Royal Pain Chapter 1 Log
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(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: **** INTRODUCTION: ROYAL PAIN ****
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Can I assume everyone responded to the letter in this post, or would you like to add something? ))
(24698) Siam: ((Right)
(24733) Kamos: (not sure how my bugbear will do lol should be fun)
(24711) Damepora: ((Sure.))
(24698) Andrew: ((Drinks Powerthrist))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol, ok one sec ))
(24698) Andrew: ((I am now 300 gp richer))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Ok, back. Sorry, family was naggin' me about somethin'. ))
(24698) Andrew: ((Possibly about getting married))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol, ? ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: As the sun creeps beyond the horizon, fading past the white brick buildings of the massive city, our heroes of our story swiftly approach the castle at the core of the city. From different directions, they come, as stars forming a constellation in a single rythme. At the location, our for heroes meet for the first time. Unexpectedly, several guards from the castle disperse from their posts as the group arrives; leaving a woman wrapped in a black cloak and veil standing amidst the shadows of the massive stone fortress. Workers and people continue about their duties around the castle without paying it much attention; but the shrouded figure motions for the group to follow her into the royal rose garden - to which she vanishes inside.
** (24733) Kamos thinks to himself, "not much of a greeting" as he follows to the garden **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The rose garden itself is a simple maze of shrubs, treers, vines, masonary walls, and of course rose bushes dotted about the usually cheery area. Tonight however, the garden seems eerily spooky as the sunlight fades and shadows cast large gaps in sight within the garden. A perfect place for a secret meeting, or an ambush, on a night like this.
** (24698) Andrew fidgets uncomfortably as he arrives at the designated location. He wasn't very used to being so close to royalty and was more afraid of embarassing himself than anything else. Still, he quickly follows after the figure. **
** (24711) Damepora enters. She tends to be eerily spooky too, and for the same reasons. **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: As Kamos follows the figure into the garden, she seems to have vanished for a brief moment before his eyes manage to focus on the outline of her sillouhette from the shadows. "Welcome, and thank you for coming." she says in a firm feminine voice, which has an accent that is decidedly not Omasian. As Andrew and Damepora arrive after Kamos, she continues. "As the saying goes, I'm sure you wonder why I've called you all here, or at the least who I am that I know of you. I will try to answer these obvious questions as best I can. For now, let me introduce myself as Whisper, for that is all I am to you at this moment. Revealing my name could put you in danger, so please bare with me for a short time. I have been keeping a tab on explorers, adventurers, mercenaries, and a few random individuals of unique talent and skill, yet whom are relatively unknown; so it will have to suffice to say you've been the target of mild spying."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: Whisper continues. "If you have any questions before I continue, you are free to ask. Otherwise, I'll get strait to the point."
(24698) Andrew: "Nothing of any relevance. At least now I know where that odd feeling of being watched around here came from."
(24733) raddedire: *frowns* "I dont like to be spied on =-\
(24733) raddedire: (Kamos is ragegd btw i changed my name to keep it simple)
(24711) Damepora: "If you have managed to spy on me, I congratulate you. What do you need?"
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "It is a nessicary evil in these times." she responds to the comment about the spying.
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: Whisper continues. "I'm sure you have heard about the queen's ailing health. The illness she suffers from is an unnatural one; and the healers continue to keep her alive, but the disease refuses to depart from her. As a supporter of the royal family, I wish to find out whom is behind this attack against the queen. I suspect someone with ties to the aristocracy may be to blame; but for fear of alerting the one responsible, I cannot make use of the royal guard or any of the traditional servants to the crown. It is uncertain how deep the treachery roots."
(24711) Damepora: "It really is difficult to trust nobility, isn't it?" Damepora looks a little angsty with that statement.
(24733) raddedire: "Seems like choosing us in such a delict task would be a risky choice."
** (24698) Andrew adjusts the spectacles on his face, "How are you so certain there is treachery involved in the Queen's Ailing Health?" **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "It is a risk, and it is difficult to trust nobles. Nobles learn from an early age that tone and temperment are the mark of the highborn; and yet this knowledge makes them keen liars and deceivers by nature. That's why I cannot seek aid from you. You aren't nobility, and I have some reports about progressive tasks you have attempted upon your own; including hunting rogue magicians and, I've heard, attempting to uncover the reasons behind the recent tax increases. It seems, outwardly at least, that you care about the kingdom or its people - or at least its stability."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Ooops, that's supposed to say "That is why I cannot seek aid from them, which is why I need you." ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Not "That's why I cannot seek aid from you." ))
(24698) Andrew: "Right then, well you have given us the problem. Perhaps you could give us suggestions as well?"
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( I love your avatar Siam. :D ))
(24733) raddedire: "ive had no hand in either of those ventures, what would make you trust someone like me? (gobliniod)
(24698) Andrew: ((Thanks ;o))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: Whisper nods. "Call it a hunch. Several divinations were used to assess if you would be worthy. The letters you received were merely the final step in the recruitment process. I hold no illusions that those inhuman cannot find a sense of purpose within Omas. As to the suggestion, I will do what I can..."
(24698) Andrew: "Right then, till then. What would you have us do?"
(24711) Damepora: "Yes. Business is something I like to get done before idle yet enjoyable chatting."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "There is a ball that is coming up in a few days. The majority of the arisocracy will be attending the ball. It is supposed to be held in honor of the ill queen, but the host has long been one of her most heated detractors. I believe it may be an attempt to cover his own ass, so I would have you start your search there. While in my employ, I would have you pose as the leaders of a mercenary company that has recently come into land ownership and joined the aristocracy. It isn't unheard of, and it would explain your unusual mannerisms - within the high caste - and also explain why you are so suddenly within the realm of the aristocracy."
(24733) raddedire: "that sounds fair, but if its a toney event ill need clothes"
(24698) Andrew: "Absolutely delightful. Who is this detractor you mentioned?"
** (24711) Damepora looks down at her noble's outfit, including jewelry and signet ring. She shrugs and looks back up. "Sounds like a plan." **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "I will have papers drawn up to allow you fairly free roam about the castle and its grounds; along with some fashionable clothing. The idea is to try and not draw too much attention to yourselves. Seem like an outsider that's an insider. Much of the aristocracy are fools for a good story and a strong drink; so perhaps you can find out some more news before the ball itself. As to the host of the ball, his name is Fredmond Windfield, and he owns a large flesh-trade that is primarily stationed within Quarta. The queen however has been adamant about keeping such practices out of Omas for at least four years now; and it has both the resources and the potential to profit from the queen's demise - or at least inability to see to courtly matters."
(24698) Andrew: "Very good then, I assume we are still commoners according to the rules until told otherwise?"
(24711) Damepora: "Seem like an outsider? I may need a disguise depending on who will be there." (Practically a CIA agent for the merchants of Omas.)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
** (24733) raddedire *adjusts his scailmail* "well...not that common" **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "Actually, you will be considered regents of a small piece of land in the northwest, since the vast majority of those lands are either over-wooded or teeming with dangerous beasts. Perhaps you came across an old keep and declared it your own. As land-owners with money, you'll hold at least more sway than the average man. Most of the nobles would recognize you as one of their own - though they might treat you like an uneducated inbred hillbilly; you'll at least be seen as a noble uneducated inbred hillbilly."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "But yes, beyond the privilage of attending certain meetings and events, you're still within the order of the laws, as are the aristocracy."
(24733) raddedire: (heh)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "I'm sure with time they will warm up to you." she adds. "Perhaps feed them some dribble about how you acquired your lands. Perhaps your mercenary company drove out a den of kobolds or something. I'm sure you can think of something amongst yourselves. If you get in too thick however, we can simply write you out of the social circle by noting you went back to help oversee your land."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "As to your disguises, miss Damepora; I know a stylist in town who could perhaps help you all out. A new hair color, some iris-oils, or makeup would keep your basic observers at bay."
(24733) raddedire: "I take it your not looking for a body count on this one?"
** (24711) Damepora smirks. "I'm afraid my hair cannot change its color, but I will gladly take the rest." **
(24698) Andrew: "I'd rather enjoy my current fashion. Is it currently acceptable?"
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: Whisper nods. "Of course not. I'm uncertain as to who is behind the poisoning of lady Aeleen. Violence should be avoided at all costs. The worst thing we could do is attack someone without provocation."
(24711) Damepora: "If it's required, I assume you would prefer we use nonlethal force?"
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Assumingly you look like a warrior or are wearing fine clothes you should be fine. Stuff like chainmail and what-not would merely make you appear to be the professional mercenary turned landowner. ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "It would be ideal." she says dryly.
(24698) Andrew: (Good then, a good Musketeer's outfit as noted in my mini should do fine)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Indeed it should. ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: Whisper nods. "Likewise, I have reserved rooms for you at the Hillwinds Inn, under the name Florence. You can stay there to keep up appearances. It's a fine inn, so you should find the conditions suitable."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( What's everyone's perception modifiers? ))
(24698) Andrew: (Hmm -2)
(24733) raddedire: (+5)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol, wow, -2? :P ))
whispering to (HoA) GM-Scott, [1d20-2] => [9,-2] = (7) vs DC 15, [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15) vs DC 15
(24698) Andrew: ((Ya aint getting anything out of me Scott)
(24711) Damepora: ((+3))
whispering to (HoA) GM-Scott, [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7) vs DC 15
(24711) Damepora: ((Wait, just +1.))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: As the meeting comes closer to a close, Raggedire hearts the faintest rustling of grass elsewhere in the garden, approaching their position. Whisper seems to notice it too, and she presses something hidden within her cloak; vanishing from sight as ther form seems to whisp away. "I'll be close..." she whispers as her footsteps faintly impress themselves in the garden grass as she makes to leave...
(24698) Andrew: "Well, Let us head to our new lodgings then."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The sound of the rustling, though faint, appears to be no more than about ten feet or less on the other side of one of the large shrubs.
(24733) raddedire: *rests his glaive on his shoulder*
(24733) raddedire: (gently) *parts the bushes with his glaive*
(24711) Damepora: "And as soon as we can, let's coordinate our story, shall we?"
(24698) Andrew: "Hmm? What story?"
(24711) Damepora: "How we aquired 'our land'."
(24698) Andrew: "Right."
(24698) Andrew: "I suppose we could use the old' we cleared out a land infested with goblins and took the land."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: As Raddedire parts the brush with his glaive, the group catches sight of what looks like a masked man attempting to listen in on the conversation. Upon being spotted, he reaches into a pouch on his belt. Had it not been for the glint of his eyes in the moonlight, he would have nearly been invisible within the shadows of the garden. (( What's everyone's initiative modifiers? ))
(24804) Seager (enter): 18:49
(24698) Andrew: +4
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (24804) Seager...
(24698) Andrew: (Ya missed the entire game Seager)
(24804) Seager: (Meh, I was with my grandparents helping them out.)
(24733) raddedire: +5
whispering to Seager, The Campaign Introduction.
(24733) raddedire: gak +2
(24711) Damepora: +0
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: As the shadowy lurker reaches into his pouch for something intently, Andrew's reactions are faster. With a thick layer of soft cover between them in the form of a bush, Andrew cannot help but realize this guy was just spying on them... (( What do you do? ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: Or at least dropping some eaves...
** (24698) Andrew draws his musket and aims it at the man, "Who are you?" **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The man doesn't pause for a moment and says nothing. Pulling up what looks to be a chicken's egg, he throws it to the ground. When it hits the ground if flashes with a spark and then releases a thick cloud of smoke, to conceal his escape into the garden. (( Would you like to fire at him as he does this, since your previous action seems to be one of readying? ))
(24698) Andrew: Certainly
(24698) Andrew: [1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)
(24698) Andrew: ahhh lol
(24698) Andrew: I appear to have misfired
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The thunderclap of the musket errupts through the garden, as the smoke fills the area. Judging from the sound of it as the smoke billows, it hit little more than trees and branches as it shot through the darkness. The sound of the lurker beating feet can be heard as he takes off into the dark, under the cover of the smoke. ((Raddedire's turn, what do you do?))
(24698) Andrew: (Give chase you lovable Yeti you)
(24733) raddedire: *takes in a deep whiff* [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
(24733) raddedire: (sniffing him out)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
(24733) raddedire: (follow the scent)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Can I get a perception check as well, and you have low-light vision, right? ))
(24733) raddedire: ill check
(24733) raddedire: (darkvision 60ft)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Nice. ))
(24733) raddedire: (still want perception)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Nope. :P ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The man burst through the garden as fast as he could after throwing down the smoke bomb. Despite the thick smoke, the egg-bomb had no pungent odors added to it to throw off scent; for fear of the lingering smell of sulfer and spices getting caught on the lurker and revealing his presence - but he'll be wishing he was using those stinky ones tonight. He ducks behind some bushes and dives prone up against a wall, deep inside the darkened shadows and low to the ground - expecting them to give chase and run strait past him. Unfortunately for him the bugbear warrior Raddedire could smell him, and followed him quickly. The trail was more than fresh and his nose led him strait to the lurk; and upon turning the corner notices the man lying tightly against the wall with his mask pulled down over his eyes to conceal all flesh while he hid.
(24711) Damepora: ((Did I have line of sight and line of effect to this guy before he ran off?))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: Upon noticing the shadowy sillouhette of the massive bugbear through the thin cloth mask, he realizes he's probably sunk, and looks like he's going to attempt to bolt; but by this point Damepora may have something to say about that. ((Yes, Damepora.))
(24711) Damepora: Arrow of Dusk, using Line of Shadow. [1d20] => [19] = (19) ranged touch attack.
(24733) raddedire: (nice, but dont kill him)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( That's a hit. AC 15 ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Touch AC was only 13. ))
(24711) Damepora: Dame's black arrow flies from her hand, hits an object and disappears. It flies out of the nearest shadow to the spy to hit him for [2d4] => [2,4] = (6) nonlethal damage.
(24711) Damepora: ((Arrow of Dusk always does nonlethal. :) ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Very nice. :D ))
(24711) Damepora: Also... [1d4+1] => [1,1] = (2) recharge time.
(24733) raddedire: "stay down, no need for you to get hurt" *standing over him*
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: As the man goes to bolt again, he gets a bolt of a different kind from Damepora. The shadows that coat the garden like a thick sheet of emptiness seem to curl up around her and latch onto her like liquid webs before being concentrated into a focused burst of force. The man grunts loudly as the blast hits him and throws him across the grass, knocking him senseless.
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: He seems quite dazed, and doesn't immediately stand up.
(24733) raddedire: "Over here guys!"
(24698) Andrew: "Grab the man!"
(24733) raddedire: "he knows better then to try to run now...Dont you?"
** (24711) Damepora follows Ragg over. **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: Whatever is about to happen needs to happen fast, for certain. The sound of the gunshot would certain bring royal guards soon; if they figured out which direction the sound came from. The one saving grace was the muffling and odd harmonics of the garden maze; which might have dulled the sound or thrown it off a bit.
(24733) raddedire: *yellow eyes flicker with excitment*
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The man says nothing, but appears to have given up on struggling or fleeing.
(24733) raddedire: "take his equipment, ill carry him. And lets get out of here. "
** (24698) Andrew loads a new percussion shell into his rifle and points the bussiness end of it at the man's head, "Now that we are in a better position for parleying, perhaps you shall be less willing to run?" **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( LOL ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Most assuredly, he's quite docile at the moment. :P ))
(24698) Andrew: "Right, lets scramble and meet back at the hotel Whisper mentioned."
(24733) raddedire: "Dont think they would like me walking in holding a captive"
(24733) raddedire: *picks up the man trying not to hurt him but with a tight grip*
(24698) Andrew: "So where would you suggest
(24698) Andrew: ?"
(24711) Damepora: "The hotel?"
(24733) raddedire: "lets meet in the ally behind the inn
(24711) Damepora: "Agreed."
(24698) Andrew: "I could agree to that."
(24733) raddedire: *hustles off to the ally*
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( You guys attempting to keep on the down low? :P ))
** (24711) Damepora turns a dark shade of grey and moves as quickly as possible to the inn while staying hidden. [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20) **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( If you have better than a -3 stealth modifier, you can avoid the guards coming without rolling. ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Wow, Damepora could likely pinch a guard on the way by. lol ))
(24733) raddedire: (+6 for me =-p)
** (24711) Damepora can give you guys a +5 to stealth if you need it. **
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Spiffy. Also, for the record, it's not that the guards have horrible perceptions; it's just I was assuming you'll try to keep as much distance as possible; and I was assuming 10s. ))
(24698) Andrew: Stealth of +1
(24824) Deangle (enter): 19:22
(24824) Deangle: Disconnecting from server...
(24824) Deangle (exit): 19:22
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: Andrew, Dame, and Radde head out under the cover of night, carrying their captive spy as they make their way through the streets; avoiding the lamps spread every fifty feet or so. Like a group of thugs really - but such was heroism sometimes - as they made their way about a block away from the Hillwind Inn. Heading down the back alleyways and keeping their movements mildly erratic incase someone might have seen them, they finally arrive near the backside of the inn. A few cats scatter from the alleyway, and up the fire-escapes of some of the buildings at the group's approach.
(24733) raddedire: *sits the man down against the wall and stands over him*
(24698) Andrew: "Now then, as we were saying. Why were you spying on us?
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The man looks up and slowly begins to speak. "It is my duty to protect the royal family. The woman you were speaking with may be connected with a conspiracy to kill the queen; and I was tasked with following her." he says rather matter o' factly.
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Ain't that a kick in the nads. ))
(24711) Damepora: "I suppose we'll find out when we finish the mission we were given as well."
(24698) Andrew: "Right, I am sure you will be unsurprised if I say I don't believe you."
(24733) raddedire: *looks at the man trying to determin the truth of the matter* [1d20+0] => [4,0] = (4)
(24733) raddedire: (oh well)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The Mysterious Lurker notes. "King Kaldan is known for his womanizing ways. He often trafficing with a number of unnamed female consorts. The one you spoke with appeared shortly after the queen fell ill for the first time. The prince-king has obviously become too brazen, and has decided to remove the queen to move in his new lover; of which your apparent is, as far as I can tell."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "Perhaps he intends to cull favor with the common folk whom he's always been the most distant with by playing the humbled widower-king of a beloved queen. It was my duty to determine what is going on."
(24698) Andrew: "And have you figured out what truly has conspired?"
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "Only that the queen's disease is unnatural, and seems to return continuously as the healers restore her health. Each day she withers and a healer is provided by the Knights of Omas or the temple of Sermon, and she is kept alive and vital, until it begins again the next day. The disease began around the time that a mysterious woman who keeps her face hidden began trafficing with the king. Another nameless harlot, and yet he brings her to his queen each night. The only ones who have the opportunity to poison the queen so is either Kaldan himself or his new lover."
(24698) Andrew: "Have they identified if it is a poison or a disease thus far?"
(24830) Lothoris (enter): 19:37
(24830) Lothoris: (( hi all.
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Hey Loth! :D ))
(24733) raddedire: (hey loth)
(24733) raddedire: (
(24733) raddedire: (thats a good one)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Loth, See Here. ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "There have been multiple attempts to cure her. Spells to absolve poisons, diseases, and even curses have been used and yet the queen continues to require restoration to continue functioning. The healers have given up actually curing her of the affliction until the means of infection has been discovered. Until then, they combat the damage it does. The queen remains strong against it, but has come to remain in their royal chambers far more than she normally does."
(24830) Lothoris: looks, good when were you planing on playing?
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( 1st session is current, but almost ready for chapter 2. ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Many chapters I suspect. ))
(24698) Andrew: "Do you know the true identity of the King's current favored "lady"?"
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The lurker shakes his head. "Nay, I do not. No one does. Kaldan merely insists she is a friend to his advisors, and an advisor to his friends. She appeared almost overnight. She keeps her face hidden behind a veil and her body cloaked. She speaks softly and with an accent that is reminecent of classical dialects of elven; which is generally spoken amongst the noble drow or their factions; though she could easily be a wood-elf from the northwest forests, as they share much the same vocals."
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: "She could, however, merely be feigning the accent. I was trained in similar techniques." he notes.
(24733) raddedire: "I prefer humans over elves, they taste better"
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The lurker kind of pauses silently for a moment at that note.
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( =D ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Your move. :P ))
(24698) Andrew: ((I am feeling rather drowzy))
(24733) raddedire: "Well do you believe him?"
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Wow, I bored everyone to death. Q.Q ))
(24830) Lothoris: X.X
(24666) Felix: Means you can work on that project for me :P )
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( *can wait* ))
(24733) raddedire: (hard to RP by myself)
(24698) Andrew: "I prefer...lets not delve into that."
(24698) Andrew: "I am done with asking questions. What do you propose we do with you?"
(24733) raddedire: *eyes light up*
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
(24839) Veric Croven (enter): 19:53
(24698) Andrew: ((Sorry internet was slowing down immensely)
(24733) raddedire: "Well the 2 most realistic choices are let him go or keep him cattive"
(24733) raddedire: captive*
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The man lowers his head. "Finish it quick. That's my last request. My mission is done, and my work here is done."
(24733) raddedire: "No one lays a hand on him"
(24698) Andrew: "I will leave the decision to you then."
(24733) raddedire: "i dont break my deals"
(24698) Andrew: "If you shall excuse me. I must inspect our new sleeping quarters."
(24733) raddedire: "what is your name?"
(24733) raddedire: (to the guy)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The man shakes his head. "Men like me have no names. Just faith."
(24698) Andrew: (In a bout of confusion, Radded kills the man))
(24733) raddedire: "i see" *tears off a small peice of fabric from his garments*
(24733) raddedire: "First i shall name thee..."
(24733) raddedire: "ill call you....Billy"
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( lol ))
(24733) raddedire: "Billy you are free to go, i have your scent should we have need to find you. we are not trying to hurt the queen just simply seeking the truth"
(24733) raddedire: "If you find out more information i would be please to share the knowledge"
(24733) raddedire: pleased*
(24733) raddedire: *helps Billy to his feet*
(24698) Andrew: (Where did Natie go me wonders))
(24733) raddedire: ( i am excited for some combat but not going to hack someone down for trying to listen to us)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( I dunno. I am concerned. ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( It's possible her PC is acting up again. She doesn't /purge enough, methinks. ))
(24839) Veric Croven: ((hi! every one!))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: The man stands up, apparently a bit confused but grateful, to be sure. "...My thanks." she says after a pause. "It's good to know we're not immediately enemies. I would be careful where you tred though. My masters will already know of what has transpired here tonight, irrelevant of my reports. Be careful not to be used as tools by the wicked." he says, backing up slowly to take his leave.
(24733) raddedire: *pats his belly* well then lets see how these high and mightys eat!
(24733) raddedire: Heading in side to get some 4 star grub
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Ok, this looks like a good spot to pause. :D ))
(24733) raddedire: (ahh i want to keep going)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Especially since Natie seems to have evanesenced. ))
(24733) raddedire: (but it is a good spot)
(24839) JohnReaper21: WHO REMEMBERS ME?!
(24839) JohnReaper21: caus i'm back!
(24733) raddedire: your mom
(24839) JohnReaper21: And ready to play!
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Psst, John, game in progress. :P ))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Sssshhh. =P ))
(24839) JohnReaper21: ((ohi thought you said itw as paused??))
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: (( Yeah. I need to give out the XP / treasure. :P ))
(24733) raddedire: (( fat lewts =-D))
** (24839) JohnReaper21 slinks back to the luker courner, **
(24698) Andrew: (( I purged everything))
(24698) Andrew: ((Also hey Reaper)
(24839) JohnReaper21: ((Back in my day Raddedire! wyou would never have been accepted!))
(24839) JohnReaper21: ((your Name is all wrong no Capitals! and You double post!
(24839) JohnReaper21: ((continues to rant eventhough it was just 100 days ago*))
(24733) raddedire: (glad the times have changed)
(24698) Andrew: (exp and gp :O))
(24839) JohnReaper21: ((Grrr
(24839) JohnReaper21: ((raddedire when i'm through with ya, your gonna go home crying for mommy!
(24733) raddedire: (doubt that)
(24698) Andrew: ((how much does it cost to make a Fine Adamantine Longsword?)
(24733) raddedire: (besides no need to have a pissing contest on your first day back)
(24585) (HoA) GM-Scott: ((Everyone earned [135*4] => 540 Experience for story awards, and for capturing the lurker and discovering more. Likewise, upon arriving in your rooms at the Hillwind, you find a chest of fifty three platinum coins in each of your rooms, with the same spider isignia on them as the one that Whisper signed the note with. ))
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