Marco Amadorae Da Vercelli

Marco Amadorae Da Vercelli
Player: Jam730
Race: Human
Class: Urban Ranger lv 3
Alignment: Neutral Good

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Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 9-15-2012 0 175 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 9-15-2012 -162 Chain shirt, Rapier, Dagger, Light crossbow, sleeve blades.
3 Ashes of Bristlane Part 1 9-15-2012 1300 1104 Marco had left from Vercelli for a travel across land only to end up caught up with a man named Josef and some other adventurers talking about a tomb. However, he had been unable to listen well enough to the party, and mislead himself into taking Josef to a spot where things would get dicey. When the building was burnt down, he felt at fault for leading the man to the building. Even when tracking the 'rings' whereabouts, it was all futile otherwise. The only thing left was a note, as if adressed to any who followed him, and a mystery about what the ring really is.
4 Ashes of Bristlane Part 2 9-18-2012 1350 1120 Marco had gathered with few more adventurers in the time being to have another shot at the devil ring from getting another host. The ruins of the house had given him and the party more information on such an individual in question before going after them once again when it chose the target of mimi flair. When she got taken over by the ring, the form of mimi altered by the effect of Aizora, the drow witch. Marco had ended up alerting the other casters in the wrong limelight causing them to see aizora as what she really is. But the last he saw was his party turning on him and putting him under.
5 Goblin temple of doom, Temple Ambush, Part 6 10-6-2012 2450 2155 Marco had gone to try and strengthen himself in bettering his ability to handle other situations. He had taken up the offer of aiding a group of adventurers in raiding some goblin temple to grow his repertoire before his next encounter with Aizora again. The fight was rather long and strenuous when faced with nets and poisons that would have taken his life. If it wasn't for the rest of the party being around he would have felt overwhelmed.
6 Upgrading 10-7-2012 -4064 +1 masterwork rapier, +1 masterwork buckler, Alchemist fire *3, Smokesticks *4, Sunrod *2, Thunderstone *4, Tanglefoot Bag 2, Cure light wounds vials *5
7 Ride of the Duckwing 11-03-2012 700 655 Marco's marksmanship of motion had settled well in the heat of battle against goblins guarding a horde of stolen goods.
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