Roleplay Tokens

Not everyone can make every session in an online game, and not all sessions are created equal. There are ups, downs, and sometimes just different styles that contribute to the pacing of an individual game. Because of this, it has been a bit of a struggle to fairly award players for their efforts and participation in some of the games. In an attempt to keep things fair and balanced, I have written the following rules to govern how GMs in Heroes of Alvena pass out experience points and treasures during an after games.


A RP token (role-play token) is a reward for remaining active and progressing in an online Heroes of Alvena game. GMs award RP tokens for participation in the game, and for completing certain tasks (such as finding clues, use of skills, completing objectives) and as rewards for certain behavior (particularly good roleplaying may earn the party additional RP tokens). In many ways, RP tokens are like coins that the players collect as eagerly as their characters collect gold coins.

Awarding Roleplay Tokens

Roleplay tokens are rewarded by HoA sanctioned GMs during their games. Tokens are awarded to the entire group, not an individual. When a GM awards a token, all players receive the token. GMs are encouraged to reward tokens for the following circumstances.

  • Combat Encounter: Parties should earn a token of the same CR as the encounter.
  • Traps and Hazards: Parties should earn a token of the same CR as the hazard.
  • Achieving Objectives: Successfully advancing an adventure (such as succeeding to rescue someone, successfully tracking a bad guy, protecting the caravans, catching the thief, etc). Such activities should award a token with a CR value ranging from APL-1 to APL+2; depending on the nature, success, and complexity of the task achieved.
  • Problem Solving: Parties should earn a token for discovering clues, tracking enemies, deciphering texts, finding hidden doors, solving puzzles, and so forth. The recommended token CR value is APL-2. Examples of this sort of activity might include the following (the GM is the final arbiter of what earns a token).
    • Successfully using the Disable Device skill to open a lock.
    • Successfully tracking your quarry using Survival.
    • Successfully improving the attitude of an important NPC (subject to GM discretion).
    • Successfully intimidating an NPC into assisting the party.
    • Successfully using most any ability, skill, spell, or ingenuity in a way that advances the plot.
  • Good Roleplaying: Parties who roleplay well may earn a token at GM discretion. The recommended token CR value is equal to APL-2. Examples of this sort of activity might include the following.
    • A particularly entertaining or drawn out dialog during an adventure, either with the PCs discussing things pertinent to the adventure, or with NPCs.
    • Roleplaying aspects of a character even when it would not benefit them (such as a showing mercy to enemies, healing or providing aid to NPCs, and so forth). Depending on how major or minor the activity, the token CR award should vary between APL-5 and APL-2.

RP tokens are not intended to be awarded to people who are not actively participating in the game (sitting idle for long periods, going AFK for long periods without warning, not paying attention / dual-clienting, and so forth). Players who are not actively participating in the game may be booted by the GM with no repercussions (in fact, it is encouraged as if you don't care enough about the adventure to be present, you shouldn't be awarded for it).


Tokens come in different values. This is so that GMs can quickly award experience and treasures for events and encounters in their games, and pass out tokens of larger or smaller values depending on the nature of what is being rewarded. Tokens are given a value based on their challenge rating award as shown on the chart below.

Roleplay Token Values
Token CR XP GP
CR 1/8 10 XP 8 gp
CR 1/6 15 XP 10 gp
CR 1/4 25 XP 15 gp
CR 1/3 35 XP 20 gp
CR 1/2 50 XP 35 gp
CR 1 100 XP 65 gp
CR 2 150 XP 140 gp
CR 3 200 XP 200 gp
CR 4 300 XP 290 gp
CR 5 400 XP 390 gp
CR 6 600 XP 500 gp
CR 7 800 XP 650 gp
CR 8 1,200 XP 840 gp
CR 9 1,600 XP 1,065 gp
CR 10 2,400 XP 1,365 gp
CR 11 3,200 XP 1,750 gp
CR 12 4,800 XP 2,250 gp
CR 13 6,400 XP 2,900 gp
CR 14 9,600 XP 3,750 gp
CR 15 12,800 XP 4,875 gp
CR 16 19,200 XP 6,250 gp
CR 17 25,600 XP 8,000 gp
CR 18 38,400 XP 10,250 gp
CR 19 51,200 XP 13,250 gp
CR 20 76,800 XP 16,750 gp
CR 21 102,400 XP 26,500 gp
CR 22 153,600 XP 33,500 gp
CR 23 204,800 XP 53,000 gp
CR 24 307,200 XP 67,000 gp
CR 25 409,600 XP 106,000 gp
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