King Kaldan Orison

Name: Kaldan Omas, King
Race/Gender: Human Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Light Tan
Age in Years: 24
The Current Ruling king of the Omas region, Kaldan Orison, comes from the prestigious Orison family. The Orison family began several generations prior to the Demon Wars, and Kelon Orison marked their ascension to nobility when he fought alongside the legendary Omas in the battle that shook Aendeel. Viewing the martyred Omas as both a hero and a friend, Kelon Orison founded Omas City and commissioned the great statue that stands there today. Over time, his family became the most influential people in the realm, and later the realm's royal family.

Kaldon is one of the youngest kings to have been thrust into rulership over Omas. His father and mother, Laldon and Chirel were assassinated when he was only thirteen. A tiefling woman was later captured and sentenced to death for the assassination; though some suspect that she was merely a scapegoat for the real assassin who escaped without capture.

Kaldon has been ruling the kingdom for eleven years with mixed results. During his rule, Omas has been relatively well off. Crime has been dealt with swiftly and, some say, severely. Either due to his religious upbringing or due to the death of his parents - or perhaps both - the king is rumored to have a particular distaste for anyone or anything that is considered tainted by evil - such as tieflings. Despite his seemingly pious outward appearance, the King has been rumored to be a terrible womanizer; supposedly seen consorting with countless women, despite his six year marriage to the noble daughter, now Queen, Aeleen Uthlar Orison.

Despite Kaldon's mixed performance with both military and economical rulings he is generally accepted by the majority of Omasians, though his sometimes extravagant lifestyle and spending has caused some distaste with the common man on several occasions. In general he is exceptionally popular with the nobility who often refer to him as the "Noble Prince-King".

He currently has no heirs.

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