Magic Changes

The following are the changes to the Magic rules in the Core Rulebook.

The Healing subschool of conjuration has been removed. All spells that were conjuration (healing) are now necromancy (channeling) spells with the [Positive] descriptor (see below).

Necromancy has a new subschool, Channeling.
Channeling: Channeling spells channel positive or negative energy to heal or harm creatures. Spells of the channeling sub-school possess one of the following descriptors.

  • [Positive]: Positive spells are powered by positive energy. These spells typically heal living creatures and harm undead creatures.
  • [Negative]: Negative spells are powered by negative energy. These spells typically harm living creatures and heal undead creatures.

Transmutation has a new subschool, Time.

Time: Transmutation (time) spells alter the flow of time and space in ways that enhance the caster's world. Time spells typically alter speed of creatures or objects, or distort the flow of time on planes in a limited fashion. Spells of the time sub-school usually possess one of the following descriptors.

  • [Haste]: Haste effects make something faster. Haste effects dispel and counter slow effects of an equal or lesser level.
  • [Slow]: Slow effects make something slower. Slow effects dispel and counter haste effects of an equal or lesser level.

Miscellaneous Descriptors
The following spell descriptors have been added to the game.

  • [Disease]: Spells that afflict diseases have the disease descriptor. Immunity or resistances to diseases apply to disease spells.
  • [Poison]: Spells that rely on poisons have the poison descriptor. Immunity or resistances to poisons apply to poison spells.
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