Riani Mierelle


As a member of the rare Cat Folk, a race of nomadic from the wild plains with a reputation for displaying strong emotions. Riani has all of their most typical traits of her people. She possesses large cat-like ears that add at least an inch to her overall height, along with sharp eyes of a brilliant sapphire color, a long tail, and long slender limbs. Her brown hair is kept neat by four braids. While not exactly very short, Riani's unimpressive height of 5'4 feet makes it hard to stand out among other folk were it not for the scarcity of cat folk. She is also an Alpha species of her kind, the born leaders of the pack. This means she has been instilled with a great sense of pride within herself, as well as the unconscious ability to attract others via hormones in her body odors.

Her current attire consists of a comfortable vertically stripped, turtle necked silk tunic that helps absorb sweat as well as a semi open front leather bodice that fits snuggly on her body. Her right shoulder is not protected as well as her left side, but both her forearms are protected by a pair of studded leather bracers. A pair of green pants cover the lower half of her anatomy, while studded leather leg guards protect her upper legs from would be attacks. To finish off her outfit, she wears a pair of high rimmed boots that require heavy lacings to properly wear but provides great comfort and mobility. Out of her traveling/adventuring attire, she wears a loose fitting sleeveless shirt and a pair of baggy silk pants meant to emphasise the shape of her body. It is her favourite attire to wear, as it is very comfortable to lounge and move around in.


Like most members of her race, Riani exudes confidence that seems to stem from sheer pride of herself, whether justified or not. Her emotions tend to show themselves quickly, she is the first to get angry in a situation, the first to smile, the first to make up, the first to cry and the first to give a compliment. Others tend to enjoy her company, finding her responsiveness and honesty, a refreshing change from some of the more reserved races. She is barely considered an adult by her race's standard and thus has trouble trying to make up her mind, this makes her easy to sway if she is in a state of indecision. In essense, she is a good person, willing to out of her way to help strangers and taking the moral high ground whenever she is able.

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