Royal Pain Chapter 2 Log
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: **** GAME INTRODUCTION: ROYAL PAIN PT 2 ****
(25556) Atomic Communist: (I'm here now!)
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: It's been a crazy night since our heroes were approached by the enigmatic Whisper approached them with a message and a tale of a would-be assassin going after Queen Aeleen Orison. After being spotted by a lurker in the darkness of the castle gardens, Whisper vanished from sight and fled into the night at top speed. Our heroes managed to detain the spy and interrogate him near their reserved inn. Much to their surprise, the spy insisted that he was following their employer because she is the King's mistress, and she appeared on the scene at about the same time as the queen fell ill. He professed that Whisper herself was likely the poisoner of the queen; and claimed she had access to the queen thanks to the King's interventions and protections within the castle. Not entirely certain who was to be trusted, the group released the spy, professing an urge only to know the whole truth of the matter.
** (25603) Damepora totally wouldn't have released the spy if she hadn't been AFK. **
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: After arriving in their rooms, the group found their down payment with Whisper's insignia on the small chests next to their beds. It would seem that she pays well at least. After a long, and somewhat uneasy sleep throughout the night, with the feelings of being watched or concern for being associated with some negative people, the sun creeps into the rooms of the Hillwind hotel; ushering in a new day's dawn.
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol, I figured not. :P ))
** (25603) Damepora scowls at the light and flips up her collar before leaving. **
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: It would only be three days until the ball by the queens strongest opponent; whom Whisper suggested may be behind the plot. The party would have some time to try and do some digging of their own, and try to figure out exactly what game is being played here - and more importantly - if they are players or pieces in it.
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Free roam! :P ))
(25556) Verik: (Ahh, beef and potato burrito = awesome!)
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: As Damepora heads downstairs from the hotel, she immediately notices what appear to be four armed soldiers bearing the mark of the Knights of Omas. One of them seems to be speaking with the innkeeper who points over to Damepora specifically as she comes downstairs. The men, dressed in chain mail and carrying heavy maces, begin walking toward Damepora with a look of purpose in their eyes...
(25603) Damepora: Dame stops and looks one of the guards in the eye. "Yes?"
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: The apparent leader of the men stops and rests a hand on the weapon at his side as he begins speaking. "Ma'am, we have reason to believe that you were involved in an incident last night near the castle. Would you come with us for questioning?" he asks, thumbing the mace shaft at his side.
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(25603) Damepora: "Of course. Lead the way."
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: The man pauses a moment before speaking. "I was under the impression that there were two others here with you whom were involved. Where are they?" he asks.
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( brb 1 sec ))
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Back ))
(25603) Damepora: "I honestly don't know. I tend to work on my own so often that I forget such things. They are most likely still up in their rooms."
(25441) (HoA) GM-Scott: The man nods quickly. "Very well." he says before instructing two of his three men to wait here within the hotel to question the others when they come downstairs. He and the other man begin to escort Damepora outside. Once outside the Hillwind, the two walk near an alleyway as to get out of view and listening sight of the common folks; and seem to expect Damepora to follow them.
** (25551) Andrew is busy whistling back to his room after he was done with his morning sponge baths **
** (25603) Damepora follows them, but prepares to cast Steel Shadows if they prove dangerous. **
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