Doom Under Tarkaltul Part 5

GM: Scott (Ashiel)

Players: Feldon, Mange, Lernina, Slick, Alex, Zitz, Talis, Maul, Mara

Having left the town of Glendalvine, our heroes set out to travel to Tarkaltul through the Yoklore forest; a place known for its unfriendly goblinoid tribes. The adventurers continued for several hours into the forest on the first day, but were met by a mysterious hobgoblin mystic who called herself Aharataya. Aharataya proclaimed to the adventurers that the goblins of the forest were fiercely territorial and didn't take kindly to trespassers, and their being in the forest could incite the little pyromaniacs into a frenzy. Aharataya specified that she was a pacifist and didn't plan to interfere with either the goblins or the party if they intended to go through; but she suggested that for the good of the forest and everyone's safety, that it would be better to take the long way around the Yoklore by heading through the Frostmane mountain pass.

The party decided to push through the forest anyway, and deal with the lowly goblins should they dare decide to cause the heroes any sort of problems. They were only goblins afterall.

Later that night, during the caravan's stop, the front of the caravan - the leading party - was attacked by a dozen and a half tiny goblins, each under the effects of a reduce person spell, covered in flasks of explosive oils and armor made from tinder-wood and flint; apparently so they could quickly light their flaming weapons in the middle of combat; however it also made them horribly prone to exploding and taking out everything around them. They got the jump on the party and dove into the camp amongst them; ready to hurl flasks of fire-lite onto the group; but one of them was struck by the Bullywug Zitz; which set off all of the goblin's charges - which set off the goblins near him, which set of the goblins near them; resulting in a massive chain-reaction of exploding goblins.

As the mini-goblins began blowing up in massive bursts of fire, the soft tinder and dry leaves in the forest quickly lit up, and began spreading across the ground and surrounding the party in a massive firetrap. Bugbear scouts from much farther away used the light on the adventurers to aim their arrows and began shooting volleys of arrows at Feldon, who seemed to wield impressive magical powers. Several of the arrows struck true and sent Feldon crashing into the ground, rolling upwards while drawing her sword and pulling the shots from her armor; having only penetrated thin layers of flesh - fortunately.

Not long after, several goblin shamans appeared from under the cover of invisibility and began blasting the party with magical bone-wands that shot jets of super-concentrated fire through the air; sending several of the party members reeling from the pyroblasts that were being shot at them…

After a long and arduous battle, the group repelled the goblin attack; but it was only a small band of them - all things considered. The party still had to travel several days through the forest; and there was no telling exactly how safe they would be. Goblins aren't known for taking hints easily.


  • Goblin and Bugbear Loot
  • The following items were confinscated from the goblin attackers.
  • * Wand of Scorching Ray (3 charges, 270gp)
  • * Wand of Firebolt (2 charges, 450gp)
  • * Potion of Reduce Person x 3 (50gp each)
  • * Oil of Flame Arrow x 3 (300gp each)
  • * Composite Longbows x 6 (100gp each)
  • * Potion of Invisibility x 2 (300gp)
  • * Oil of Magic Weapon x 6 (50gp each)
  • * Wand of Burning Grasp, CL 5 (8 charges, 600gp)
  • * Bag of Lapis Lazulis (300gp, trade good)
  • * Goblin Head-dress (50gp, art object)
  • * Oil of Grease (50gp)
  • * Sack of Silver Pieces (1,000 sp, 20lbs)
  • * Sack of Gold Pieces (230 gp, 4.6lbs)
  • * Sack of Platinum Pieces (70 pp, 1.4lbs)
  • XP: 1725

Game Log: Doom Under Tarkaltul Part 5 log

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