Name Rayneth Lawstead
Race: Human
Class: Paladin 1
Alignment: Lawful Good

A clean shaven and handsome young man unblemished by the scars of war who shows great enthusiasm and belief in whatever cause he has commited himself to. He possesses an atheletic build with a head of neat brown hair and deep green eyes. When he first arrives in town, he is wearing the colors of his country's soldiers, which are black inner shirts and blue, grey and white dyes for the rest of his uniform. The parade armor he wears is fitted with sewn on greeves, thigh guards, bracers and has chainmail hidden inside for emergency purposes. Strapped to the side of his waist is a highly decorated scabbard with keen metal edges and reinforced with metal sheets. The well worn hilt of a small blade kept inside its oiled surface. Slung on his back is a solid steel shield with a leather piece streched across its surface with 3 spikes jutting out, painted on the leather piece is the symbol of a red lion with a black background. His symbol of bravery in darkness.

Growing up told stories of chivalrous knights and great heroes of truth and justice really influenced young Ray's childhood, where he constantly dreamed of one day set out into the world and make it a better place. He is highly idealistic, believing in the good of everyone and quite willing to put himself in harms way if it means the betterment of his fellows. Chivalrous to a fault, he accepts quarter if asked, and will ask for the enemy for surrender after he lands first blood and once more when he seems like they are about to fall. While merciful and forgiving, taking advantage of this will incur his full wrath, tapping into his zeal, pride and honor to smite the betrayer of his trust.

He hails from the faroff land of Colm, a rich but war torn land dotted which practicies a largely feudalistic way of ruling. Born into a noble family falling on hard times, he was sent away to become a squire of one of the greater lords in the hopes of earning influence. Life was rather harsh, but his fellow squires became steadfast friends while the knights under the service of the lord were stern but good teachers. Such was their influence on the young man, that he devoted much of his life in pursuit of achieving only the highest of ideals.

To be continued

Unique Items
Combat Scabbard and Kukri Hilt
His deep respect of life has led Rayneth to develop this unique weapon. The scabbard he uses is more than three times longer than the blade of his kukri, the mechanism's inside the scabbard allows it to lock on to the kukri once its blade is properly placed inside and the mechanisms inside the scabbard is triggered. This allows the scabbard to be used like a longsword, albeit with the hilt of the kukri. The scabbard's blade is keen, with a heavy blunt end at the tip to add extra weight to the blows. There are heavy metal parts lined all around the scabbard, which gives it a heavily reinforced look. These parts, along with the heavy blunt end of the scabbard, allows Rayneth to strike without killing, but merely knocking someone out.

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