Royal Pain Chapter 3

GM: Scott (Ashiel)
Characters: Damepora, Marduc, Xem, Div, Brant, Sayge, Scytale
Having been detained by the Omas Knights, Damepora was brought to a meeting with one of the grand masters of the order. An older gentleman by the name of Grandger who expressed interest in Queen Aeleen's illness. Damepora's cool attitude and civility helped make their encounter go over smoothly. Finding no fault in Damepora, and more with his men who detained her, Grandger told her she was free to go, and requested that she inform her mistress - Whisper - that the Knights merely want what's best for the kingdom. Damepora returned to meet Whisper outside of the castle in the gardens, and informed her the Knights were involved and that they believed the King and Whisper were responsible for the Queen's illness.

The rest of our heroes were sitting in the Wyvern's Roost, a popular tavern, unknowingly getting sucked into the intrigues of the city. Xem, Sayge, Kiv, and Brant were enjoying a nice evening in the bar and looking for something interesting. After getting the word on the local occurrences, the group became interested with the rumors involving the Queen. Hearing about a Nobleman - Carlos D'canthen - who was likely up to no good, and possibly related to Aeleen's illness Finding the idea fascinating, and having little else to do, the heroes decided they would attempt to infiltrate a big party he was hosting in three days time. By posing as low ranking nobility they would be able to attend as adventuring-stock nobles. Getting some of the appropriate clothing would be trickier however, and so they decided to look into some rumors about an illegal slavery trade hidden in the city slums.

Meanwhile, Scytale had whitnessed the heroes within the Wyvern's Roost, and also discovered that the Knights had been subverted by lower ranking members who had planted evidence against the King and Whisper. The man who paid off the traitors was Carlos D'canthen. Likewise, he found that an army led by the Wyvern Company was slowly amassing in the southwest which could be planning to move against the Omas Kingdom, but the army is theoretically mobilizing in secret and no declarations of war - nor who the army belongs to - have been publicly issued. Having informed the King, Queen, and Whisper, he left the castle to go find more and to meet up with Damepora. The next mission was to grab some able bodies with loyalties to the queen, and investigate Carlos D'canthen.

Everyone received 465 XP.
Treasures: To be determined…

Adventure Log
Royal Pain - Chapter 3 - Log

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