Loki Letheren

"No time to play around, eh? Alright then, let's kick it into high gear!"

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Born into a family whom commonly inherited less physical traits of cats and more human-like ones, there are only a few points of interest about him which reveal his racial heritage: his sharp claw-like nails, the rounded point to his ears, and of course, his long, cat-like tail. Aside from this, however, he simply appears as a rather short human, standing only a little over five feet with an average, though muscular, build. Often described as having childish or even 'girlish' facial features, it is not uncommon for someone to think him the opposite gender from first glance despite that his charming demeanor always invites a second. And who wouldn't? Many a fair damsel has been caught sneaking even a third glance at the soft, pointed strands of hair that falls to his chin or the crystalline glow to his blue eyes. His voice an even tone, being neither boyishly high nor terribly low, though there is a bit of roughness to it when he yells.

Most of the time, his garments are somewhat loose and in thrown-together fashion, though he seems to favor mostly various shades of blues and sometimes white and/or black. He also seems to have a thing for vests and accessories such as feathered-string hair ornaments, ornate rings, and even a few pieces of intricately styled armor here and there that, while they don't give much in the way of protection, they do look rather flashy.

Cool and easy-going, Loki is the type of person who meets danger with a casual smirk. Though during down time he can seem a little lazy and flippant, at heart he is a courageous young man who relishes in excitement, action, and an all-around good time. Loki enjoys nearly every aspect of life that he is able, whether that be going on an epic quest to find some sort of lost relic or just relaxing in the bar and chatting it up with the local populace. Despite his seemingly relaxed approach, however, he is remarkably intelligent and though he may not seem like his head is in the game, it's really because he's already thinking several moves ahead.

Loki is perhaps one of the friendliest people in the world, and getting along with him doesn't take a great deal of effort. Whether it is open-mindedness or naivety, he seems to accept people for who they are and tends to not sweat the small stuff. Everyone is who they are, and trying to be anything else is just silly. Why would anyone ever want to be anyone else? Of course there are ways to turn him against you, but most of the time one has to be blatantly and openly trying to do so. Once befriended, though, Loki is loyal to a fault, and is usually the first to step forward if someone needs help, even if it means he might have to bend a few rules.

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