Royal Pain Chapter 2

GM: Scott (Ashiel)
Characters: Damepora, Andrew, Shol, etc
After staying the night at the Hillwind hotel near the government district of Omas, Damepora and Andrew awoke after the previous nights events with Whisper and the spy they captured - and then subsequently released - before turning in. Upon arriving downstairs, they found the Omasian Knights (members of the Knights of Omas) were waiting to question them. Damepora was escorted out of the hotel and into a nearby alleyway where the soldiers intended to interrogate her; but she kept dodging the conversation and created a scene which forced them to leave.

Unconvinced, the soldiers followed Damepora to the Wyvern's Roost tavern where she was meeting her informant, a merchant lord by the name of Cel'heim. There, the soldiers attempted to detain her by force - possibly unlawfully - since Damepora wasn't being helpful at first; but Shol, having been tasked with watching out for Whisper's new employees helped to cause a scene which through the tavern into Chaos, resulting in the guards being willing to wait 'till later to apprehend Damepora; but in the end she left with them voluntarily…

Everyone received 400 XP and 40 platinum pieces were delivered anonymously, but bearing Whisper's insignia, to the party's hotel rooms.

Game Log
Royal Pain - Chapter 2 - Log

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