Royal Pain Campaign Summary

I'm officially starting up a campaign which will center primarily around Omas city and its royal family. The campaign will span multiple adventures and have opportunities for side-adventures related to the primary story, as well as opportunities to invest in resources (be they purchasing items, crafting, etc). The adventure will include a solid mixture of skill requirements (combat, magic, knowledges, social skills, forgeries, etc) but will be geared towards characters who are capable of hobnobbing in high society (even if nothing more than a hired retainer). It shouldn't need notation but characters who are psychotic, chaotic to the point of being socially inept, or even anti-social (in the psychology "danger to everyone around you" sense) needn't apply.

Campaign Summary
Expected level progression: Levels 1st-8th
Alignment Restrictions: None (must be able to function believably)
Racial Restrictions: None (some races may influence the adventure in different ways)
Maximum Starting Level: 3rd
Special Notes: Players may acquire opportunities for servants, followers, or titles as part of this campaign. All of which will play a part in the upcoming Realm Play (more on this later).

Story Thus Far
Queen Aeleen Orison has recently fallen deathly ill to an affliction which is decidedly malevolent in its nature. Despite healers from the Knights of Omas, the prime chapel of Sermon, and a number of additional healers, attempts to heal the queen have proved particularly difficult; merely being able to keep her condition from worsening. Healers believe that the affliction is magical in nature and that it's an attempt to assassinate her. The King, Kaldan Orison has tucked the queen away inside their private chambers within the castle and has been dealing with ruling the city himself while searching for a cure for the queen's illness. King Kaldon has fallen under increased scrutiny and fire from his critics as he has been found with a new exotic maiden at his side during meetings and remaining with him after his advisers and council have been dismissed. This mysterious woman, who is always found cloaked and with a veil when in the presence of strangers appeared almost immediately after queen Aeleen became ill; causing many to whisper suspiciously as to what part the King himself is playing in this event.

Introductory Hook
The following letter was delivered by a messenger - pressed with a blank signet, to the heroes. The message reads as follows:

Dear Friend,
You do not know me but I know you. Your unique skills have come to my attention through means which are, for now, irrelevant. The Rouge Queen is in need of your immediate assistance, and your utmost discretion in these times of troubles. Please meet me at the base of Castle Omas at dusk, in the rose garden, if you would lay down your life for the Queen of Hearts and have loyalty to the rightful heirs of the Omas Kingdom. If you feel otherwise, then the messenger who brings this will return the letter. The gift is yours either way.

The "gift" appears to be a small jade token covered in beautiful elven runes (worth about 300 gold as an art piece). The letter has no signature but is signed with an spider-like insignia. With the message delivered, the messenger returns from whence he came; and vanishes into the crowded streets.

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