Royal Pain Chapter 1

GM: Scott (Ashiel)
Characters: Andrew, Raddedire, Damepora
After being contacted by a mysterious woman known only as Whisper, by a message mentioned here; the group met at the base of Castle Omas amidst the rose garden in the dark of night. There they learned that the queen was the target of a nefarious plot and were hired on by Whisper to play a cat and mouse game of spying; posing as mercenaries turned land-owners. Their meeting was cut short when a spy was revealed eavesdropping on their meeting. Whisper vanished from sight and the group chased the spy and captured him.

Fleeing the castle grounds, the group dodged the guards and interrogated the spy in the back alleys of the city. There the spy revealed himself as another benefactor of the queen; apparently trying to protect her from the party's employer. He explains this "Whisper" appears to be a lover of King Kaldan, and possibly a drow or wood elf, who is rumored to engage in infidelity regularly with a variety of beautiful young women; and paints a portrait of a conspiracy within the royal marriage to end the life of the queen. Finding no fault in him, the party released him from their grasp, and told him they only wished the truth.

Arriving in their rooms the party found the hotel rooms furnished well, and each of them had a small jewelrybox containing fifty three platinum pieces sitting in their rooms with the same spider insignia that Whisper signed their invitations with. It would seem they would have to learn who their friends were, and what was going on.

Everyone received 540 story experience.
Everyone received 53 platinum pieces (530 gold) and a jade token (300 gold) from Whisper.

Game Log: Royal Pain - Chapter 1 - Log

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