Gods And Beliefs

Religion and spiritual belief is a large part of the lives of mortals in Alvena. Faith moves mountains, wages war, heals the sick, and even calls back souls from the clutches of death. With such power, it is no wonder that faith and religion is a driving force in Alvena and the lives of its people.

The Seven True Gods

Before the world was, there were seven beings who roamed the cosmos. Together they created the world, then hide themselves in the far reaches of their new universe. They have become lost to time, and their histories shrouded in mystery. Nearly forgotten, some believe they still watch over humanity in secret.

Name Gender Alignment Domains Summary Credits
Caedren the Morning Star Male Lawful Good Community, Glory, Good, Law, Nobility, Strength, Sun The leader of the seven true gods, exemplar of heroism, bringer of the sun. Father of Ursa. J. Scott Mohn
Akaia the Twilight Queen Female Neutral Good Charm, Community, Darkness, Death, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Repose The immortal queen of magic, keeper of the night, she formed the constellations to guide mortals. Sister of Kray'ci. J. Scott Mohn
Sija the Free Winds Female Chaotic Good Air, Animal, Chaos, Good, Liberation, Luck, Strength, Travel, Trickery, Water, Weather The eternal free spirit, the wind rider, who formed the clouds from dreams. Sister of Kuja. J. Scott Mohn
Duron the Wise Neither Neutral Artifice, Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Magic, Rune Keeper of the forge, lord of knowledge, sage of magic, he holds the secrets to the universe. J. Scott Mohn
Kray'ci the Dominator Female Lawful Evil Charm, Evil, Law, Magic, Nobility, Trickery The mistress of wants, who taught the world to desire. Sister to Akaia, mother of Ursa. J. Scott Mohn
Geraldus the Destroyer Male Neutral Evil Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength, Trickery The lord of destruction, who taught the world to make war. His hand stayed only by love. J. Scott Mohn
Kuja the Hurricane Male Chaotic Evil Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Liberation, Madness, Strength, War, Water, Weather The hurricane, who taught the world to hate. His heart is one of jealousy and rage. Brother of Sija. J. Scott Mohn

Commonly Worshiped Gods

There are many gods that are accepted throughout the world. Their followers have spread their word far and wide, and their places of worship can be found throughout the world. Not all of them or their followers are welcome in all lands (especially in the case of certain evil gods), but their existence is both believed and potentially feared almost universally.

Good Deities
Name Gender Alignment Domains Summary Credits
Limotae Female Neutral Good Charm, Community, Good, Liberation The serpentine goddess of love, freedom, art, and sexuality. J. Scott Mohn
Keiga Female Chaotic Good Air, Chaos, Good, Liberation, Water, Weather Goddess of the ocean, winds, and tides. Keiga embodies the life and beauty of the ocean, its majestic waters and the life it brings. She is said to be feerless and reckless, and sailors pray to her for safe journeys. She is said to surf through storms and hurricanes made by her sister, atop the mighty Leviathan. J. Scott Mohn
Sermon Male Lawful Good Community, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law God of wisdom and knowledge, his followers heal the sick and judge the wicked. J. Scott Mohn
Neutral Deities
Name Gender Alignment Domains Summary Credits
Ab'hir & An'drel Male & Female Neutral Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Sun, Darkness Ab'hir and An'drel are the two most prominent nature gods in Alvena. Ab'hir is a male god associated with the earth, fire, and sun, while his wife An'drel is a female goddess associated with the Air, Water, and Darkness. Most simply call them "the lovers". They teach the combination of opposites to bring harmony. They represent that the world cannot exist without the balance of the elements. J. Scott Mohn
Gavel Male Lawful Neutral Law, Nobility, Protection, Strength Gavel is the god of law and order, and teaches his followers that stability through order leads to better lives. Gavel watches over court hearings, deals, and bargains; and is said to deliver swift justice. He is often favored by those who have been wronged, or those who wish to protect themselves from wrong-doing.
Evil Deities
Name Gender Alignment Domains Summary Credits
Ursula Female Chaotic Evil Air, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water, Weather Ursula is the sea hag who is said to lurk in the depths of the ocean. She is the darkest aspects of the ocean. Cold, unforgiving, and without mercy. Sailors fear her wrath, and she is said to be the soul of the great Tidal Kraken, contrasting her sister Keiga and her Leviathan. J. Scott Mohn

Regional Pantheons:

Omasian Pantheon
Name Gender Alignment Domains Summary Credits
Knight Omas Male Neutral Good Community, Good, Healing, Liberation, Nobility, Protection, Strength, War The mortal hero who saved the world from evil, who rose as a saint to the heavens when he destroyed evil. Said to have cut the heart from the Demon Lord Relkanos, his blade was all that remained after the final release of the demon lord's power, thrust into the ground. The sword vanished shortly after, along with his bride, leaving his closest friend to raise a kingdom in his name. J. Scott Mohn
Lady Anoia Female Neutral Good Community, Good, Healing, Magic, Nobility, Protection, Rune; Evil*, Death*, Destruction*, War* The wife of Omas who was said to have risen to heaven with him, she is considered a saint among her people. Popular belief placed little emphasis on her beyond supporting Omas, but many so-called heretics believe that she was chosen to learn the dark arts of magic for her pure heart to guide the hand of wrath against evil. J. Scott Mohn
Si'sei'el the Redeemed Female Unknown Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Good, Knowledge, Law, Liberation, War The fury freed from the stone by Omas during his campaign. Some texts claim she taught the wife of Omas dark magics, and lent the powers of hell to his cause. Devotion to her is considered heresy by mainstream believers. J. Scott Mohn
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