Grimm Stonefist

Character Sheet

Race: Dwarf
Class: Barbarian 2
Alignment: Chaos incarnate or CN


He is a dwarf, a dwarf's dwarf. Stocky, broad, musclebound. He bares the classic flame red hair, long beard and scars from many battles fought. He is almost always seen in his armor, going so far as to sleep in it some times. He has ranged from the dwarven cites to the wilds around each of them, and then some. Spending so much time by your self is not good for ones mentality though and he tends to talk to his axe like its a person.

Crazy, scary and rude. Though these are misconceptions. Grimm's not dumb, and he is not rude on purpose he simply has no social grace. Grimm was born into the military, he has been fighting since he could hold a weapon. His particular clans is mostly berserk and scouts. Grimm's early training reflects this, with long times spent afield alone.

Born and raised into a warrior clan, Grimm has known little more than fighting most of his life. When he was not fighting he was living the wilderness on "camp outs" designed to teach the troops survival. He realized he didnt fit in with normal people pretty quick, he was too gruff, to plain, he didnt lie to make people feel better, he didnt bother to excuse his self if he burped. So he spent most of his time training with the other troops, or out in the mountains living off the land. After serving his time in the army he decided it was time to see more of the world, thus he began to walk. He sells his arm here and there, protecting caravans and merchants, or helping villages to oust some bandits or other riffraff

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