Fatal Forest Follies

Players: Many more than I'd have thought it possible for me to manage with, including but not limited to: Willow, Guardian, Marduc, Karma, Mala, Kiv, Shol, and others.

Our stalwart travellers were passing through a small village in the eastern reaches of the Omas Kingdom when a guard stopped them to plead for their help. Seems a group of scholars had been dispatched to study some recently discovered ruins nearby, and the wayward group hadn't been heard from in almost a month. Our players, being kind and caring souls of the type that one can only hope to come across while stuck on a deserted road in the forest late at night with a flat tire… errr, broken cart axle…. agreed most readily to assist out of pure benevolence, asking no compensation for themselves.

*Dodges a lightning bolt strike from above*

Upon reaching the forest locale they were directed to, the group was ambushed by a group of goblins. They were told to turn back, refused, and a fight ensued. It should come as no surprise that our champions bested the goblins. The surprise however, was the regretful tears in their eyes as they cut down the small, hapless creatures.

*Damn lightning again. Excuse me, I think I need to check the weather forecast……. Nope, forecast is clear and sunny skies. Odd…*

After their destruction of the puny misfits, the party continued on to the ruins where they found the goblin chief. He was happy to see the group and most regretful for having sent the sentries out with orders to stop all other passers-by, no matter what. Turns out, the ruins had been in the care of the goblins since time immemorial to them. (Although knowing goblins, it might have been just 50 years or so. Not the best historians, you see.)

When the scholar party came, they realized there was an extremely powerful— and possibly just slightly "no-no"— aura to the place. Of course, being scholars, they took it upon themselves to investigate, and found a way into the structure underneath the surface ruins. The smarty-pants eggheads went down to get da phat lewtz, and never returned.

Now the goblins are unsuccessfully trying to contain the evil inside. (Not very surprising, knowing goblins. Not the best in battle, you see.)

They are also failing to think of a way to seal the ruins again. (Once again, still not a shocker. Not the best thinkers, you see.)

So our adventurers decended, had a few minutes of pure, mind-numbing horror as they were confronted by an Ancient Red Dragon. Luckily, they discovered it was an illusion. After cleaning out their knickers, they then engaged the real enemy, a Bloody Burning Skeletal Champion Magus. The best warriors could not even land a blow on their lithe, magically-protected opponent. Luckily, the cleric Marduc commenced some good old-fashioned holy energy bombardment. However, he was soon running low on soul power to generate the undead-creaming goodness. Just as things started to look grim for the party, Willow remembered she was a necromancer, and decided to try out a wacky spell she had learned the other day in a local brothel that was supposed to make undead do her every bidding. DON'T ASK, we're happier not knowing.

Due to the heroism of Marduc and a bit of luck on Willow's part, our adventurers triumphed. They then turned all the loot and gold over to the goblins and the families of the deceased scholars, to help them recoup from their tragic losses.

*Ok, I'd love to continue this story, but these lightning bolts are WAY too close. Almost as if they were aimed at me for some reason. So I'm just gonna hand out the rewards and get out of here.*

XP for Goblins: 650
Gold from Goblin Fight: 635
XP for Skelly: 1400
Gold for Skelly: 1035

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