Race: Human
Class: Warblade 1
Alignment: Chaotic Good


A tall man at 6'5 feet tall with a lot of muscle around his bones. His most pronounced feature is his bloodsplattered bandana, currently it still retains large portions of its original white color, but this will disappear as he goes through more battles. He wears heavy iron shin guards with thick kneeguards and heavy steel toed shoes. Baggy clothing is his favourite choice of apparel, his loose black singlet and baggy brown trousers held tight by the three belts he has strapped to his body. Each of the belts carries something, the one on his left thigh carries small objects handy in battle, the one around his right thigh carries vials of whatever he wants and a smaller pouch for powders, his third belt carries the scabbard of his family's Tsurugi.

Grekko is by nature, impulsive, rude and playful. This makes him a very easy going person, though his dedication to his swordplay is unquestionable. Usually the first person to break social graces or the first person to speak his mind is Grekko, who either thinks he is invincible or doesn't care what others think of him. He also possesses another personality which he only uses in battle, Asura. Asura is more quite than Grekko, and more perceptive. In this form, he possesses the mental focus to execute complex manouvers that Grekko trained hard prior to the battle.


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