Gaelfor Te'Vastya

The Blade Devil

Well over 7 feet tall and weighing at about 300 pounds, Gaelfor is a gigantic man that possibly has traces of giant inside. A suit of incredibly thick armor covers him and his incredibly powerful muscles. The skin of a lion with metal plates riveted in place can typically be found draped over one shoulder and securely fastened with numerous belts. A large sword nearly as big as he is is strapped to his back, along with several smaller ones around his side. Several golden earrings addorn his left ear and he has painted his scar filled face with black tribal tattoos. A thick dark green bandana is strapped across his head at nearly all times, keeping his dark brown hair up.

A self-proclaimed Genius of Battle and considers himself one of the greatest warriors on Aeendel, Gaelfor is loud, obnoxious, prideful, womanizing, and mercenary in his attitude. He comes off as a simple moron to most, and seems like a man who uses his immense muscle an size more than his brain. His friendship and respect is hard to earn, but once given, he is a stalward ally which cannot be bought by any means. Gaelfor is intelligent, possessing of great tactical skills and possesses a keen cunning that he has earned through his dozens of battles in his eventful lifetime. In battle he is a terrifying grim reaper of death, slashing through even the toughest enemies as if they were wheat before a scythe. He is nonetheless highly adapable despite his swordsmanship, skilled in hunkering down, archery, engaging with numerous foes, mounted combat and spear combat. This combined with his use of numerous potions, allows him to adapt to many battlefield conditions that would leave less prepared warriors floundering.

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