Psychic Warrior

Psychic Warriors in Alvena: Not long after Psions became recognized as powerful individuals and started taking on students and spreading across Alvena, people quickly became aware of a very noticeable advantage that psionics had over traditional arcane magic; you could use it while wearing armor without troubles. It wasn't long after that the first members of the warrior caste of psions began popping up all over the world. Training their minds and bodies, many of them sought to prove their abilities as powerful warriors, and enlisted in mercenary groups, military groups, and other professional military enterprises. Some of them turned to banditry or sought to forge a name for themselves.

Today psychic warriors are considered the alternative path to psionic enlightenment. Often viewed as more "down to earth" than their psion counterparts, psychic warriors are often found in the company of psions. The city of Quarta trains hundreds of psychic warriors and psions in temple schools and training academies, and employs them as soldiers and guards. They are respected and feared warriors whose martial power is augmented by the touch of the supernatural.

As with psions, psychic warriors often develop their powers without teachers and many of them are self taught. Such examples often receive no formal military or psionic training, but make do with practicing both themselves. Such examples are often eager to test their own skills against formally trained warriors - psionic or not.

Psychic Warriors in Alvena use the rules found here: Advanced Psionics Handbook.pdf.

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