Prologue Memories Gone Bye

(786) Narrator: *Ahem*
(786) Narrator: Memories Gone Bye
(927) Garruk: ((whats the big read button do?)
(786) Narrator: It was a cold and sullen night along the trade way stretching from the plain-hills of Goshreh to the coastline of the Omas Kingdom. The rains had been coming, from the look of the sky, for some time. Sometime around six PM on a spring eve, the bottom of the clouds seemingly fell out. A downpour, soon followed by thunder and lightning washed over the countryside…
(786) Narrator: Travelers all, our heroes were on the road when the weather turned harsh and unforgiving. A forboding sense of destiny seemed to fill the air, and yet none could put their fingers on exactly what it felt like was going on. Perhaps like they felt something important was to happen this day, in the rain and the storm, that they had yet to find. Never the less, from each direction they traveled, one location seemed to be in their direction. An old abandoned outpost and a mill at the top of a hill. As night set in, and it getting progressively darker - save for the sudden cracks of lightning - the old building was definitely looking more inviting than the increasingly muddy road.
(786) Narrator: Little did they realize, this would be a place where they would meet others who would, like them, go on to change the world…
(732) Qextoliz: (could you be alittle more dramatic scott? lol)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( If you asked me nicely. @.@ ))
(732) Qextoliz: ((cuz i'd find it hilarious if we fail to change the world… by dieing pitifully as is possible))
(982) Calchexas: (( lol ))
** (867) Alvis sighs in exasperation as trudges on, soaked so much that he may as well of jumped into a lake. He spies the mill, and decides to take shelter there untill the storm passes.
(786) Varisa Heavens is getting settled inside the old outpost, and moving some stuff around in the stables. Having took shelter her some time ago, just before the rain got heavy. It was far out of the way, and she could relax and let her guard down a bit. No one had come to this place in what looked like years, and probably wouldn't, or so she thought as she moved around some old rotten saddles that were left in the stables, and proceeded to sort through some of her possessions.
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(732) Qextoliz: (i've never known it)
(982) Calchexas: (( /d ))
(927) Garruk wet and cold picks up his pace, as he sees the mill in the distance, eager to dry his clothes and settel dwon for the night.
(786) Narrator: The old watchtower looks to be made with hints of several architectual styles. Mostly Omasian, but it looks like it might have been a ruin from the old Gal'andri Empire that fell during the war some few hundred years ago. Even abandoned, the wide bricks on the sturdy foundation look as though they will last many more years to come.
(786) Narrator: (( Thanks Cal. ))
(786) Narrator: (( That'll make it so I won't need to keep swapping names. XD ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Feel free to move your minis. We're all in this together. :D ))
(927) Garruk enters the watchtower
(927) Garruk: ((boobies!))
(786) Varisa Heavens seems a bit preoccupied as she goes through her stuff. However, as Garruk approaches in his heavier armor, her ears keenly perk and she suddenly drops everything she was holding and seems to vanish into the shadows inside the old stables, for fear someone might have seen her come inside. Upon ducking into the shadows, and the stranger walking in, she silently curses as she forgot and left her bag in the room.
(732) Qextoliz had been on Varisa's trail for days and he seemed to be catching up. With a chirp and a squeak he takes back off into the air, his small wings flapping hard to keep his weight in the air. In a truly odd twist this little psuedodragon wore a modified chainshirt only adding to his slight difficulty staying in the air. He quickens his wing flaps moving towards the watch tower in the distance. He was going to lose time here but he needed to take shelter and soon.
(867) Alvis spies a person entering the watch tower, and decides that it might be benificial to use a bit of descretion, looking for a alternate entrance.
Garruk finds the old stables in poor repair, but warm and dry. A fine layer of dust fills the empty room, and everything seems silent and still. Nothing more than the stalls that once housed the beasts within. Oddly, there seems to be a single leather bag lying on the floor which seems more than a bit out of place…
The watchtower could be entered by the windows in the tower part itself, which would lead to a stairway to the ground floor.
(927) Garruk garruk moves toward the center of the room to investigate the bag before dropping his heavy backpack at the side of the.
(927) Garruk: i suppose stealth vs perception would be in order
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Sure. Taking 10 my stealth is 27. ))
(927) Garruk: [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13) Perception
(732) Qextoliz darts in through the window, fleeing from the winds of the harsh weather that would surely toss him around like a childs toy. Landing on the floor he looks around, tiny little claws ticking away on the wooden floor as he moves around and down into the tower looking for a good spot to take comfortable shelter
(867) Alvis: (how far up are the windows)
The windows are about 20 feet up from the ground level. It would be fairly easy for an expert climber (DC 15) since the old bricks are sturdy but have gaps in them.
(Make that DC 13)
(867) Alvis: (Did i just see that dragon?!?)
(927) Garruk: (thats what im wondering also
(927) Garruk: )
(732) Qextoliz: (i'm a tiny little dragon.. from a distance i would look like a bird)
(786) Varisa Heavens flinches slightly at the sound of the bag being dropped, and she slowly eyes the dwarven intruder, wondering what he was doing so far south. She wondered if he was looking for her. She eyes him carefully, looking for any signs of being a member of the Omasian Templar, but his garb would suggest perhaps a Paladin of Irori, or perhaps just a devoted warrior. She remained quiet to see what he would do next.
(732) Qextoliz: (to garruk on the other hand… theres a tiny winged reptile skittering around clearly looking for shelter)
(867) Alvis: (i was looking right at the windows, but ok, a tiny scaly blue bird.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( A DC 11 Knowledge Arcana check would reveal what Quextoliz was. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( But if you don't have at least 1 rank, then it would definitely look like a colorful scaled chicken. XD ))
(927) Garruk Garruk begins to look around the room for anything of interest before sitting down to investigate the bag
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( *partially joking* ))
(867) Alvis decides to climb up, into the windows, takeing his soaked leadther gloves off before hand. [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)
(927) Garruk Garruks ears perk as he hears a thud
(732) Qextoliz looks up at garruk and squeaks in surprise then a tiny voice flashes in his head right as the thump above occurs
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(953) Quiray (exit): 22:58
(927) Garruk: ((was talking about alvis's climb atempt}}
(867) Alvis: (it was only failed by 4, so it probalby wasnt audiable with the heavy rain.)
Besides the very interesting creature that seems to have flapped in from the rain, the bag itself has some curiosities. There are several pounds of what looks like raw steaks in a separate bag. Next to them is a silk and cotton garment that is a charcoal black, and a pearl-white mask which feels like it may be made of procelain or perhaps ivory. It looks finely made, and beautiful. Along with that is what looks like a bag of gems which would be quite valuable, along with several bags of chalk, and other random knick-knacks.
As for the thud, you could make a Stealth check as part of the move action to climb.
(867) Alvis: (kingdom)
(927) Garruk keeping one eye on the scaley beast in the room, plucks out the bag of jems and begins to examine each individual stone.
(867) Alvis: (thought i turned that thing off…)
(786) Varisa Heavens suddenly blinks in her hiding spot as a strange voice enters her head. Who are you…the dwarf? she wonders loudly inside her mind.
(732) Qextoliz looks at the gems as garruk inspects them and slowly slinks towards him eyeing the gems slightly
(867) Alvis: (ah, there we go)
(867) Alvis: [1d20+13] => [10,13] = (23)
(867) Alvis: (stealth)
(732) Qextoliz looks around knowing varisa is there somewhere and chirps then telepathically replies to only her "What dwarf knows how to speak to ones mind?" and chuckles both telepathically to her and in a physical manner that seems odd
The gems seem to be small quartz gems. Likely worth about as much as a platinium piece, and there seems to be about twenty of them in the small bag.
(732) Qextoliz slinks closer to Garruk and keeps up his telepathy, "Those are pretty gems. Can I have one?"
Meanwhile, Alvis seems to be having a rough time getting a firm grasp on the walls of the place, but is remaining very quiet while he's doing so. Maybe he should take it slow (and take 10).
(732) Qextoliz: (garruk hears that question in his head)
(927) Garruk buffedeled by the voice in his head garruk stands up and begins to look around for the source of the voice.
(867) Alvis: (yea, take a 10, heh thats 14 in all.)
(867) Alvis: (for climb.)
(927) Garruk: who's here? i hear your voice but i cant see you.
(732) Qextoliz flaps his wings and chirps, drawing attention to himself and telepathically communicates with anyone within 60' "Me… It's me…"
(927) Garruk begins to cast a detect magic spell.
(732) Qextoliz: (i love having telepathy lol)
As Garruk extends the etheric senses of his mind across the objects and the room, strangely he feels the emanation of several magical auras. However, instead of coming from the small lizard-like creature that perched in the room, he can sense them through the wooden barriers that are the stalls, and realizes there is a third presence in the room. Something putting off magical auras that are minor, but there.
(927) Garruk: Oh well i suppose you can have one i just found them here. Anyone that would leave such beutiful stones in an old abandoned tower surely wont miss them.
(732) Qextoliz looks up at garruk then around the room and back at the dwarf, "You should be careful… Someone else is here and it might be their's."
(927) Garruk cautiously hands one to the flying lizard before going to investigate the other source of magical energy.
Meanwhile, Alvis quickly begins climbing up the tower. After a short while, he reaches the middle of the tower, and then begins climbing to the top, and bringing himself into the window. One of the bricks slides a bit as he grabs ahold, which was a bit worrisome at this height, but he doesn't lose his grip, and makes it inside (it'll take 2 rounds to get inside the top of the tower from the ground).
(732) Qextoliz: (i'm just stretching my telepathy to anyone in a 60' range)
(867) Alvis: (alright.)
(867) Alvis: (oh god, dont fall D:)
(732) Qextoliz pounces upon the crystal and plays with it like a cat would play with a ball of yarn
(732) Qextoliz: (that means alvis is hearing a very one sided conversation in his head lol)
(927) Garruk: someone else you say are you sure?
(867) Alvis: (ha)
(732) Qextoliz: "I'm always sure. I can sense beings when they are near. They also replied when I spoke to them."
(867) Alvis mutters something about annoying telepaths under his breath.
(927) Garruk begins to cast a detect evil spell
As Garruk approaches the magical emanations, he quickly recognizes some of the auras as transmutation - like those used to make someone stronger, and protective abjurations. As the footsteps approach her hiding place, and he turns the corner, he sees what looks like a woman's figure in the darkness, with glowing ember eyes starting back at him. Uncertain as to what to do, the creature leaps up onto one of the stall walls, but it suddenly collapses under her. "Oh shi—" she says, slamming into the floor rather suddenly.
(867) Alvis: (Osh, ah wait, im not evil.)
(732) Qextoliz snickers in a telepathic manner, "Are you alright?" carrying the crystal in his mouth as he follows garruk around the corner at the noise
(786) Varisa Heavens in the same instant seems to catch herself on one of her hands, before flipping suddenly to her feet, and looking as if she's expecting a fight. Garruk, however, does not sense the taint of evil on her but… (what's your Knowledge Religion? +1 or better?)
(927) Garruk: yaeh
(732) Qextoliz: (do you have your face covered or anything?)
(927) Garruk: +4
Garruk recognized the burning eyes in the darkness as the sign of the undead. As she slams the floor, her body moves in a way that seems equally unnatural. The creature before him has already lost whatever mortal life it had, and was apparently lurking her to stay out of the rain. She, it, the amazingly human looking woman, looks confused and nervous.
(786) Varisa Heavens looks up at Garruk. "If you're here to kill me, I'm not going down without a fight." she says, awaiting his next move.
(927) Garruk: In didnt come here to kill you girl but keep your distance i know what you are…
(981) Moxy used an umbrella made of wood she had created awhile ago, and shivered… The chef may have been protected from the rain and harsh winds by using this makeshift barrier, but it wasn't going to hold up long and she needed some shelter… ~Aha! Stables!~ she said to herself triumphantly as she entered the musty area, grateful to be out of the rain… And seeming to not notice the others currently as she had entered in the opposite end of the dark stable, though she'd soon be illuminated by her umbrella used as a makeshift torch as she lit it up with some matter agitation and grease underneath it.
(732) Qextoliz looks between the two then looks at varisa again and leaps into action, mentally 'screaming' "Varisa!" and flying towards her, stopping only a short distance from her face, "It is good to see you are still alive."
(786) Varisa Heavens looks a bit surprised. "You're not a member of the Templar…so is it just my bad luck that I should run into a priest, or shall I leave?" she asks, ready to bolt for the door if she has to.
(786) Varisa Heavens is suddenly surprised by the little dragon, seeing the source of the voice. Her face changes from serious to an almost puzzled look as she lowers her hands. "Qex?"
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol, nice, Moxy. :D ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Varisa's expression = o.o ))
(927) Garruk the weather out there is pretty ghastley tonight but I will be keeping my axe close, you confuse me I see that your a creature of the undead but I can sence no trace of evil eminating from you.
(786) Varisa Heavens flinches at the phrase Ghastly.
(927) Garruk: ((gotta get used to this in character ooc brackets and whatnuf stuff)
(732) Qextoliz: "Who else would it be?" Mox hears the voice in her head, "I've been tracking you for some time now you know… You're quite elusive."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(867) Alvis: ((heh, am i climbed then?))
(( Yes, Alvis ))
((You can hear a commotion downstairs now. ))
(732) Qextoliz: (you are still hearing anything I say telepathically alvis)
(927) Garruk: so tell me girl how did you come to be this way?
(786) Varisa Heavens looks to Qextoliz as yet another stranger enters the building. "I was trying to be elusive…and apparently failing miserably." she says with a half-hearted attempt at a joke.
(867) Alvis decides that it he really should find out just whats going on in here. and slinks downstairs, sneaky like (take 10 on stealth, 23 stealth)
(981) Moxy called out, "Who's there?" waving her torch around in front of her like a makeshift weapon, and flashlight as she searched for the source of the voice. Knowing now she wasn't alone, "Come out before I turn you into a filet!" her obvious bluff, could be called, or maybe accepted, it was still a bragging statement though.
(732) Qextoliz: (also garruk… can you put things you say in quotes?))
(786) Varisa Heavens: "Well, you're the first priest to ask me that. The last twelve tried to club me. I guess you could say I was murdered, and got a second chance at life." she says plainly. "The bag is mine. Can I have my stuff back, sir?" she asks, politely.
(732) Qextoliz squeaks and hides behind varisa, wrapping bodily around her shoulders, "Don't let her turn me into a filet. And you were doing good… I'm just better."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( LOL ))
(786) Varisa Heavens takes a deep breath as Qextoliz brushes up agains her. She wasn't used to living things touching her anymore.
(927) Garruk puts the everything back in the bag and slides it across the floor to her.
(981) Moxy blinked a bit in surprise, and gripped the torch two handed now as she held it in front of her like a flaming club. Not seeing the little dragon, assumed it was from Varisa said, "Don't worry, its not like I'll hurt you," and put the club up more or less naturally now like a torch it was, "Uh, who're you anyway?"
(927) Garruk: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
(927) Garruk: "well if were going to be spending the night here I best get a fire started."
(732) Qextoliz: "You said you were going to turn me into a filet!" and chirping from his hiding place on varisa's shoulders
(786) Varisa Heavens picks the bag up off the floor. "Much thanks, sir." she says, as her eyes return to looking their usual human way. "I'm sorry if I scared you. I thought you were here because you heard about the ghost of Velhan and came to make a name for yourself.
(981) Moxy: "If you don't mind sir, I got this here," and waved her flaming club to Garruk, "Long as you'll make the pit for it."
(927) Garruk begins collecting any dry wood he can find in the stables, starting with the broken stables, while cautiously keeping an eye on the girl.
(867) Alvis recognized his childhood friend, and decides to keep watching the interesting scene from the stairs. Trying to not interupt his entertainment.
(786) Varisa Heavens leans up against the back wall, keeping her distance from the strangers. "Don't worry, I'm not going to eat you." she says as if a bit insulted. "I can't say I blame you though. I would have been scared of me too." she says admittingly.
(927) Garruk: ((i dunno what moxy's character is male/female?))
(981) Moxy: (( see name link and pic ))
(732) Qextoliz hisses at moxy and slips around alittle so that moxy can see him, "How could you even think of turning someone like me into food?" *is still speaking telepathically to everyone*
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Definitely a girl, I think. At least physically. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: "So if you're not here on business, did I just pick the wrong shelter in a storm?" she asks quizzically.
(927) Garruk gathers the firewood in the ceter of the room making sure that there is nothing in close vacinity that is flamable.
(786) Varisa Heavens casually pets Qextoliz on her shoulder with her hand.
(981) Moxy: "Woah," would say, tapping a knife hilt on her side in a nervous tick as she examined the little dragon…. well, mostly because she had beat a dragon beforehand, and knew how bad they really were to the people of Alvena… but also, because he looked like a tasty morsel! Just kidding, Moxy would then say, "Sorry about that little morsel, I didn't realize you were the one talking."
(981) Moxy licked her lips in thought though as she eyed Qex.
(732) Qextoliz: "Little Morsel!" hisses again and slinks back into the relative safety of varisa's hair
(786) Varisa Heavens: "This shiny lizard's smarter than most of the people in my village. I think you'd do well to talk with him, rather than eat him." she says respectfully.
(981) Moxy: "Awww come back so I can taste… er greet you," would say as it moved.
(732) Qextoliz: "freak." hissing it directly in only moxy's mind
(981) Moxy: "Shiny lizard huh?" would give a chuckle, her voice sounding a bit dry, "Seriously though… I won't eat you… I do think its interesting its a shiny lizard though," and grin to Qex's area and wink, mentally trying to think back ~Don't worry little one, your secret is safe with me, but I'm definitely freaky to eat something like you one day… Mmmmm~
(786) Varisa Heavens grits her teeth a bit and pulls out the bag of meat inside her traveling sack. She eases over behind one of the stalls that isn't broken. It seems all the living creatures around her were getting to her slightly. She seems to be upholding her won't eat you word, however.
(732) Qextoliz: (does moxy have knowledge arcana? *is curious*)
(981) Moxy: (( yeah sure ))
(981) Moxy: Knowledge (All) [1d20+1+10] => [14,1,10] = (25)
(981) Moxy: (( thats my lvl 2 version, so sure im better, but havent done it up yet ))
(981) Moxy: (( did my char first, then finishing sheet ))
(981) Moxy finally lights the wood up that Garruk had gathered, tossing her torch onto it as it burned.
Meanwhile, Garruk strikes up a fire in the middle of the old stable. The dirt floor and brick walls are safe from catching, and whatever hay and flammable grasses were once here have more or less merged with the dirt over time. As the fire grows bright, so too does the room, and everyone can see everyone much more clearly.
(( Or Moxy strikes while Garruk loads, either way. :D ))
(981) Moxy: "So… anyone hungry then?" she'd ask, as she took out some cooking tools from her sack, "And I don't mean for shiny lizard soup… something much more tasty!"
(732) Qextoliz flaps his wings and skitters away from varisa allowing her some alone time to eat and circles widely around moxy, "If I ever learn you ate one of my kin I would likely have to kill you for this slight." directly in moxy's mind before speaking to all again, "Does anyone have some jerky? I don't want to hunt in this mess? Oh and you on the steps you might aswell say hi… I already know you're there." poucing on the quartz crystal he had left on the floor and beginning to play with it again as if he hadn't just threatened someoens life
(786) Varisa Heavens shakes her head. "Nah…I'm fine." she says. "I don't eat much." she muses. "So where are you all heading?" she asks, making casual talk as she watches the priest eying her.
(927) Garruk sits down near the fire, sitting his axe across his lap.
(867) Alvis: "Ah, so you did see me."
(927) Garruk: (( i dont know the name of a nearby town that i was heading too))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol @ Qex. "I'd have to kill you for this slight." - He's still a dragon, if tiny. XD ))
(981) Moxy: "I'd apologize, but," she laughed at Qex… because, no matter how much mental pressure came, it was hilarious to hear it from a tiny lizard… because, believe it or not, size did matter to Moxy, as she said, "Alvis?" then ran to him, and hugged him close, trying to give him a noogie, "Alvis! Its really you!"
(981) Moxy: (( aye Varisha… ayep ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Well, how about we say we were heading for Amaranth? It's the largest city in the Omas Kingdom. ))
(732) Qextoliz: (i'm wondering if i need to put some oomph into the threat and call on big brother lol)
(981) Moxy: (( don't worry, Moxy just likes to eat non-humanoids ))
(867) V: "It is me, yes. How have you been? Still trying to cook everthing that moves i see."
(867) Alvis: "It is me, yes. How have you been? Still trying to cook everthing that moves i see."
(925) DoomWyrm: (( Gotta go guys, I'll be on tomorrow. Night everyone ))
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(925) DoomWyrm (exit): 23:39
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Later Doom. :D ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Oops, I was too slow. ))
(867) Alvis deftly sidesteps the attempted noogie at the last second with a amused grin on his face.
(981) Moxy: "Well…" she trailed off, as she released the hug more or less, "Something like that, see you still like skulking in the shadows and not eating enough, geeze," she'd poke at his thin frame.
(786) Varisa Heavens casually pulls out the pearly mask from her bag and rubs it a bit looking at it. It shimmers slightly as it reflects the flames.
(867) Alvis: "I dont sulk.."
(981) Moxy: "Yeah yeah, who kept coming to me crying when they were hungry, or scraped their leg," would wave a ladle at Alvis.
(732) Qextoliz continues playing with his quartz crystal and asks again, "Can someone give me something to eat?"
(786) Varisa Heavens glances up and watches Moxy and Alvis. A trace smile catches her face as she does. It's been a while since she was around people. She had forgotten how much she missed it.
(732) Qextoliz: "Alittle jerky would be nice."
(786) Varisa Heavens hands him a piece of what seems to be freshly cut beef. It's definitely not jerky. "Here." she says plainly. "You'll like it."
(981) Moxy: "Of course little one!" would instantly say as she dug around her pack and pulled out some jerky at first to tide him over, then ingredients and ingredients, looking back to Alvis, "A chef is here, and people are hungry! Duty calls!"
(867) Alvis decides to not rebute her, still a bit hungry from his travel.
(732) Qextoliz pounces upon the beef, the crystal dropping from his mouth right before he grabs onto the meat flapping his wings happily and chewing on it
(981) Moxy: Started to cook, conjuring ingredients from both her pack, as well as her psionic power now, a layer of grease forming as used the psionic version to coat her frying pan… Eventually, the warm smells of food cooking would fill the stables as Moxy put herself to work.
(1010) Tookie (enter): 23:44
(786) Varisa Heavens tries an attempt at humor, as she continues to watch the priest watching her. "So a monster, a dragon, a dwarf, a chef, and an elf meet in a barn. This has to have the makings of a great joke somewhere."
(1010) Tookie: ((stuipid computers trippin))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( WB Tookie ))
(981) Moxy: Craft (Food) [1d20+1+13] => [7,1,13] = (21) (How tasty is it?)
(981) Moxy: (( wb Tookie ))
(1010) Tookie: ((ty))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( what was the last thing you read? I'll copy/pasty a node for you to catch you up. ))
(867) Alvis decides to pull down his hood, making sure his round ears are visible through his black hair.
(1010) Tookie: i dont remember
(867) Alvis: "Not a elf, dont worry, lots of people think I am."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, I just sent you up to the last thing you said. ))
(981) Moxy settles into making… some fried flour, vegetables, and a little bit of dried meat… Roughly 15 minutes later, she'd have a good helping of this in a pot for people to dish out on their fried flour shells as well as a small jar that was empty, but now filled with a red spicy paste.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( You can just skim it. :P ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( brb, drink ))
(1010) Tookie: ((last thing i remember was … a dragon but a small one cause she said ill kill you on sight((oops forgot brackets lol))))
(732) Qextoliz lifts the beef up and flie up into the rafters, laughing in the heads of everyone, "You're right Varisa… That does sound like the start of a new joke."
(981) Moxy: "Just add the paste if you want a little more flavor," would demonstrate as she ladled some of the cooked meat/vegetables into a shell, then smear a little of the paste in, and then fold it in half, and take a bite.
(981) Moxy: "MMMMmmmm!" and grin as she finished chewing.
(981) Moxy: (( the fantasy version of chalupas basically ))
(1010) Tookie: ((ill just jump back in))
(732) Qextoliz considers diving into the paste just to flavor his beef but remains content in the rafters chewing on the fresh meat
(981) Moxy: (( case ya need a modern reference ))
(1010) Tookie: ((i feel kinda unable to respond because i want to ask you about the religion thats after you but as a cleric with knowledge religion i feel like it should be known to my character))
(867) Alvis lets himself smile over the little exageration, before making himself one and eating.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Back ))
(1010) Tookie: ((tryin to get it to place where we can be friends and continue with some purpouse))
(732) Qextoliz: "Soooo… Introductions have yet to be made." nom nom nom
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( The religion would be most anyone who believes in the Chronicles of Omas, which is the primary religious text in Omas Kingdom. It has passages that paint certain types of magic, including undeath related magics, in a very negative light. The Omasian Templar are often responsible for sorting out such issues. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Of course, most people don't like undead in general, due to the many stories that get around about those who prey on mortals. ))
(981) Moxy smiles happily, humming to herself as Alvis takes a share… glad, well, he was at least eating her cooking, though tried to make the strangers in the group eat. "Moxy here, culinary artiste, master chef, and cooking extroardinaire," she said as she put her foot down on a bench, and pointed to herself with a thumb, "And anything else that you can think of for complimenting a chef!"
(1012) Calchexas (enter): 23:52
(786) Varisa Heavens look at the food and seems a bit unsure of what to do with it. Admittedly, she was trying to be polite, but this was a bit richer than her usual fare.
(981) Moxy: "So try some out, and prepare your mouth for a party!"
(867) Alvis: "Alvis."
(981) Moxy: "Man of few words, and stalker of cute girls everywhere."
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(982) Calchexas' from server… Removing dead client
(982) Calchexas (exit): 23:53
(1010) Tookie: "I am Garruk Skullcrusher a humbel servent of the Godess Irori I am on my was on my way to the next town to spread her word"
(732) Qextoliz: "But my mouth is already having a party." gulps down the last bit of the meat, "Nevermind… Make me one?"
(786) Varisa Heavens nods to Moxy. "My name is Varisa. I'm looking for my family. I lost track of them some time ago…"
(981) Moxy stuck her tongue out at Alvis as she said this.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol @ Qex ))
(1010) Tookie: ((sorry something came on the news about new creatures discovered this year AWSOME!))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( "There's a party in my mouth and everyone's coming" ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Oh for real? :O ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( That is awesome. ))
(981) Moxy makes another fried shell foldover thing, and holds it up above her head like a trophy for Qex to eat.
(867) Alvis: "A pity there arent any here to stalk."
(1010) Tookie: ((They called it a T-Rex leach that was discovered this year the first one ever discovered was feeding on a little girl in Bolivia's nose!))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Holy crap. XD ))
(732) Qextoliz casts mage hand and hovers the food up to himself "Thank you."
(732) Qextoliz noms away
(981) Moxy: "Pleasure Varisa," then as Alvis spoke, "Hey! Just because I can't give you a noogie anymore because you're so dodgey doesn't mean I won't get you when you sleep!"
(1010) Tookie: ((back to rp sorry))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (1010) Tookie…
(1010) Tookie: "Buy the way have you heard her word?"
(1010) Tookie: "By*"
(981) Moxy: "Nice to meet you as well Garruk," would incline her head respectively, then shake it, as she had indeed, not kept up with any religion.
(867) Alvis: "You have to sleep to you know.
(981) Moxy: "Tch, you're right… I'll just wake up extra early and get you," she'd look sideways to Alvis, and squint her eyes and chuckle… a fake villainous ~mwahahah~ low chuckle sound.
(786) Varisa Heavens places the porcelain mask back in her bag before turning to Tookie. "I can't say I have. I was raised with the Chronicles, and until recently I didn't know of much else. I also haven't had many priest lining up to meet me with books recently, either. Full hands, certainly, but not with books." she says jokingly.
(981) Moxy grabbed some of the food made, and offered a portion to Garruk as Varisa spoke, eager to get him eating it, and would in turn do it to Varisa if she didn't have a share yet.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Incase you missed it, she was looking at the mask when you were setting the fire. I'm not sure just when you got disconnected. ))
(1010) Tookie: "Im sure you can understand why, Cases of undead who were anything but mindless monsters are exceedingly rare"
(732) Qextoliz sets his food to the side and looks down at everyone, perching in a majestic manner fitting a dragon 500x his size, "I am Qextoliz, pseudodragon summoner." his voice carrying a regal tone in your heads, "My brother will arrive shortly." and he begins the ritual quietly in the rafters, the symbol slowly drawing itself on his forehead as he goes through the ritual
(786) Varisa Heavens has the food in her lap, currently. It's untouched so far.
(981) Moxy: "Oh… do you need me to make something with…brraaaaiinnnsss?" would say as she held out her arms in a zombie-like motion… ayep, totally tactless.
(1010) Tookie: ((actually yeah thats about when i got disconnected after i set the fire but its okay"
(786) Varisa Heavens smirks. "I should probably take offense to that, but I won't." she says to Garruk. When Moxy makes her brains comment, her face gos a bit blank. "Ummm…" she says looking down, and then chuckling slightly. "Yeah…I'd starve in here." she jokes.
(1010) Tookie: "Brains can be delicious if cooked properly"
(786) Varisa Heavens laughs. "Wow…I didn't expect that." she muses.
(981) Moxy laughed, and then punching Varisa in the bicep, would say, "I see we're going to like each other if you can take my jokes so well, you ever consider joining the glamourous life of a chef or assistant to one?" and grin, giving a thumbs up with the other hand.
(786) Varisa Heavens looks to Moxy. "Um, not really. I'm kind of looking for my family, and…well, I'm not sure a normal life will be an option for me anymore. I've been thinking about alternatives."
(981) Moxy sadly, had missed Qex's little speech in the commotion below, not that she had intentionally meant to ignore him, but she was busy chatting down there.
(786) Varisa Heavens: Booting '(927) Garruk' from room…
(927) Garruk (exit): 00:04
(867) Alvis is watching the tiny dragon do something.
(732) Qextoliz chirps someting from the rafters and then that appears in a corner of the room. Reireteq was a decent sized dragon. Roughly the size of a large pony and scales of blue that seemed to ripple like watet. He looks at the same time peaceful and terrifying, those that know draconic will notice a dark glow from the etching in the scales between his eyes that form the draconic symbol for brother. "This is my big brother Reireteq."
(786) Varisa Heavens has seen the Tiny dragon do this once before, after she was reborn. She recognizes it, and seems to be casually waiting.
(786) Varisa Heavens smirks. "I never get tired of seeing that."
(1010) Garruk: "Wow can it talk too?"
(867) Alvis: "Interesting.."
(786) Varisa Heavens: "So, what did you say your name was, priest?" she asks looking at Garruk.
(981) Moxy snapped her fingers in front of her, in an 'aw shucks' motion as she responded to Varisa… Then seeing the dragon… yes, Moxy had fought one before, and knew what terror they brung, instantly reacted with her own construct… A medium sized muscle man, with a chef hat, and 4 arms… 1 a butcher knife, the other a cutting board, and the last two normal arms. "Ack a dragon!" and then, as she heard Qex, breathed out a sigh of relief, though the guardian cook just folded its arms and watched now.
(732) Qextoliz: Reireteq bows to the group and seems to smile in that odd way dragons do, "A pleasure to meet you all." reireteq speaking in common with a slight hiss, "I hope there has been no trouble little brother." looking up to qex who simply shakes his head then digs into the food he had been given
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Summoners are so cool. You can make almost anything with the eidolon rules. XD ))
(1010) Garruk: "Oh i had said it was Garruk Skullcrusher"
(981) Moxy: (( they're very cool ))
(732) Qextoliz: ((so much fun… especially when the tiny dragon will later summon a gargantuan dragon lol))
(1010) Garruk: ((what class was quiray?))
(732) Qextoliz: ((rogue))
(786) Varisa Heavens nods and looks back to Reireteq. "Long time no see scaley. How's the afterlife been?" she asks in an almost too friendly tone.
(1010) Garruk: ((that makes 2 rogues right))?
(867) Alvis: "Everyones summoning, and i forgot to bring my scroll."
(867) Alvis: (yes)
(732) Reireteq looks at the construct brought forth by moxy, "Do I make you uncomfortable miss?" then looking to Varisa, "Can't complain too much… Especially since I get out plenty."
(1010) Garruk: "Irori allows me to call on creatures from another plane"
(1010) Garruk: "But none are like this"
(1000) twitchontv (enter): 00:11
(981) Moxy: "Nothing so advanced here," would say as the construct wiped a tear on its face like it was crying, as she gestured to it. "Not capable of thought, or reading how hungry, er uncomfortable I am around it for example," and lick her lips as she eyed Reireteq.
(732) Reireteq arches a scaled brow at moxy, "Why do I not like the look in your eye?"
(867) Alvis: "Just go along with it." whispered to reireteq in draconic.
(981) Moxy: "Because you're pretty, and I am attracted to pretty things….. teehee," would say in a monotone, and a very fake giggle at the end.
(786) Varisa Heavens smiles. "I bet. Hmm. Which reminds me. Garruk, you said you were heading to Amaranth? I'm heading that way too. I think my family might have headed there after…well I think they headed there. Do you know much about the big city? I've never been there."
(732) Reireteq stretches and moves around the room after hearing alvis, sniffing the food, "Do I get some aswell or is it only for those of this plane?"
(786) Varisa Heavens hands Reireteq her plate. "Here, I didn't touch it. It looks delicious, but…I'm not very hungry." she says.
(1010) Garruk: "no i have naer been there myself, I have been travling a long time never spent very long in one place"
(981) Moxy: "Feel free to have as much as you want! I bet its delicious!" and put a closed fist to her sternum as she said this, "I bet my chef pride on it."
(732) Qextozil: "So that's where you were going Varisa. I was honestly beginning to wonder if you had a goal in mind at all."
(981) Moxy coughed slightly… as she had just hit herself.
(786) Varisa Heavens: "So why are you this far south? I don't hear of many followers of Irori in the Rai'clan region, and most of the dwarf settlements are further north. You live locally, or has your pilgrimage brought you this far south?"
(1000) twitchontv (exit): 00:15
(732) Reireteq takes the offered food from varisa and gulps it down in one go
(786) Varisa Heavens nods at Quextozil. "Yeah. I have to find my sister. Then…well, I'm not sure."
(1010) Garruk: "yes i seek to spread the teachings of Irori to those that havent heard the good word"
(1010) Garruk: "if you have not seen many of my Clergy around these parts then i am where i am truly needed.
(981) Moxy: "Well, I'd love to come along too with y'all," would say, "If you want some good food, or least another bodyguard," would nod to the 4 armed thing, who'd salute smartly with its knife hand… and stab itself through the head as it did so.
(981) Moxy: "Its a great reason to go travel your holiness Garruk," would say respectfully, "Almost as good as cooking… like maybe a teensy bit below it since nothing beats cooking… Still a noble cause though," she said reassuringly at the end.
(786) Varisa Heavens smirks. "Well, I guess with so many heading in the same direction, I should stick near. I'm sure next to you all, I wouldn't draw much attention." she muses before suddenly looking over to the tiny dragon like she heard him say something.
(1010) Garruk: "well i cant very well a young girl like you Moxy go along with this bunch alone Allow me to accompany you"
(981) Moxy: "Yay!" would cheer as Garruk accepted her into the party. Feeling a bit like one of those old rpg games as she did a little spin, and victory dance? Then leaned forward to kiss the man on the cheek in gratitude, "Thanks! I'm happy to have your company!
(732) Qextozil: "Are you implying that I'm unsavory?" looking down at garruk
(786) Varisa Heavens: "No, he's implying I'll eat her." she jokes.
(867) Alvis: "I suppose Ill go along too. Most interesting thing to have happened recently."
(786) Varisa Heavens: "She does look tasty though, doesn't she?" she says coyly towards Moxy.
(981) Moxy: "No way, if anyone's cooking anyone, that's me!" would brag, and point to herself with a thumb out.
(1010) Garruk: "Its not you that worries you most, but dragons are not to be trusted either, well at least some i suppose"
(981) Moxy: "Wait.. I don't mean I'll cook myself though," as she sidestepped away from Varisa, toward Alvis… yes Alvis was safe.
(732) Qextozil nods looking over to moxy, "You know she does look like she'd be nice and tender." chuckles in everyone's minds
(981) Moxy: "Allllvviiiisss, they're bullying me!" would whine to the rogue.
(1010) Garruk: ((is reirteq really that big?))
(786) Varisa Heavens smirks. "Don't worry, I'm not going to eat you." she says. "It's not that it's not tempting but…I just can't." she says. "It wouldn't be right."
(867) Alvis: "Alright, ill sneak up on them in the middle of the night and stab them for you."
(786) Varisa Heavens smirks at Alvis. "Good luck with that."
(981) Moxy: "But… I'd still be eaten then, wouldn't you rather?" made a fist, and punched the air, "Jump up in front of me and save me like a hero?"
(867) Alvis: "Ah fine, If I must."
(981) Moxy: "Yay Alvis!" would raise her arms in a cheer again.
(786) Varisa Heavens falls back laughing.
(732) Qextozil: "I wouldn't either… too much meat and I don't like to waste." continues nomming on his food, "Besides this is pretty good and i'd rather have constantly good food instead of one meal of unknown goodness."
(786) Varisa Heavens: "Oh boy…yeah, that's a good plan. Don't worry, after they eat you, I'll kill them to save you! It's brilliant." XD
(867) Alvis makes a overt show of throwing a small pebble at the tiny dragon.
(867) Alvis: "Look! I have rendered it helpless with my cunning might!"
(981) Moxy: "Hey, I should have you know… I'd be… not very tasty… The cook is never as good as her ingredients let her be."
(1010) Garruk: "Aye I would be very chewy."
(732) Qextozil gets hit with the pebble and alvis gets tripped by a long draconic tail
(867) Alvis: (CMD20.)
(732) Qextozil: (reireteq doesn't like people picking on his little brother)
(786) Varisa Heavens: "You must see the irony in having others admire you for your flavors, right? Not ten minutes past you were joking about eating our little friend here. It's good to experience both sides of every coin." she muses.
(981) Moxy: "er… was that… as good as her ingredients let her be?" would say after that, as she looked lost in thought as she put a hand to her chin… Sadly… she was in the way of the tail, and tripped for Alvis.
(732) Qextozil: [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7) cmb
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(981) Moxy: *WHUMP!* "Ow!" she'd say as she sat, and rubbed her bottom.
(732) Qextozil: (i didn't make you roll to hit me with a pebble :P))
(867) Alvis: (You were helpless with laughter :p)
(981) Moxy: (( just keep it rp all, or react appropriately… its ok to let bad things happen to you, and vice versa ))
(981) Moxy: (( dice are for monsters… er not Qex ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: "Oh look Qex, she's decided to get herself nice and tender for us." she says jokingly as she stands up begins looking out one of the windows at the rain.
(867) Alvis: "Alas, I have failed to save the damsle. woe is me."
(732) Qextozil chirps his laughter and nods
(981) Moxy pouted up at Alvis as she continued to rub her sore bottom, the muscleman chef could silently laugh at Moxy now.
(981) Moxy: could = would*
(786) Varisa Heavens turns from the wet window and back at the group. "So, Qex and I are looking for some raiders as well. They move from place to place, capturing slaves from the outlying villages, and killing anyone who gets in their way. Do you know anything about them?" she asks.
(867) Alvis: "Slavers?"
(867) Alvis: "let me think a moment.."
(867) Alvis: [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10) K. local
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(1010) Garruk: did i disconnect?
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Nope. I see you. ))
(867) Alvis: "Yes, I know about, wait that was in Nilas. Sorry."
(981) Moxy stood up slowly, then concentrated, making a chocolate appear on the fried shells now along with some whipped cream, it was icily chilled as she did this, though the crust was warm… creating a nice french silk pie effect as she passed some of the dessert along to others with the last of the flour.
(1010) Garruk: Disconnecting from server…
(1010) Garruk (exit): 00:32
(786) Varisa Heavens: "Ahh. Nevermind then."
(1019) Garruk (enter): 00:34
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Welcome back ))
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (1019) Garruk…
(981) Moxy: (( wb Garruk ))
(1019) Garruk: ((stupid internet =())
(867) Alvis takes the pie slice, with a greatfull smile.
(981) Moxy stood up slowly, then concentrated, making a chocolate appear on the fried shells now along with some whipped cream, it was icily chilled as she did this, though the crust was warm… creating a nice french silk pie effect as she passed some of the dessert along to others with the last of the flour. (repost if ya need)
(1019) Garruk: (( i need cofee brb))
(786) Varisa Heavens: "If I'm going to be traveling with you, I should let you know that Qex and I are after a man named Wayland and a band of raiders he took up with. I mean to find them, and kill them." she says bluntly. "I figured you should know, if you're going to trust me as far as being willing to travel with me."
(867) Alvis: "Reasonable enough."
(786) Varisa Heavens: "If it is of any concern, he and his band have killed many people, razed several villages, and captured men and women to be sold into bondage in foreign lands."
(732) Qextozil sighs in everyone's head and then nods along with reireteq, "Yes Reireteq and I have unfinished business with this man and the group he works with. Varisa was dragged into the situation due to my idleness."
(981) Moxy: "Uh, and I'm aiming to become the best chef in the world, and typically don't make dinner of my comrades.. I figure you should know, if you're going to trust me as far as being willing to travel with me," would say, basically mimicking what Varisa said, in a more joking tone.
(786) Varisa Heavens smirks. "Maybe we can swap recipies."
(732) Qextozil: "I've got a great recipe for beetles." taking the oppurtunity to try and change subjects
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( My character's theme song. :P ))
(981) Moxy laughs, trying to keep it light, "I dunno, if I got Wayland's head on a platter, would it be a patte or a sushi?"
(786) Varisa Heavens smirks. "It'd be dietary food. He can't have much in it."
(786) Varisa Heavens: "I'm a bit surprised. I get the feeling you actually would cook him…"
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(1012) Calchexas (exit): 00:41
(732) Qextozil: "Does nobody want my beetle recipe?" seems to pout as he rolls off the rafter and glides in a lazy circle back to the floor and looking around, "Does anyone have something soft to sit on?"
(786) Varisa Heavens: "Hmmm. Sorry little buddy. I packed light. I don't even have a blanket to ball up for you."
(981) Moxy: "Naah… I doubt it though, I draw the line at cooking humanoids," then yawned sleepily, "And as much as I want to stay up… I'll need some shuteye… early shuteye, so I can noogie Alvis."
(981) Moxy: (( sadly gotta go, so sleeps irl, and IC ))
(867) Alvis: "I suppose I might have something.."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Later Moxy. Had fun. :D ))
(981) Moxy: (( same to you all! ))
(732) Qextozil: (bye moxy)
(981) Moxy: (( minus the "Later Moxy" ))
(981) Moxy: Disconnecting from server…
(981) Moxy (exit): 00:43
(867) Alvis opens a small bag, putting his arm into the much to small bag, "now where did I put that…"
(786) Varisa Heavens scratches Qex's head with her claws. "Don't worry, you can tell me your beetle recipe."
(786) Varisa Heavens: "So, Alvis, what's your story?" she asks as he rummages through his bag.
(867) Alvis drags out a large patch of black fabric, and balls it up into a makeshift pillow.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Hey Garruk, is your internet acting up really bad, or just quiet? ))
(1019) Garruk: ((yeah im a bit brain dead atm
(867) Alvis: "Me? I just had to do a few things to keep my family feed that the villages didn't really agree with. So now I travel around."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( It's cool. Happens to everybody. ))
(1019) Garruk: ((i need that cofee but it wasnt made =( __
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol, ouch ))
(732) Qextozil: "It's really good… If you can find them you get some blueberries and crusch them up as best you can. Then you take your beetles and crack them open and use their shells as a bowl and mix the crushed berries in with the beetle inside with your claw then eat it shell and all."
(732) Qextozil pounces upon the makeshift pillow and drags it next to varisa so she can keep scratching his scales
(786) Varisa Heavens: "Heh, well the village didn't really agree that I wouldn't feed on a family. So now I travel around too." she says jokingly. "I guess we're like cousins or something."
(1019) Garruk: (( kinda feel ive advanced my characters position towards you as far as i can untill he can sees you in combat fighting evil and protecting another one of the group tho))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Yeah. Maybe I should run some sort of encounter too. :P ))
(867) Alvis: (sudenly, BANDITS!)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(1019) Garruk: ((lol))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Suddenly is one of my favorite GM words. XD ))
(1019) Garruk: (( oh no not another wild snorlax))
(732) Qextozil: ((you always could… and garruk you could easily just ask what the raiders did to get us specifically involved.))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Sometimes I overdo it. I think I had like 3 suddenlies in one paragraph once. XD ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, if everyone wants me to run a mini-adventure, just raise your hand. lol ))
(1019) Garruk: i got time and cofee just finished yay
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Woot. :D ))
(867) Alvis: (/me razes hands.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Well that's 2/4. :P ))
(732) Qextozil: (lol you destroyed your hands?)
(732) Qextozil raises hand
(867) Alvis: (not MY hands.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol Ok, the hands have it. ))
(1019) Garruk: (( thats like the oldest d&d jokes))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(1019) Garruk: (( guy casts wish and asks to raise each stat by 5 and loses 5 of each stat))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Don't worry, you still got the head of Vecna. :P ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( brb a moment ))
(1019) Garruk: ((well not joke but more like primary example of why you should be carefull with wish))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Back. :D ))
(1019) Garruk: ((so our have we decided on a first day for this game?))
As the night went on, the curtain of rain played a serene tune to a light hum, as the pattering of water dripped slightly through the edges of the old slated roof. It was nearly effortless to find rest on such a night, for after the thundering passed, it was peaceful and quiet. Everyone got comfortable inside the old stable and wrapped themselves up, and drifted off to sleep. Occasionally, Garruk would wake a bit, still holding his axe closely. Each time, throughout the night, he would look to find Varisa staring out at the rain as it shimmered before the light of the full moon. It was a strange feeling, to say the least, but eventually rest came…
By morning the rain had all but passed, and the smell of moist grass and leaves was in the air. It was probably a bit after dawn, and it seems like sometime during the night the stable was cleaned, and given a good sweeping. Varisa seems to be outside, practicing some sword techniques this morning. It looks like a beautiful day for traveling.
(1029) Flamester (enter): 00:58
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( WB Flamester. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: Booting '(867) Flamester' from room…
(867) Flamester (exit): 00:58
Attempting to assign the role of Player to (1029) Flamester…
(1029) Alvis: (alright,)
(1029) Alvis: (lastthing was the boxed text )
(732) Qextozil is sleeping on his pillow, riereteq sent back to the other side for the night. qex snores lightly, creating a light twittering sound as he does
(1019) Garruk Immediatly after waking Garruk reaches for his Holy symbol and begins praying for a full hour before venturing outside.
(786) Varisa Heavens continues training outside, and is swinging her sword around and practicing the dance of the crow form that her father had taught her some time back. It was easily as beautiful as it was dangerous. She seems lost in her own little world.
(1029) Alvis is in his sleeping bag, sleeping in a corner
(1019) Garruk: "lovely day does it trouble you?" he asks Varissa?
(786) Varisa Heavens looks at Garruk and pauses. "Umm…actually no…I'm not a vampire." she says rolling her eyes slightly. "It beats the rain, I assure you." she says as she sheathes her sword. "I guess we all made it through the night. This building will have stories to tell for years to come, I imagine."
(1019) Garruk: "from what ive heard the undead typicly prefer darkness to light"
(786) Varisa Heavens: "Well, it's definitely easier to avoid being seen in the dark." she adds.
(1019) Garruk: "a strange meeting to be sure, I suppose we should be heading out?"
(1019) Garruk: ((is it just us here?))
(1029) Alvis: "A lot easier, yes."
(1019) Garruk: ((is weird typing in brackets and stuff))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Seems to be you, I, Qex, and Alvis ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( You get used to it. ))
(732) Qextozil continues snoring inside, content to sleep in after having ate more than twice his weight in moxy's cooking
(1029) Alvis begins is morning routine of stretches, before begining to wrap his arms up in black cloth, doing the same with his head leaving only a small opening for his eyes, continuing to put on his leather armor, and a likewise dark hooded cloak.
(786) Varisa Heavens walks into the stable and grabs Quextozil by the tail and lifts him up, still snoozing. She shakes him gently. "Hey, buddy…it's time to get up. The next town isn't far from here, and if we hurry I'll buy you breakfast."
(1029) Alvis takes the opurtunity to get his extra fabric back into his bag of holding.
(732) Qextozil is startled by the sudden grab waking him and flips up with a bat of his wings trying to bite varisa and failing to bend properly enough
(732) Qextozil: "Oh… breakfast… Thanks and sorry."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(786) Varisa Heavens smirks and jiggles Qex playfully. "Gonna need to do some more exercising if you're going to flex like that." she says, placing him on her shoulder.
(786) Varisa Heavens: "Well then, I guess we better move on before we all die of old age."
(786) Varisa Heavens: "Well…most of us anyway."
(732) Qextozil: "It's all that food in my belly. that woman really is a good cook."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( One moment ))
(1019) Garruk: ((the maps for this are alot better than i thought theyd be))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Oh? :D ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Pretty much any picture can be imported as a map. Or you can draw them yourself. ))
(732) Qextozil: ((lol scott finds decent maps… and if he doesn't he can draw one well enough))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( So if you can find pictures of maps, like on google, you're good to go. ))
(1019) Garruk: ((nice))
(1019) Garruk: (( i have aabout 25 movement im probably slowing u guys down lol))
(732) Qextozil: (what type of armor do you wear?)
(1019) Garruk: ((full plate))
(1019) Garruk: ((but have boots of striding as well))
And so our heroes were off. An odd team, to say the least. Moxy was a bit busy with collecting some wild herbs, and told the group to go ahead without her. She just couldn't resist using them in tonight's orc-style gumbo. As instructed, the rest of the group wandered on ahead, hoping to reach the next town before the eggs stopped frying, and at least early enough to find a decent lunch at a resturaunt somewhere. Everything was going pretty well, when it seemed like, just maybe, something was a little too right…
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( What's everyone's Perception modifiers? ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Also, all the HoA house rules apply while I'm GMing, so feel free to use your action point if you get the urge. ))
(1029) Alvis: (+9)
(1019) Garruk: ((+4))
(732) Qextozil: (+9)
(1019) Garruk: ((oh sometimes you cant use actioin points?))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Would you like me to roll your Perception secretly, or assume you have 10+modifier? ))
(732) Qextozil: (well level 5 is 2 ap right?)
(1029) Alvis: (10)
(732) Qextozil: (roll mine secretly lol)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Well Dreadilis was talking about possibly not using them during the official game, unless everyone wanted to. ))
(1019) Garruk: (mine too)
(1019) Garruk: ((wats the difrence between ( and ((? ))
whispering to Varisa Heavens, [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26) / [1d20+17] => [15,17] = (32) / [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13)
(1029) Alvis: ((nothing.))
(732) Qextozil: ((nothing… some of us just hit the button once and others twice lol))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Nothing, actually. Just (( notes it as definitely out of game.
(1029) Alvis: (((Or even three times!)))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( It draws attention to it being different than the game. That's all. ))
(1019) Garruk: ((((((((((((OH MY GOD MY HOUSE IS BURNING DOWN!))))))))))))))))))))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( LOL ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, you are excused, but be here next week! ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( =P ))
(1019) Garruk: ((Lol))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, as I was sayin' … ))
(732) Qextozil distracts scott))
Our unlikely heroes wander through a patch of light forest on the way across the mostly small hills and plains, while following the main road. However, perhaps due to the early morning sun, they quickly notice what appears to be the glimmer of sunlight on metal, like a small rust-covered steel mirror. This small optical oddity draws their eyes to what appears to be some sort of ambush. Highwaymen burst from the brush, realizing they had been spotted…
(1037) twitchontv (enter): 01:20
(1037) twitchontv: Disconnecting from server…
(1037) twitchontv (exit): 01:21
(1029) Alvis: [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26) K. Local (do i recognize them?)
(1019) Garruk: "Stay back ladies, ill protect you."
(732) Qextozil snickers at garruk's bold claim
Alvis — This is a group that has been hitting some merchant carts. They're pretty organized and seem to have fair training. Most of them are likely ex-mercenaries looking for easy cash by robbing travelers. Not the raiders mentioned last night, but another band of similar rif-raf.
(1019) Garruk: ((whats the normal vision range in daylight>))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Eh, pretty much unlimited. lol ))
(1019) Garruk readies himself for battle.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Also, can I get everyone's Initiative modifiers? ))
(1029) Alvis: "We aren't simple merchants ill warn you."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( *counts minis* ))
(732) Qextozil: +2)
(1029) Alvis: (+5)
(1019) Garruk: (+2)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok. I need Garruk, and Qextozil to roll a d20 to see if they go before or after the highwaymen. ))
(1019) Garruk: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Garruk's going before them. ))
(1019) Garruk: 19
(1019) Garruk: ((should i have added my init +?))
(732) Qextozil: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
(1019) Garruk: ((oooh i see so we dont know theyre +))
(732) Qextozil: (no it was just a roll off to break a tie)
One of the highwaymen springs out of the bushes and takes the lead. Each of the highwaymen are wielding glaives and wearing studded leather armor. On their belts are flasks of acid, and slings. He then shouts "Throw down any weapons you have. You are hopelessly outnumbered. Turn over your valuables, and we may let you live."
(1019) Garruk: ""You can have my shield when you pry it from my cold dead hands" Garruk shouts in responce.
(732) Qextozil snickers in the heads of all those within 60' "You'll regret not turning and running right now."
(1029) Alvis draws his two short swords.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok. From highest initiative down is Varisa, Alvis, Garruk, Bandits, and Qex. However, Varisa is going to delay until Garruk goes. ))
(1029) Alvis delays also.
"Hah, I like it when they put up a fight. Otherwise we'd all die of boredom robbing cowards." he says as they pull their weapons.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Then it's Garruk's turn. ))
(1019) Garruk: ((ok so im gunna move here))
(732) Qextozil: (but you said garruk goes before them…)
(1019) Garruk: ((now he gets an attack of opportunity unless i charge or something right, in wich case i take -2 to my AC??))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Well the bandits haven't acted so they're flat footed, so they get no AoOs ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( And if you charge, you get a +2 to hit, and a -2 to AC ))
(1029) Alvis: (going before the bandits, after garruck)
(1019) Garruk: ((First turn what ill do is touch the cook girl ummm forget her name now but ill give her +1 saving throws and +1 AC))
(1029) Alvis: (shes gone.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Heh, she's not here. She stayed behind to pick some herbs, because the player had to go to bed. :P ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( There is: The Ghoul, The Rogue, The Dragon, and You. :P ))
(1019) Garruk: (( kk ill go up and swing then))
(1019) Garruk: Dwarven War Axe: [1d20+8] => [2,8] = (10) AC [1d10+3] => [5,3] = (8) Damage.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( is that counting your +2 for charging? ))
(1019) Garruk: ((didnt charge))
(1019) Garruk: ((swing and a miss)))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Oh, ok. Then you missed. lol ))
(1019) Garruk: "Ach you just wait you…"
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Actually, they're wearing studded leather, so that would have missed even charging ))
(1029) Alvis: (ill go, then.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Go for it Alvis. ))
(1029) Alvis: [1d20+8] => [19,8] = (27) to hit [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22) to hit
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( I'll give a summary/description after the actions. ))
(1029) Alvis: [1d20+8] => [19,8] = (27) crit
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Hit/hit. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Crit. ))
(1029) Alvis: (and sneak attack too. heh)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Roll damage. lol ))
(1029) Alvis: [4d6+4d6+1d6] => [3,4,5,4,5,2,1,1,1] = (26)
(1029) Alvis: (4d6 is normal with sneak, 1 is the crit bonus)
Garruk rushes forward and engages the soldier. The soldier lowers his spear and braces, but Garruk slams is shield along the front of the spear and rides it down the shaft to the man, before swinging with his axe. The man is forced to release with one hand to dodge, as he struggles to avoid losing his balance against the dwarf. Immediately, Alvis recognises an opening and lunges forward, driving both of his short swords into the highwayman's side, before splitting him open, and painting the grass crimson.
(1019) Garruk: "Hey that one was mine!"
(1029) Alvis: "Then you shouldn't of missed."
(1019) Garruk: "RRGH ill get the next one…"
(786) Varisa Heavens rushes towards the nearest soldier while drawing her ranseur, and lunges forward, trying to catch the shaft in the blade of her weapon and throw it to the ground. [1d20+9+2] => [13,9,2] = (24) Disarm.
(732) Qextozil: "Don't complain you have a helpful teammate. You busted the defenses and he took the advantage." (telepathic message to garruk)
Varisa strikes the polearm of the highwayman and catches it. With a strong twist and a jerk, she throws the man's weapon to the ground. "Give up now, and I won't kill you." she says, as she drops into Cockatrice Stance as her father taught her, ready to deliver a surprise spike with her polearm at any moment.
Seeing as reaching down to grab the dropped weapon would mean getting struck by the woman with the ranseur, Varisa's opponent jumps back and runs. Meanwhile, two others rush her to take his place, and then two others rush Garruk and Alvis both!
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, rolls vs Varisa. [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17) / [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9) ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Rolls vs Alvis. [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13) / [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11) ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Rolls vs Garruk: [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10) / [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5) ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Wow, they got progressively worse. :P ))
(1019) Garruk: (AC22)
(1029) Alvis: (not even flat footed.)
(1029) Alvis: (they cant touch me.)
Garruk catches one of the incoming spears in his shield, and then parries the second with his waraxe, throwing the spear-head towards the ground. Alvis leaps above the head of the spears and then ducks beneath them as they strike. Varisa takes three steps back and swings her pole-arm in a circle, guiding theirs away from her in the circular motion. The leader of the highwayman curses. "Damnit, they're good. Use your flasks!"
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( The guys on the far right double moved this turn, so they don't get to attack. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( The other guys who were there pull acid flasks as part of their movement and begin hurling them at the party. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11) / [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7) vs Varisa's touch AC ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4) / [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10) vs Alvis' touch AC ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6) / [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20) vs Garruk's touch AC ))
(1019) Garruk: (does shield improve touch ac?)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Under HoA house rules, a light, heavy, or tower shield improves your touch AC by 1/2 the shield bonus. ))
(1019) Garruk: (bad roles my touch ac would be 11 hehe)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, so 1 out of 2 hit, right? ))
(1019) Garruk: (yeah
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Varisa takes 2 points of splash damage, Alvis takes 4 points of splash damage, and Garric takes 3 points of splash damage plus [1d6] => [6] = (6) for getting hit directly. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Merely because being within 5ft hits you for 1 damage. ))
(1019) Garruk: (k 9 right)
(1029) Alvis: [49-4] => 45
(1019) Garruk: 54-43
The acid splashes across the ground, repeatedly, and spatters across the heroes and corroding small holes in their clothes which sting as they fight. Garruk takes the brunt of it, as one shatters across his armor. The smell of the burning acid is almost as bad as the stinging bite that it delivers as it seeps beneath his armor.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( However! ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( It is now Qex's turn, and then back to Garruk's. ))
(732) Qextozil casts summon eidolon (casting time 1 turn)
(1029) Alvis: "Freaking, Spead apart so they cant hit us all at once."
(1029) Alvis: (spread*)
(732) Qextozil: can reireteq come into being and attack this turn or not til next turn?)
Qex suddenly begins doing a strange motion and light begins to circle around him like dancing spirits. As he begins his spell, Garruk sees an opening…
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( It'll be on your next turn. ))
(732) Qextozil: (thats where he'll spring up)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Cool. ))
(1019) Garruk: ((do they seem to only have 1 flask each?))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Each guy had 4 before throwing some. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( So most have 3, and some had 4. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: ((have*))
(1019) Garruk: ((ill drop my axe and cast resistance from energy acid, absorbs 12/damage per caster level acid damage)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Hah, so much for that strategy. XD ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( They have no ranks in Spellcraft, so they have no idea what you did either. :P ))
(732) Qextozil spends an ap point to gain a move action allowing me to move while reireteq pops up?))
As Garruk drops his axe, he raises is hand and his body is engulfed in a shimmering light that seems to seep into his skin. The bandits look surprised as they have tangled with some sort of shaman or warpriest. Baaaad news.
(732) Qextozil: (not only does he pop up but he pops up looking stronger than normal lol)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Yes. ))
(1019) Garruk: (picking up a weapon is partial action?)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( It's a move action that provokes attacks. ))
(732) Qextozil: (its a move action)
(1019) Garruk: ((alrighty))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( On a side note, this is another good reason for those spiked gauntlets. XD ))
(732) Qextozil: (so do i get my chance to spend that ap or shall i just sit and wait?)
(1019) Garruk: ((yeah am gunna get a cestus one hadnt written it down yet tho))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( You can spend your AP. ))
(732) Qextozil spends an ap point to gain a move action allowing me to move while reireteq pops up
(732) Qextozil: actually gonna take standard action
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, Alvis, what'cha going to do? ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Keep in mind, they all have a reach of 10' feet, and are also wearing spiked gauntlets.
(1019) Garruk: ((hmm wonder if i can use somatic gestures while wearing a gauntlet))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( So they're poised to do as much flanking and opportunity attacks as possible. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( You surely can. ))
(1029) Alvis: (freaking..)
(1029) Alvis: (aha!)
(732) Qextozil uses the standard action to begin casting summon monster I
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Hahah, dual summon. Good use of an AP. lol ))
(1029) Alvis steps back, reaching inside his cloak and grabbing a red flask, throwing it toward the soldier here.
(732) Qextozil: and reireteq charges in like a bad ass
(1029) Alvis: [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20) vs touch
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Hit! ))
(1029) Alvis: alright
(1029) Alvis: [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( AoO vs Reireteq: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16) ))
(1029) Alvis: fire damage
(1029) Alvis: everyone near him takes 1 fire
(1029) Alvis: and he is also ON FIRE!
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Oh, then he's fubar. lol ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( 'Cause they only have 6hp each. XD ))
(732) Qextozil: hits reir
(1048) Berd (enter): 02:02
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d10+3] => [7,3] = (10) ))
(1029) Alvis: "see how You like having things thrown at ya!
(1048) Berd: Disconnecting from server…
(1048) Berd (exit): 02:03
(1029) Alvis: (he can attempt a full round action to put it out before taking the damage, DC 15 reflex, +2 if he rolls on the ground.)
(732) Qextozil: alright reir lashes out at the attacker)
(732) Qextozil: Charge Attack:
Bite:[1d20+5+2] => [9,5,2] = (16)/[1d8+3] => [6,3] = (9)
Claw:[1d20+5+2] => [4,5,2] = (11)
/[1d6+1] => [5,1] = (6)
Claw:[1d20+5+2] => [18,5,2] = (25)/[1d6+1] => [3,1] = (4)
Tail Slap:[1d20+0+2] => [18,0,2] = (20)
/[1d8+1] => [3,1] = (4)
Just as Alvis dodges the flasks thrown at him, he draws one of his own and throws it directly at one of the nearest guys, engulfing him in flames. The man drops his spear and dives to the ground, "Aaaagh!" he screams, "It burns!" he cries. [1d20+4]
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11) ))
(732) Qextozil: (each one of those should have another +2 attack)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Biffed. He fries. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Hit, miss, hit, hit. ))
(732) Qextozil: he takes [9+4+4] => 17 damage
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ouch. ))
(732) Qextozil: thats without the +2 str bonus he picked up for being summoned lol)
Reireteq rushes forward and crashes into the spear of the nearest man, the blade digging into his astral flesh. He presses through, pushing the spear away before slapping the feet from beneath the man, then bouncing him and biting and crushing several of the man's important bones…
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Nice. ))
(732) Qextozil: the dragon that appears out of nowhere crushes a mans bones in several different ways)
(732) Qextozil: (so now they're worrying about a dragon and a cleric lol… i bet somebody just wet himself)
(1019) Garruk: (something tells me theyre a bit more worried about the dragon that is splattering them all over the field lol))
(786) Varisa Heavens sees that she can't easily disarm these guys, as they are ready for it. She takes a chance and lunges towards them, releasing her pole-arm with one hand as she goes, attacking with feral violence. ((5ft step, [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10) claw, [1d20+9] => [6,9] = (15) bite. ))
(732) Qextozil: (he is good at the splatter… just wait till i get some more bull rush feats… i can technically make 4 bull rushes as part of one charge)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d6+5] => [1,5] = (6) ))
(1019) Garruk: (so on my next turn i pick up my weapon and i can make no further movement?)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19) ))
(732) Qextozil: (GO VARISA… ROLL THEM 1'S))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(1029) Alvis: "Keep at em, ill help Varisa" Dwarven and draconic.
(1029) Alvis: (saying it twice in two diffrent languages.)
Varisa slips undernear their spears while using hers to bind them. She suddenly takes a wild slash with her hand at one, and then bites the piss out of the other guy. He staggers around, "Fuck that bitch bit me!" he says, as a rather large chunk of his person is missing from his chest, bitten clean through his leather.
(1019) Garruk is too focused on the foe infront of him to notice.
Immediately, the soldiers decide to focus fire down the guy in the heavy armor, since their chances of missing him are slim. Each of them jumps back and hurls a flask of acid directly at the tankish dwarf.
(1019) Garruk: (can only get 1 AoO without some special feat or something right?))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8) / [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12) / [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20) / [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12) / [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15) / [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9) / [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11) / [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12) / [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23) / [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5) vs Touch AC. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Correct.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( However, none are within 5 ft. ))
(1029) Alvis: (damnit, how much splash do i take this time?)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( That'd be 10 points of splash damage. XD ))
(1029) Alvis: (getting away from the giant target now.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Hahaha ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, touch AC was 11, right? ))
(1029) Alvis: (35/49 HP)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11) to confirm a crit. ))
(1019) Garruk: (yeah
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [8d6-(12*5)] => [3,4,2,2,5,6,6,4,-60] = (-28) acid damage, minimum 0. ))
(1019) Garruk: ((well is a +1 shield so total bonus to ac is 3 so only 1 yeah?)
(1019) Garruk: (so 32 can still be absorbed)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( So you have 28 points of acid absorbtion left, and it did diddly to you. ))
(1029) Alvis: (hah negative damage, healing acid XD)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Oh, yes. lol ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Question ))
(1029) Alvis: (fire.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Did you cast protection from energy or resist energy? ))
(1019) Garruk: ((protection i think the level 3 one))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, cool. The reason I asked was because resist energy gives you 10 points of resistance, which applies to each flask individually. ))
(1019) Garruk: (hmm thats even better in this situation i think)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( So for the record, it basically nerfs anything that's small amounts of energy damage, while protection soaks large amounts of damage but can eventually run out. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Correct. Just for future reference. ))
(1029) Alvis: (my go?)
(1029) Alvis: (or have the bandits not finished.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Also, eventually, resist energy reaches 30 points of resistance. They also stack. So if you have resist AND protection, you reduce all incoming damage by X, and then absorb what's left. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Actually, the bandits near Varisa gotta go. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21) ))
(1019) Garruk: (says on protection from energy they dont stack))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( For real? :O ))
(1019) Garruk: (yeah says it "overlaps and does not stack with")
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Oh. Weird. Well it stacks with other forms of energy resistance, or so I thought. ))
(1019) Garruk: (if theres a feat that lets me cast while having bothhands full i want it so bad lol)
(732) Qextozil: its called still spell
(732) Qextozil: ))
The highwaymen look shocked, nay, heartbroken! Fearful even! They just splashed Garruk with enough acid to eat through a wagon and it was as a midsummer's rain! "Shit, get back guys! His magic is protecting him!"
(1019) Garruk: ((that one takes an extra slot to memorize the spell i think))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Ok, Qex's turn. ))
(732) Qextozil finishes his summoning via his move action, a fire beetle springing up over the dead body and spends his second ap to gain his move action back and goes up to reireteq, touching him and casting enlarge person on the draconic eidolon, watching him grow to large as he and the beetle lash out. reireteq slams one with two claws and the lower one with his bite and tail (top [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)[1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)/[1d8+5] => [7,5] = (12)[1d8+5] => [3,5] = (8);; bottom [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)[1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19)/[2d6+5] => [5,6,5] = (16)[2d6+2] => [4,6,2] = (12)) and the beetle (i'm stealing one of your soldiers for my beetle) bites the soldier ahead of him [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)///[1d4+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( hit, miss, miss, hit, miss. ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: ((Or in other words, dead soldier, dead soldier. ))
(732) Qextozil is done
(1019) Garruk: (my go?)
(732) Qextozil: yes)
(1029) Alvis: (yep)
The guy Varisa bit staggers back, trying to get away, as the other leaps back and swings his glaive downward. She parries it with her glaive and rushes forward, but then stops as both turn to look at the huge dragon errupt into some sort of rampage through the other soliders, scattering them like a heard of frightened sheep!
(1019) Garruk: (ill pick up my weapon now if something was in range could i attack?)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( You could grab your weapon and then move up, then spend your action point to attack. ))
(1019) Garruk: (but i can attack from right here
(732) Qextozil: there's noone for you to attack right there with your axe)
(1019) Garruk: (no with a shield spike tho)
The highwaymen panic. "Run for it! We've angered gods and devils this day! I'm not losing more men to be sport for this lot!"
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Is it a magic shield spike that shoots or something? lol ))
(1019) Garruk: ((Yeah))
(732) Qextozil laughs maniacally in the heads of all the soldiers, "Thats right! flee from my Draconic Glory!"
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Nice. I don't see why you couldn't then. ))
(732) Qextozil made sure the party didn't hear that part
(1019) Garruk: ((3 per day 1d10 damage 120ft range))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Nice. :D ))
(732) Qextozil: every solder in the circle heard me lol… *had to see if the top one was in the circle or not*))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Hahaha ))
(1019) Garruk: "Let them flee we will be traveling these roads and the next time our paths cross I may not be so mercifull."
(1029) Alvis: "Flee? If you insist…."
(1019) Garruk: ((I definatly wont be as mercifull lol this time all i did was mop up damage))
(1029) Alvis: (Im making a charge attack.)
(1054) Felix (enter): 02:29
(732) Reireteq sneers and laughs in a hissing manner, "They are such push overs."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(1029) Alvis: [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30) to hit
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Roll to confirm. ))
(1029) Alvis: confirm crit [1d20+10] => [8,10] = (18)
(1019) Garruk: ((i can ready an attack incase they dont run away?))
(732) Reireteq: (in hoa you can full attack on a charge)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( [1d20+11] => [3,11] = (14) / [1d10+7] => [5,7] = (12) ))
(1029) Alvis: yea, thats 5d6
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Actually… ))
(1029) Alvis: charge dosnt probooke AoO
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( You can if you have pounce or similar. :P ))
(1029) Alvis:
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( But yes, you can Garruk. ))
(1029) Alvis: Soldier has a nice scar.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Nice. ))
(1029) Alvis: "Go on and run now."
The highwaymen actually do flee. Quite fast, actually. They grab their weapons and run off into the forest to lick their wounds. This battle went horribly for them. They just dumped over a hundred gold pieces worth of grenade-like weapons in the fight, lost several men, and haven't a copper piece to show for it.
(1056) Felix (enter): 02:32
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( WB Felix ))
(1056) Felix: (and boom goes the connection lol)
(1029) Alvis: (you missed me giving nightmares to a bandit for the rest of his life XD)
(1056) Felix: (are you kids actualy playing? so much for casual RP :P )
Varisa used her Ranseur to kill the staggered guy before he could run off. She couldn't be certain that he would be as noble if her curse passed on to him through the fever.
(786) Varisa Heavens sighs and wipes the blood from her mouth, and then looks back to everyone else. "Everyone ok?" she asks, taking a damage estimate.
(1019) Garruk: (can i k religion to know the same>)
(732) Qextozil chats with reireteq momentarily before both he and the beetle disappear
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Sure. :D ))
(1029) Alvis: "Ive had worse."
(1019) Garruk: +4
(732) Qextozil: "Yeah I'm ok… How bout you guys?" looking at the other two
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( DC 11. So you can take 10 if you want. ))
(1019) Garruk: ((does taht actually take 10 minutes to do something?
(1029) Alvis: (i doupt it takes that long to remember something,)
(1019) Garruk: (or is it just a figure of speach?)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( No. Take 10 means you're using your normal skill. ))
(1019) Garruk: (okay ill do that)
(732) Qextozil: ((brb))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Taking 20 implies repeated failure until you succeed, and thus cannot be used for many things, and it does take a while. ))
(1019) Garruk: "Its for the best i suppose." as he puts his axe back in its holster.
(1019) Garruk: ((were you in this campagin felix?)
Garruk was at first likely concerned for the seemingly uneeded finishing blow against the fleeing man, but realized that she had to bite him instead of using her claws. Without certainty as to if he was infected, she could have created a ghoul that was less self-inhibiting. The thought crosses his mind as he notices her grip her ranseur tightly, and grimly begin cleaning it.
(1056) Felix: (lol I was thinking about it if it wasnt on tuesdays.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( What's wrong with Tuesdays again? ))
(1029) Alvis: (thankfully he didnt notice me recklessly giving that man a scar XD)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(1056) Felix: (Tuesday is my Exalted and Stalker games)
(1019) Garruk: (its funny how you can rationalize so much in d&d and still be considered good lol)
(786) Varisa Heavens grumbles. "Well, seems that we made out of that that." she says as the wounds from the acid spittle begin slowly healing up. "You guys are pretty badass." she says matter o' factly.
(1056) Felix: (lol rationalizations dont have anything to do with dnd and alignment)
(1029) Alvis: "Of course I am."
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Well, she tried. She disarmed the guy first, told them to surrender and she wouldn't be forced to kill them. Do they ever listen? Not usually. :P ))
(1029) Alvis: (pah)
(1029) Alvis: (I charged up to on and attacked while they were running away.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( lol ))
(1029) Alvis: (hes still alive though.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( True that. :D ))
(1029) Alvis: (Yay feats!)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Who knows. Maybe one day you'll encounter a level 14 warrior who's got that scar. XD ))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( That's a cool feat by the way.
(1029) Alvis: ((What kind of assassin would i be if i just killed my enemies?))
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Uhhh, is that a trick question? XD ))
(1056) Felix: (a good one? :P Why leave witnesses?)
(1029) Alvis: (:p)
(1056) Felix: (The best assassins leaving calling cards, not witnesses heh)
(732) Qextozil: lol))
(786) Varisa Heavens: lol
(1056) Felix: (Now, if you cut out their eyes…then you would be an epic assassin.)
(732) Qextozil lands and stretches out, his vertabrae popping all down his neck and back and all the way out his tail, "that was amusing."
(1056) Felix: (dont matter if they seen you cause they will never see you again mwahaha /evil)
(732) Qextozil: "Reireteq said they tasted funny though."
(786) Varisa Heavens gulps deeply at that statement and turns her back. All the bodies lying around was more than a bit tempting…
(1029) Alvis: (Scott)
(1029) Alvis: (
(1029) Alvis: (can I change it from scar to permenant blinding?)
(1019) Garruk proforms a death ceremony for the fallen.
(1019) Garruk: (bit sadistic lol)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( Sure. ))
(1056) Felix: (sadism is neutral at best -shifty eyes-)
(1029) Alvis: (hah, :D)
(1029) Alvis: (Best feat ever)
(1056) Felix: at worst that is lol)
(732) Qextozil flies around in the woods hunting bugs
(1056) Felix: (lol a third party feat huh? :P )
(786) Varisa Heavens walks a long way away from the bodies, and waits for the group as Garruk preforms funeral rights. The smell of the bodies was just too much for her. If she stood there too long, she would have probably exhibited some very terrible table manners.
(1029) Alvis: (it dosnt make killing things easier.)
(1056) Felix: (I like it!)
(732) Qextozil: Stealth: [1d20+2+0+12+0
(1019) Garruk: (wow remove an appendage(
(732) Qextozil: (stealth [1d20+18] => [5,18] = (23))
(732) Qextozil: Survival: [1d20+2+4+3] => [5,2,4,3] = (14)
(1056) Felix: (it would be funny to get that as a hellknight, whenever you deal enough to ko the person you kill them instead)
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( LOL ))
(1019) Garruk: (i dont trust that rogue i looked in his backpack and its full of penisis)
(1056) Felix: (even if they have like 5k con they are dead the moment they hit -1 )
(1029) Alvis: [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12) Perception to spot the dragon.
(786) Varisa Heavens: (( OK, this looks like a good spot to pause for the night. :D ))
(1029) Alvis: (dragons gone!)
(1029) Alvis: (dosnt killem outright,by itself.)
(786) Varisa Heavens: Well I hope everyone had some fun. :)
(1019) Garruk: yeah was good to play again its been about 10 years since my last game lol
(1056) Felix: lol casual RP…
(1056) Felix: brb work
(786) Varisa Heavens: lol, nice
(1029) Alvis: hah
(1029) Alvis: cool
(1029) Alvis: "Qex? Here Qexy, whered you go to?" draconic.
(786) Varisa Heavens: lol
(786) Varisa Heavens: Well I had fun with Varisa, and I'm trying to not play her as too dark and brooding (for fear of it seeming overdone).
(1029) Alvis: put points into linguistics to be able to forge documents, speak every language ever.
(732) Qextozil: "You dare call me Qexy again and I'll bite you." snickers and comes back with a bunch of little bugs
(1029) Alvis: "Alright."
(1029) Alvis: "Qexy." Undercommon.
(1029) Alvis: XD
(786) Varisa Heavens: lol
(1019) Garruk: ((you could live in his bag of holding))
(786) Varisa Heavens: Oooh
(1029) Alvis: (Dragon dosnt know undercommon, i hope.)
(1019) Garruk: ((surrounded by giant coins just like a real dragon))
(786) Varisa Heavens: That's how you guys should smuggle Varisa around if her "condition" gets out during a mission. lol
(732) Qextozil eyes alvis but can't prove anything… yet
(887) Kamara (enter): 02:55
(786) Varisa Heavens: Hio Kamara.
(1029) Alvis: heya
(1019) Garruk: by cramming her into a bag of holding?
(786) Varisa Heavens: Yep
(786) Varisa Heavens: 'Cause she doesn't have to breath. lol
(786) Varisa Heavens: So, she won't run out of air.
(1019) Garruk: i dunno that theyre taht big in 2nd edition used to be varying sizes
(1029) Alvis: its only a type 1
(786) Varisa Heavens: They have 4 different sized bags in the core book, IIRC.
(1029) Alvis: so i doubt it.
(786) Varisa Heavens: Actually, she could fit!
(786) Varisa Heavens: Type I holds up to 250lb and up to 30 cubic feet. :D
(732) Qextozil: how much does a haversack weigh?
(1019) Garruk: wow
(732) Qextozil still has to actually buy stuff **

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