Psions in Alvena: Psionics was discovered sometime after the Age of the Dragons. Nobody knows exactly who was the first to realize that all sentient creatures possessed the potential for psionic power; but psionics existed as a quaint oddity next to magic for centuries. While remaining a rarity throughout most of Alvena's time-line, psionic power tended to be viewed as an odd form of magic, somewhere between arcane and divine powers; but remained little more than a novelty until after the Demon Wars.

Psionics garnished a lot of respect as the few psionic specialists came to the aid of the world, wielding this strange power that had up until then been considered a distant cousin of true magic. During the war, the psions of the age carved a history of power, and garnered great respect from their arcane peers. After the war, much of the arcane knowledge the world was built upon had been lost, and ruined; while psionics was currently coming into its prime. Now centuries later, psions are a powerful force in the world just like any wizard. Psions have greatly multiplied in numbers since the Demon Wars, and their power rivals arcane magic in Alvena in many fields. Cities such as Quarta encourage the practice and development of the mental arts; and while wizards scrounge for lost secrets and clues to power long forgotten, psions pioneer a new power that is in its infancy.

Psions in Alvena use the Psionic Rules found here: Advanced Psionics Handbook.pdf.

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