Lyre Ferdinand F'heeralil

Character Sheet

Lyre Ferdinand F'heeralil (prounounced Fear-Uh-Lil)
Level 1 Tiefling Sorcerer (Abyssal)
Chaotic Good


Stoic and untrusting of those around him, silently observant of his surroundings. Despite his ability to influence others, he does not often take an active role in doing so.

Physical Description

Lyre has a lean figure for a Tiefling, normally belied by his loose-fitting clothing, untamed blood red hair that reaches to jaw level in the back, 2-inch horns in his pale red skin tone showing at the top of his forehead, his forehead appearing larger than it actually is because of them. He has human-sized purple eyes, his two incisors the length of fangs. Otherwise, his skin has somewhat of a dry appearance, with light scars crossing his torso.


As far back as the young F'heeralil can remember, he had been raised among the streets of the port city of Lastwinter, his "siblings" quickly guiding him to do what he needed to survive, soon discovering an innate talent for arcane magic, stemming likely from his demonic ancestry. It was more his ability to decieve, however, that earned him the nickname "Lyre". It would not be long before a nearby church discovered him, taking him in and beginning to convert the boy to the teachings of Keiga. The boy, now referred to as Ferdinand by the church instead of Lyre in hopes that his demonic properties be subdued, although resistant to the coaxing at first, soon found the goddess of the ocean and he to have many common interests in this world, becoming one of her followers, although remaining a practitioner of his arcane sorcery. Upon reaching adulthood, he was now able to leave the church, living his life now according to the ways of Keiga's will instead of the will of pure survival, taking Ferdinand as his true middle name so as to remember the importance of his childhood being raised by the church of Keiga.

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