Life After The Dragon Wars The Ascension Of The Elves

With the seven gods gone, and the dragons dethroned from their rule over the known world, the humanoids spread out in many directions and began building their own settlements, communities, cities, and empires. Armed with the weapons and gifts of the gods, the humanoids quickly became the dominant rulers of Alvena. However, all of this power, gained in such a short amount of time (relatively speaking), led to the slow but constant corruption and arrogance of the humanoid species.

Many of them took the power that they had and sought even more of the godly knowledge than the fraction that was gifted to them by the gods. Yearning for deeper secrets, the humanoids began searching for more power, and warred between themselves and their different tribes. Over time, they began forgetting the rules and restrictions that the gods taught their elders when they gave them the gift of magic; and in turn they began forgetting that power was merely a means to an end and not the destination itself.

The first to notice the slow corruption of the humanoids were the Drow'theli or "Drow", which roughly means "dark elf" in the elven languages. Long considered the most noble and purest of the elves, the night-runners who danced beneath the moons, saw the greed and selfishness within the other humanoids and realized that the rest of the races were going to bring suffering to the world through their arrogance. Together they struck a deal with the ferocious orc tribes and decided to distance themselves from the other humanoids and retreat into the deepest forest regions and undergrounds; and shared much of the sub-lands with the dwarf clans who regarded them as trusted allies for centuries; and they developed themselves away from the rest of the world.

Leading the advances in magical power and the pursuit of higher knowledge were the Keila'theli or "Keila" which roughly means "gray elf" in the elven languages. The gray elves were considered to be some of the keenest minds among the humanoids of Alvena, and relentlessly persued advances in magical expertise from high atop mountains on great observatories; where they were served by giants as the dragons before them. Growing in power and becoming more and more fascinated with forbidden magics, the gray elves began dabbling in demonology and diabolism; slowly altering their traditions and learning to bind fiendish creatures from worlds outside of Alvena's plane of existence; which would eventually lead to the Great Demon Wars, but the gray elves were too preocupied with their own advancement for them to noticeā€¦

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