for later, he keeps his eyes on the stage or others around the room, just seeming interested in people here and there but he keeps these new comers as well as those in the corner in the scope of his power **
(40262) Xem: (Whats the DC on the detect thoughts?)
(40383) Scytale: (15)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: The bartender looks at Xem. "Well, he's a powerful noble who has a hand in a lot of businesses, I understand. The queen even called him a heartless troll once in the middle of a court hearing. The two have never seen eye to eye. I heard he's throwing a party in her honor though. I guess everyone feels bad for the queen's condition." he notes. Brant knows a bit more about Mr. Carlos though. Carlos D'canthen is the son of a weaponmaster and general that was released from service by the previous King of Omas, for terrible war crimes. The D'canthen family is powerful, and makes a lot of their money on slavery businesses which are legal outside of Omas. Carlos began participating in the courts at the age of 16, is two years older than the current King.
(40351) Damepora: Disconnecting from server...
(40351) Master Natie (exit): 22:18
(40314) Sayge: "Slavery, how barbaric."
(40262) Xem: "Hmmm. A individual of interest to be sure. Even if he is not the one responsible he might have some clues to who would have reason to harm the queen."
(40262) Xem: "Indeed."
(40300) Brant: (( you dont know about the slavery sayge. that was my knowledge roll ))
(40262) Xem: "When is this party being hosted?"
(40262) Xem: (Sayge is in your head!)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Bartender: "Eh, I think a few days from now. It's open to nobility only, but that includes peasant nobles." he says. Brant recognizes the term. A peasant noble is a commoner who owns land or a fortress of some kind. Most call them country nobles, but some warlords fit the criteria, and many such nobles are insulted by the phrase. Many explorers and adventurers rise to this status due to their wealth, or from their deeds - such as capturing land or a fortress by force.
(40422) Kiv: (Oh, hey, we just got a foundary :D)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: In short, those who take nobility, rather than being born into it.
(40422) Kiv: (Kobold noble,Kiv is)
(40314) Sayge: (doah! ignore that comment, misread it )
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
(40300) Brant: (( does an abandoned underground dwarven fortress qualify us for being a country noble? ))
(40422) Kiv: (Kiv can bluff, diplomacy, or just plain sneek in anyway)
(40262) Xem: "Hmm...interesting..." There is a glint in his eye.
(40262) Xem: (Count of Monte Cristo anyone?)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Theoretically. If you tossed about some money, dressed nice, and acting big, most of the nobles would probably not question it. They might act like you're not quite good enough, but more interesting than peasants at least. ))
(40422) Kiv: (kiv has a black velvety smooth floofy cloak)
(40262) Xem: "Sayge, Brant, Kiv...what do you say to attending a certain party?"
(40300) Brant: "I do like a party"
(40422) Kiv: "Kiv likes that idea."
(40383) Scytale: ( /me looks to his personalities and coughs a bit from scotts description )
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Eh? ))
(40262) Xem: "I think we'll need to do some preparation...but with the right clothing and skills...we can attend as Peasant nobles."
(40314) Sayge: "If only to keep you out of trouble. . . which I am not sure that is possible. Wonder what sort of drinks they will have..."
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: The soldier next to the group has long since stopped paying to the group, and then turns and gets up to go meet with a man wearing a Knights uniform. The others gather around him about like a wall, muffling the sound of their conversation.
(40262) Xem: (Xem von Lictenstien!)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol, from Galderland. :P ))
(40422) Kiv: ( Kiv von Karma)
** (40262) Xem grins mischieviously at Sayge. "Come know you'll enjoy getting to dress up for an evening of espionage and politics." **
(40422) Kiv: (nobles outfit is 75 gp)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( What's everyone's Perception modifier? ))
(40300) Brant: (( whats that modified by again? ))
whispering to (HoA) GM-Scott, [1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16)
** (40383) Scytale keeps an eye on them out of the corner of his eye, focusing instead on the elf so he didnt seem to be watching or reading them **
(40262) Xem: (+1)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Wisdom. ))
(40383) Scytale: +5
whispering to (HoA) GM-Scott, [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22) / [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4) vs 16
(40300) Brant: (( +0! ))
(40422) Kiv: +8
(40300) Brant: (( ? ))
(40300) Brant: (( kobold thing? ))
(40262) Xem: (Trained.)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( [1d20+8] => [4,8] = (12) ))
(40314) Sayge: ( +2)
whispering to (HoA) GM-Scott, [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15)
(40300) Brant: (( should we roll perception? ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Scytale catches both the conversation as he listens, pushing everything and the droning tavern sounds out of his mind. It sounds like the guy in the Knights of Omas uniform is a low ranking member, who lacks much loyalty. They're paying him off for planting some false evidence for the Knights to find. As he reads their minds, the mercenaries just seem to be dropping off the money, but the informant knows what he did. He's thinking about it heavily and his heart is racing even in his mind. It would seem that he planted evidence to suggest that Whisper and the King may be connected to the Queen's illness. They might be going to mobilize an investigation soon, which could create a fair amount of chaos in the city.
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( On an unrelated note, the DC was 16, and everyone else rolled 15 or lower. :P ))
** (40383) Scytale knows huis employer will love this information. and he takes another quaf of ale. he orders another round for himself paying the bar keep a little extra to water it down a fair bit **
(40314) Sayge: "Is this a plot you are making up to get me into a dress?" eyes Xem warely, but with a smile.
(40300) Brant: (( watering it down is a discount lolz ))
(40383) Scytale: (hehe most of the time yes, but if you want it done descretly you pay a bit extra)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Ok. So you guys have a reason to want to check this out. Something fishy is going on that could affect all of the Omas region. You've got three days - starting on the morrow - 'till the party. You'll have pretty much free roam of the city to find your own adventures as desired, purchase supplies, work with craft skills, or some combination thereof. ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( He'd be smarter to make up a plot to get Sayge out of one. ))
** (40300) Brant goes around offering repairs (take 10 for a 14 on charisma) **
(40262) Xem: (*Twapes Scott*)
(40314) Sayge: (hey, give him credit, he talked to a rock most his life...)
(40262) Xem: (:P)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol indeed. :P ))
(40262) Xem: (Elmooooooo!)
(40314) Sayge: (lol)
(40314) Sayge: (so if I tickle it...)
** (40422) Kiv goes around looking for some noble lyke cloathing, and lurking in the shadows listening in on some gossip (take 10 on stealth for 26) **
(40447) Master Natie (enter): 22:43
(40300) Brant: (( she returns! ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Brant manages to pull another [1d10] => [4] = (4) copper pieces fixing minor tears in people's clothing.
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( WB Natie. :D ))
(40300) Brant: (( ........ ))
(40443) No Name (enter): 22:44
(40262) Xem: "My dear Sayge...the dress would only be a small boon to the fun we'll have at the party."
(40300) Brant: (( i would have rather spent my time making arrows ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Sorry, Brant. :P ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Oh I thought you meant while you were in the tavern. :P ))
No Name is creating room 'CoC.'
(40443) No Name (exit): 22:44
(40300) Brant: (( no during the 3 days ))
(40300) Brant: (( although ill take the 4 copper ))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (40447) Master Natie...
** (40262) Xem takes the next day to look for a way to earn some fast money. **
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Ohhh, gotcha. Yeah you can make arrows if you want. lol ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Xem, toss me some gather info checks with Diplomacy. ))
(40300) Brant: (( how much could i make fixing things? ))
(40422) Kiv: (hmm, stealth check to get into hard to get places and learn some hard to get info?)
(40262) Xem: [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23) diplomacy
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Sure Kiv. :P ))
** (40129) Marduc Einore looks lost when he walks in front of a familiar Kobold face... **
** (40383) Scytale decides to stand up, wonder off, he would head to one of his safehouses near the castle and he changes himself along with his clothing into a more upright clean looking human male, he stretches, checking himself in his portable mirror and adjusthing the new robes before heading into the castle to make contact with Whisper to tell her to details that he had discovered about the plot as well as the mercs "talon" is gathering, then about the Wyvern company going to Ravencrest as well as Mr Carlos oinvolvment in the framing of her and the king for the sickness of the Queen **
(40129) Marduc Einore: "ah! Kiv... I'd just about given up finding any of you...."
(40300) Brant: (( are you a changeling scytale? ))
(40129) Marduc Einore: ((NM, missed your stelth))
(40383) Scytale: (Im something thats for sure :D )
** (40300) Brant hates indirect answers **
(40422) Kiv: (havent rolled it yet.)
(40129) Marduc Einore: ((kk))
(40300) Brant: (( how much could i make in 3 days fixing things? ))
(40422) Kiv: "Hello friend."
(40129) Marduc Einore: ""wWhat brings you to the big city? I hitched a ride with amerchant after I heard rumours..." *goes silent*
(40422) Kiv: "Kiv is, investigating the queens illness."
(40314) Sayge: "So where are we going to get the money for the clothing we need for such a party?" she says as they switch scene to walking streets and supposively shopping?
(40262) Xem: "Well I have a few ideas...they might involve making some quick money though..."
(40300) Brant: "im up for quick money"
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Whisper & Scytale - Scytale uses his stealthy skills to walk right into the castle, passing a few people, appearing as an attendant as usual. He heads up a large royal staircase, to the second floor of the castle and to the royal chambers. Just outside the door, he is met by King Orison himself. "Ahh, Scytale..." the young king greets him, recognizing this form. "It is good of you to come. Whisper is with the queen right now, and I figured I'd let them have their privacy." he says. "Tell me friend, what brings you at this late hour?"
(40422) Kiv: "Xem should still be in the bar, Kiv has business to attend to."
(40422) Kiv: [1d20+16] => [11,16] = (27) Stealth check for sneaky findy things
(40129) Marduc Einore: "You too, huh?"
(40314) Sayge: "You have my attention, sir. What is your plan?"
(40383) Scytale: He smiles and bows his head. "Hello dear friend..." he says and nods. "I bring ill news unfortunatly..." he says with a frown looking around them and adjusting his expensive robes around himself. "I was among the people and heard...unfortunate things concerning mercenaries and our fair kingdom."
(40451) Master Natie (enter): 22:55
(40262) Xem: (DM is getting it ready)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Xem, Brant, Kiv, & Sayge - You all set about looking for something to do to make some quick cash. Between Kiv and Xem's very strong talents of collecting information from the common man, either through listening in on private conversations (Kiv) or asking around with an almost unnatural charm (Xem). A few possible bets turn up. 1) There's a bounty out on some otyugh that have been roaming the aquaducts of the city and eating sewer workers. 2) A smuggling operation in the slums that seems to be connected to an illegal slave den and brothel, 3) A merchant warehouse full of goods which could be "liberated".
(40300) Brant: (( [1d3] => [1] = (1) ))
(40129) Marduc Einore: "I decided I wished to have a wquick look into her condition myself... would you care to accompany me for a closer look?"
** (40262) Xem lays out their options. **
(40300) Brant: (( apparently im for option 1 ))
(40262) Xem: (Figures Brants would want to hunt down an otyugh...)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
(40300) Brant: (( why does that figure? ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Scytale - The King pauses with your words. "Ill news? Well news at all would be a change. What have you found?"
(40262) Xem: (They are sewer/gabage dwellers.)
(40262) Xem: (Which means we'dhave to get dirty to go after it)
(40300) Brant: (( ah. how dangerous are they usually? ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( And yes, there's kind of a neutral, good, and evil adventure option. :P ))
(40422) Kiv: "Being in a sewer would not help us get into the party."
(40262) Xem: (They can be fairly dangerous. I don't remember the specifics.)
** (40383) Scytale would glance around silently. "Is there anywhere more secure we may speak my lord? I better than most know that there can be eyes and ears everywhere." he says giving the king a knowing smile **
(40262) Xem: "I have to agree with Kiv...while it is the most straight forward its also...unpleasant."
(40314) Sayge: (Sayge is all about stopping slave trading)
(40300) Brant: (( actually. brant prefers not to fight so he would probably go for the 2nd one. he prefers all people to have freedom ))
(40262) Xem: "I'd have to say the second option appeals to me.,"
(40314) Sayge: "The thought of being bound and not wandering free is antheme to me..."
(40453) Shunkiro (enter): 23:01
(40300) Brant: "I agree with sayge on that point. slavery is just plain mean"
(40422) Kiv: "The second one would win us favor with the more noble nobles."
(40262) Xem: "Then it is unanimous. We will deal with the smuggling ring."
(40262) Xem: "Not all the nobles..."
(40262) Xem: "Some of them you must remember support slavery."
(40300) Brant: "D'whats his face makes a lot of money on slavery"
(40422) Kiv: "Kiv said the noble nobles, not all of them."
(40262) Xem: "But it would give us some friends perhaps...and enemies."
(40262) Xem: "Lets investigate."
(40314) Sayge: "It would get us noticed. For better or worse."
** (40262) Xem motions the others to follow as he heads for the slums. **
(40300) Brant: (( were in the streets now right? not in a building? ))
(40452) SkuD (enter): 23:05
** (40451) Master Natie gets an idea and pulls out a pen and parchment. If anyone comes into the garden... Well, that's where she is. **
** (40451) Damepora did that, actually. **
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Scytale - King Orison nods. "Fair enough." he says and motions to the royal chambers. He opens the door and the ushers Scytale inside before closing it and locking it. Inside, Queen Aeleen is lying in bed in fair condition, looking pretty healthy given the healers had already come and restored her this morning. A dark skinned drow elf, whom Scythe recognizes as miss Whisper, is in bed with her. Her long braided white hair hanging down instead of pulled back out of sight like usual. The King clears his throat and notes, "Whisper, Aeleen, Scytale has news of something." he says as if this was normal. Aeleen pulls a blanket up over her bare torso and nods to Scytale. Whisper climbs out of the bed and places a spidersilk robe around her. "Hmmm..." she says smirking at Scytale. "Well, I trust this must be important." she says in her usual noble-elven voice.
(40452) SkuD: ( hiya! hate my new instructor, keeps us soo late ))
** (40422) Kiv follows the partry **
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Hey SkuD ))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (40451) Master Natie...
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Booting '(40447) Master Natie' from room...
(40447) Master Natie (exit): 23:06
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (40453) Shunkiro...
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (40452) SkuD...
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Actually Brant, you could be outside or in. ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( And you guys are going to go bust up the smuggling operation? ))
(40422) Kiv: (yea)
(40262) Xem: (Yes sir)
(40300) Brant: (( id be outside with grant whenever i could so im riding him while walking with everyone ))
(40300) Brant: (( and yes ))
(40129) Marduc Einore: ((sure... I had other ideas, but I'll stick with the group))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Well, with the exception of Scytale, and perhaps Damepora, given their history with Whisper, getting to see the queen is very difficult. ))
(40383) Scytale: He would smile and he notices the queens bashfulness, he would close his eyes and relax, his skin fading and his eyes loosing their color going a flat back, his skin grey and his head bald, he would take his adamantine mask from his robes and slides it over his face once again going to his completly neutral form in their presence. His voice becoming smooth and without gender markers neither high nor low as he speaks. "I have learned that mercenaries are being hired by a man named Talon...The knights are being fed information from a low faith member of their orginization pointing to the king and lady whisper as the source of the illness." he says softly. "I have reason to believe Mr Carlos is the one highering these mercenaries and spreading the rumor among the knights." he tilts his masked head to the side. "There are many mercenary forces fgathering, enough to lmake war on our kingdom, as well as a mercenary band known as Wyvern Company heading toward Ravencrest.
(40300) Brant: (( ill go in as a court bard ))
(40422) Kiv: (pft, im a kobold, a sneaky kobold)
(40422) Kiv: (a sneaky diplomatic kobold)
(40383) Scytale: (takes a deep breath lol)
(40422) Kiv: (a emissary from koboldia)
(40262) Xem: (I still like Xem von Lictenstien xD)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Xem, Kiv, Sayge, Brant, Marduc - It doesn't take too terribly long to get to district where the ring was rumored to exist. They pass a few back alleyways which look very unappealing to walk through in the dead of night. They come to a pub with a hanging iron lantern bolted into a thick plank of wood over the doorway. The name of the place is "Sheda's Veils", and seems locked up tight. A small window opens on the front of the door, and a pair of eyes can be seen behind it. "Yeah, what'dya want?" a voice from behind the door asks.
(40422) Kiv: "We are in the market for, special goods."
(40300) Brant: (( knowledge local to know how to get in? ))
(40300) Brant: (( like what to say and all that ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Sure Brant. ))
(40300) Brant: [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Alternatively, a Diplomacy, Bluff, or charm might work. ))
** (40262) Xem lets Kiv and the others use their skills here while he stands back with Sayge, keeping his eyes open. **
(40422) Kiv: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13) Diplomacy
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Damepora walks out of a nearby alleyway, which makes one wonder what she was doing out this way. She recognizes Kiv and Marduc, and they her.
(40314) Sayge: Decides best to hide away underneith her hooded cloak, looking out behind them just in case someone might sneak up on them, joining Xem on the look out
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Brant realizes there's probably a certain code or password they're supposed to use, but he's not really sure what it was. Perhaps dropping a name could get them in, or tricking the guard to reveal the password without realizing it. He looks at Kiv through the door, looking down. "Sorry squirt, can't let you in unless you know the way."
(40129) Marduc Einore: "I've come to offer your girls comfort and.."*whispers* some patrans have been mentioning 'smells'... I thought I could possibly help with that"
(40129) Marduc Einore: ((Bluff: [1d20] => [1] = (1)
(40300) Brant: (( lolz ))
(40129) Marduc Einore: ((ewww))
(40300) Brant: (( ROFL ))
(40422) Kiv: (oh man)
(40422) Kiv: (oh, just XD)
** (40300) Brant gives his 'born to lose' t-shirt to marduc **
(40129) Marduc Einore: ((woulda been great if it had worked, huh?))
** (40422) Kiv takes out a platinum coin **
(40422) Kiv: "Perpaps you might, reconsider."
** (40262) Xem glances over his shoulder and sighs. He steps in with damage control. "Pardon me..." **
(40453) Shunkiro: Disconnecting from server...
(40453) Shunkiro (exit): 23:22
** (40451) Damepora comes closer and taps Marduc on the shoulder, motioning for him to talk to her privately. **
** (40129) Marduc Einore goes with her **
(40314) Sayge: Raises an eyebrow at the sudden appearance of a woman and taking away Marduc...
(40451) Damepora: Whispering: "What are you doing... here?"
** (40262) Xem flashes his best smile at the watchman at the door. "Surely theres no harm in coming inside..." **
(40129) Marduc Einore: "I came to perhaps help the queen, then these guys decided to help here, and I chose to help them"
** (40262) Xem notes the disappearance of Marduc but trusts the others to handle it. **
(40314) Sayge: Murmurs, "Must be a prosititue. . .who else would it be in this place?"
(40422) Kiv: "Your here arent you?"
(40300) Brant: (( does no one notice the GM typing away furiously? ))
(40129) Marduc Einore: "*whispering, still* I think they mean to free the women"
(40300) Brant: (( we're abou to recieve a wall o' text ))
(40422) Kiv: (Brace for impact!)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Scytale - Whisper just smiles proudly at her favorite spy as he transforms and reveals the news. The King sits on the bed next to his wife and both listen intently before speaking. King: "I know of the Wyvern Company, if nothing else. They're a brutal mercenary group that formed about twelve years back, when I was about a boy. Their leader was Carlos's father. He was fired just before my parents were killed. Their original leadership was banished from the kingdom for their brutality. They're good at what they do however. I've heard that each member of the company is worth five on the battlefield, and their casualties are few and far between in action." he says stroking his goatee. The queen wraps her royal robe around her and sits up from the bed. Queen: "I had figured that Carlos might have had something to do with this. We'll need more evidence or arresting him will just get the nobles in an uproar. I'd like to know what that bastard did to me." she says, rubbing her neck. "I'll send word to my father that we may be approaching a critical situation." she adds. Whisper places her hand on Scytale's shoulder. "I need you to get into Carlos's house. Damepora has already set out to recruit some additional arms. With this information I will have some warrants for Carlos's arrest, which we will deliver as soon as we have hard evidence. If this goes through..." she pauses. King Orison picks up from there: "The three of us have been talking. We'll need time to organize our defenses and rally more of the nobles. We may need to place you and some of Whisper's other contacts in charge of some of the bordertowns."
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( *gasp, heave* ))
whispering to (HoA) GM-Scott, [1d20-1] => [4,-1] = (3)
(40451) Damepora: "I see... Well, I would help, but these people know me. I can't have anything to do with this."
(40262) Xem: (*Pats Scotts back while he recovers his breath*)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: The Party - As the group sits there and tries to get the man to let them in, Xem just looks at the man and gives him this come on let us in already look. Oddly, the man looks at the kobold and back at Xem. "Err...yes, yes, the password is ecstatic, yes, ecstatic is indeed the password." he says, opening the door.
** (40451) Damepora walks back into the alley without another word. **
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Doorman: "Don't worry my friend, you'll like it here." he says, patting Xem on the shoulder and smiling at the Kobold.
** (40129) Marduc Einore tries proceeding with the others **
** (40422) Kiv enters the door, giving the doorman the platinum coin **
** (40300) Brant goes in **
(40300) Brant: (( riding grant btw ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( What does Grant look like? :P ))
(40314) Sayge: "I guess talking to a rock all that time was good practice. .. wonder if I should try it..." follows in behind them.
(40300) Brant: (( 6ft long purple centipede ))
(40262) Xem: "Elmo is very good conversationalist."
(40314) Sayge: "If one says so."
** (40262) Xem nods to the doorman with a smile and motions Sayge to enter before him as he'll follow her. **
(40262) Xem: "You should try chatting with him one of these days."
** (40383) Scytale nods his head and he listens. "WOuld it not be simpler to remove the threat before he can do more harm?" then he looks to whisper and brings a hand up to the mask, speaking in a young womans voice. "Dont worry, I heard there will be a party soon. It has been awhile sense I have been able to wear many of my dresses you provided." then the voice returns to its neutral tone and he looks toward the king and queen. "If there is evedence to be had I promise I will find it. I will also keep close look out for anything pertaining to your sickness my lady, I wish to see you well soon." he says giving his tone a greiving tone **
(40314) Sayge: "Eh... that is okay, I think I will find my own Elmo to talk to . . . one of these days."
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Wow, creepy. :P )) The dooman backs up, more than a big shocked at the massive verminoid that Brant rides in on. That's some creepy stuff. As the party enters the den, their senses are assaulted by a thick cloud of white smoke and the scent of smoking grass. The place is much bigger than it looks, as the apartment building it is in has had the walls torn down and re-enforced with support beams. A rather colorful menagerie of humanoids are here, and what looks like even more exotic courtesans. A rather cheeky looking half-orc woman mans the bar. Her hair is pulled into a dreadlock ponytail, and most of her features are human, other than a slightly tark tan skin tone and red eyes. Her most distinguishing feature is her large breasts and manly looking clothing. "Eh?" she mutters, as Kiv enters. "Da fuck is a kobold doin' in 'ere?" she mutters confused.
(40383) Scytale: (lol me or someone else?)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( The centipede. :P ))
(40262) Xem: "Don't worry...he pays good money."
(40262) Xem: "He is into watching."
(40262) Xem: (All no bluffing needed xD)
(40300) Brant: (( grant isn't creepy. hes unique ))
(40314) Sayge: "I ponder that often..."
(40422) Kiv: "Kiv goes where Kiv is needed."
** (40262) Xem looks around the place, moving toward the bar. **
(40437) Lothoris: (( hey scott, sayge, and natie, remember next game on wensday next week.
** (40422) Kiv looks around at all the people [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20) Slavers? **
(40422) Kiv: (thats perception btw)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: There is a gnomish bard playing a rather unusual string instrument in the back. As the group heads through the den, they cannot help but pass by several slaves. It looks as though the servants here waiting the tables are all slaves of different races. Humans are oddly the minority. The majority are half-elven girls, half-orcs, and tieflings. Most of them look very tired by this late hour, and most look as though they have suffered a good amount of degradation today from the staff's poking and prodding. One of the tieflings, dressed in little more than a pair of gypsy pants and a spidersilk tube-top rubs up against Sayge with her tail as she puts a hand on Xem's shoulder. "Hmmm, are you two looking for a good time?" she asks, trying to keep a bit of distance from the giant centipede while she tries to entice them.
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Kiv notices quite a few people who might be slavers. Some heavily armed fellows. One of them he sees was in the group of mercenaries at the bar earlier tonight. Half-orc bartender looks at Kiv and Brant. "Hey runts, you darlin's want somethin' to drink, or maybe somethin' a bit stronger?" she asks, leaning over the bar. She looks at the giant centipede and jokingly says, "Y'know you're supposed to leave dogs outside."
(40300) Grant: (( half-orc bartender? ))
(40300) Grant: (( ok ))
(40262) Xem: "Perhaps...what is your name?"
(40300) Brant: "Not a dog. I need him cuz one of my legs doesn't work any more"
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Scytale - Whisper smirks at your display, and nods. "It would be, but if we don't go about it carefully, it could raise suspicion and cause too much trouble. I'd rather we do this as legally as possible. It'd be better to be seen as sniffing out a traitor than ruling as a tyrant." she notes.
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Damepora - Meanwhile, back outside. The guard steps outside to speak with his friend Damepora. "Aww, Dame, don't act like that. They knew the password, just like everybody else." he insists.
** (40383) Scytale nods. "As you wish my mistress." the blank voice says and he bows his head. "Perhapos you can inform me of the parties location and if you know the password? or must I use my special talents to gain entry?" he asks **
(40422) Kiv: ""Mug of mead."
(40300) Brant: "Ill take a pint of ale"
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Scytale - Whisper: "He shouldn't be using a password of any sort. He's throwing a publically known ball in three days. The group however, I'm uncertain of. You may have to ask around."
(40383) Scytale: (sorry brain frazled as im getting ready for work LOL)
(40129) Marduc Einore: "nothing, thank you"
** (40383) Scytale nods and taps a claw against his mask. "Very well." he consideres for a moment, tracing the carving on the adamantine. "Do we know Mr Carlos' favorite color?" grins under the mask. "I will dress to match." **
(40437) Lothoris: (( night folkses.
(40300) Brant: (( night ))
(40437) Lothoris: Disconnecting from server...
(40437) Lothoris (exit): 23:52
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: The Party - The tiefling courtesan smirks. "The name's Julie. I came up with it myself...but you can call me whatever you want for an hour if you're willing to pay for me." she says running her index finger across Xem's lips. Her eyes are a deep obsidian with red irises. Her skin is a pale tan, and she keeps flicking Sayge's loin-cloth playfully with a slightly prehenstile tail. "Just give gold. My clients say I must have succubus blood in me." she says, trying to make herself sound more appealing.
(40262) Xem: "So you work here willingly?"
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: The half-orc bartender slides Kiv and Brant's drinks to them. ""Ere ya go babes." she says, pulling her arms back and adjusting her dreadlocks. "So are you guys here to see Stant, or just here for fun?"
(40300) Brant: [1d20+2] => [11,2] = (13) knowledge local on stant
(40314) Sayge: Grimances slightly being touched in such away by such a creature, scooting closer to Xem.
(40300) Brant: (( crap ))
** (40262) Xem lets the tiefling tease him, keeping his body firmly under his control. Its rare but he is a male that doesn't let his emotions rule his body even though he is not immune to the effects of her touch. **
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Name doesn't ring a bell, Brant. )) The tiefling, Julie, frowns a bit at Xem and looks a bit hurt at the question. "Depends..." she says, backing off a bit. "Why?" she asks, noticeably less forward than she was a moment ago. Like you just brought up a topic she doesn't like.
(40300) Brant: "Im just here for fun. Its what i do"
** (40422) Kiv takes a drink from his mug **
(40262) Xem: "Well Julie...a pretty girl like just occurs to me that there might be those that would wish to take advantage of you."
(40422) Kiv: "Fun."
** (40300) Brant starts quaffing his ale **
whispering to (HoA) GM-Scott, [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4)
(40262) Xem: "Perhaps my friend and I could discuss this with you in a more discreet place?"
(40314) Sayge: Rests an arm over Xem's shoulders, "Very discreetly, if you know what he means.."
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Julie looks offput for a moment but Xem's eyes glow faintly in the smokey darkness and she seems to warm up to both of them, just a bit. "Well..." she pauses. "Fine...but I'm not allowed to leave the main room without some money up front." she says, crossing her arms.
** (40262) Xem his eyes seem to illuminate with silvery fire for a few seconds. He nods and enjoys the feeling of Sayge's arm over his shoulder. "Hey Kiv and Brant...don't do anything too crazy...we'll be back in a bit." **
(40476) Sephi (enter): 00:03
(40476) Sephi (exit): 00:03
(40422) Kiv: (getting lateish for me, might haev to go soon)
** (40262) Xem pulls out two piece of gold and slips it into her hand. **
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Ditto. Also, late dinner is totally ready. O.o ))
(40300) Brant: (( call it here tonight? ))
(40383) Scytale: (sure i have to work soon)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: Julie shrugs and actually smiles a bit. "Well, that's the easiest two gold I ever made..." she says almost chuckling.
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( I'm cool with that. ))
(40262) Xem: (Drat...just when it was getting interesting)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( I'm having a blast with this game too. :D ))
(40314) Sayge: (what? now?)
(40383) Scytale: (glad you listend to my suggestion :D )
(40300) Brant: (( brant is a halfling with a wis of 11 btw. 'too crazy' isn't too defined for him ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Well, I'ma gonna toss some XP for general awesomeness. :P ))
(40262) Xem: "Well theres still more where that came from...but lets talk about that in private."
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Mind you that the average person has a 10-11. :P ))
(40300) Brant: (( and how wise is the average person? ))
(40300) Brant: (( exactly ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Haha. ))
(40383) Scytale: (scytale is averagely wise)
(40300) Brant: (( not to mention hes a halfling. they're known to get into trouble ))
(40422) Kiv: (Slightlywiser then most)
(40300) Brant: (( by that he means he has a 12 ))
(40422) Kiv: (but still, kobold, hilarity will ensure)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( APL = 2 right? ))
(40422) Kiv: (i think so)
** (40300) Brant is level 1 **
(40262) Xem: (Lev 3 here)
(40314) Sayge: ( we left the two worse trouble makers.. alone.. in a tavern...)
(40314) Sayge: ( lvl 1)
(40422) Kiv: (level 2 here)
(40383) Scytale: (im level 1)
(40422) Kiv: (best idea ever)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Haha @ Sayge ))
(40129) Marduc Einore: lvl 3 here))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( You're liable to come back to a pair of drunk/high midgets. :P ))
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Heh, yeah, APL = 2 is good. :P ))
(40262) Xem: [(1+1+3+2)/4] => 1
(40422) Kiv: (I want to roll for that)
(40383) Scytale: (lol kobold and halfling unning around lifting skirts)
(40422) Kiv: (+16 to stealth, ITS TOTALLY POSSIBLE MAN)
(40314) Sayge: (that would not be the worse o fit...)
(40262) Xem: (lol)
(40300) Brant: (( they dont even have to lift them up. im only 2 ' 8 and your 2 '6. we could just walk between their legs ))
(40422) Kiv: (2'4)
(40300) Brant: (( exactly! ))
(40262) Xem: (Just watch out for prehensile tails...)
(40422) Kiv: (Kiv also has a tail)
(40383) Scytale: (lol)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
(40300) Brant: (( and guess what drunk/high midgets do when they have an instrument? they play them. badly! lolz ))
(40422) Kiv: (XD)
(40383) Scytale: (I think Sayge will find that out intimatly when you her and Julie are alone :P )
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( I should make a tiefling trait or feat for tails. :P ))
(40422) Kiv: (Kiv will play the Kazoo!)
(40314) Sayge: (there is one, remember reading it somewhere)
(40383) Scytale: (lol like i said, if you want to be a baaad ass bard, have a item where you can strike a cord and it will cast unseen servant 5 times and summon instrument 5 times, that way you can have a backup band in an item :D )
(40314) Sayge: (*shrugs* might as well make it up, same effect after all)
(40422) Kiv: (So xp?)
(40300) Brant: (( i should totally give grant a special instrument that doesn't require hands to play. so me and him can be a traveling band ))
** (40300) Brant is thinking about taking a level in bard **
(40383) Scytale: (dude he is a centepede, he can play like 6 instruments!)
(40422) Kiv: more like 50
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Everyone earns 300 XP for roleplaying and store advancement, and an additional 100 XP for everyones actions and participation in the tavern, and an additional 65 XP from the Den. So 465 XP total. ))
(40383) Scytale: (imagine him on a piano or organ, pure awesome)
(40403) (HoA) GM-Scott: *** Pauses Game ***
(40452) SkuD: (( yay i lvl up xD )) ((jk))
(40422) Kiv: whats the XP for level 3?
(40383) Scytale: (woot we advanced the Store!)
(40422) Kiv: needed
(40383) Scytale: MWAHAHAH LEVEL 2!
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