Queen Aeleen Orison

Name: Aeleen Orison, Queen
Race/Gender: Human Female
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green
Skin Color: Pale
Age in Years: 23
Aeleen has become one of the most influential queens in the history of Omas. Born Aeleen Uthlar, a noble daughter of a family hailing from a tribe of mountain nomads known as the Helsh, she was wed to Kaldon Orison when she was fourteen and he fifteen. She has since been the queen of Omas for nine years; during which time she has had a direct hand in much of its development and leadership.

Aeleen is a favorite among the common people, though often distrusted or disliked by the majority of the noble aristocracy of the Omas region. This comes both from her generosity and connections with the common man, as well as the unorthodox attitude, temperament, and behavior for a princess or queen. Coming from both a free warrior culture and one where women are the equals of their male counterparts she has been incredibly outspoken in the courts; and her behavior is often criticized as uncultured or uncivilized by her rivals in the state.

Aeleen has also been nicknamed the Rouge Queen due to her bright red hair and fiery spirit. She also has the nicknames "Queen of Kings" for her insistence on dealing with the affairs of her kingdom as much as the king himself, and it's not a secret that king Kaldan has differed to her ideas or choices in the past. She likewise shows the most affection for her King in recorded history - kissing and hugging in public - which has earned her nicknames such as the "Queen of Hearts".

She has caused much whispered discussion over the apparent acceptance of Kaldan's obvious infidelity. Despite the fact the king is often found in the company of another woman, even when out with queen Aeleen herself, who is officially "a friend of the King", she appears to hold no bitter grudges against either Kaldan or the women. In fact, much to the amusement or wonder of the nobility, she is not only accepting of it but friendly with these suspected rivals - including having asked beautiful women to dance with her husband. Some suggest that she either has no real care for Kaldan or his actions, or is merely incredibly oblivious or in great denial.

Finally, much to the concern of some, the queen keeps a standing company of soldiers under her personal banner. This company is separate from the Omas military and is composed primarily of ex-mercenaries and soldiers from her nomad Helsh tribe. She keeps a number of exceptionally strong guards from her company near her and her King when possible.

Queen Aeleen Orison currently has no heirs.

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