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This forum is for players who have purchased a business, and wish to list items they have for sale; and is a good place to look if you want to see if you can find any cool deals on treasures found or made by other players.
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This is not a real shop, but it will show you how to operate a good shop.
by: AshielAshiel
05 Sep 2012 23:29
If you're interested in opening a market and thus a trader's corner store, you need to know the laws of doing so!
by: AshielAshiel
05 Sep 2012 22:47
(( WIP )) Hey you hopeful heroes and would-be warriors, Vrischka Valentine here from Vrischka's Value Villa! Located in beautiful Amaranth, and once dedicated solely to the production unreasonably large weapon shipments, our surplus stock is nearly bursting through the doors, and you're invited to the savings! Be the first to experience the superior craftsmanship of a labor force dedicated solely to clawing themselves tooth and nail from the crippling pit of decay that is overwhelming poverty! Take advantage of our low low prices on standard equipment, or commission yourself a mastercraft that'll leave your adversaries gasping in awe before they gasp their final breaths! So venture on down to Amaranth's beautiful Merchant Quarter and loot our hoards of value! (Theft of goods punishable by law)
by: gossameryChroniclergossameryChronicler
06 Sep 2012 07:17
Open for Business!
by: Rayne KittyRayne Kitty
05 Sep 2012 23:42
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