Doom Under Tarkaltul Part 4

GM: Scott (Ashiel)

Players: Alex, Lernina, Kanketh, Feldon, Darius, Terra, and Slick.

Linked Legends: Hell Hath No Fury

As our heroes were taking refuge in Glendalvine; they found the town unresponsive and the townsfolk distant. Captain Felton said that the most of the people there were apparently rather down or disturbed because of a series of shocking crimes that occurred there recently; and that he didn't know the details, but he spoke to a merchant about it during his search for some porters to bring along with the caravan to Tarkaltul. He informed the heroes, Kanketh and Lernina, that perhaps they could find out a bit more if they were curious.

Later they, Feldon, and others spread out into the town to find out what was going on. They were going to be in the town for about four to five days, so they had some time to kill. Lernina, Alex, and Kanketh found out a lot about what was happening with the town while at the tavern; where they met Alee and her brother Daniel, who were both hurt deeply from the events that happened in their town roughly a month prior. Alee had become pregnant after the incident, and they were trying to find a way to pay to leave the town so they could put their nightmares behind them.

Feldon, remembering the town from her last visit here, went and confronted one of the victims of the crimes at her home. The meeting did not go well; but she saw how much the Vaisier family was going through; though she turned a blind eye to their plight, and disdained the weakness of Lady Ula Lilithia Vaisier; but discovered a bit of relevant information on the subject of the town's lingering troubles.

Terra discovered young Benjamin the adolescent paladin packing up his horse at the local, now abandoned, chapel. The young boy spoke with the invisible aberration woman before offering her blessings and running off towards Korgan's Rock; where they discovered the mad Father Danton was still up to his schemes.

The party quickly regrouped and discussed what they had learned from they explored the town. They decided to confront Danton at the top of Korgan's Rock. The group arrived to find themselves hopelessly outnumbered and out-matched. They approached peacefully and Danton ordered his men down. The group engaged in a very difficult bit of diplomacy between themselves and Danton, which resulted in a stirring upset followed by a sudden but quick combat as they showed Danton the evil of his ways; turning his men against him. The party took him into custody and returned him to Glendalvine to seek forgiveness and make amends with the people there. Danton was nearly cut down in the street by Alee's brother Daniel, but his sister and Captain Felton managed to stop him from taking vengeance on the priest.

The party convinced the townsfolk to accept the priests' repentance and begin rebuilding their lives; and set Danton back on a better path than the one that he had found himself on. Ironically, Danton's evil was spurred by the loss of his only sister during the Black Crusades; the same war that displaced Alee and Daniel as children; and now Danton had destroyed their lives as his were; only to find mercy from them and those who brought their fates together for a chance at redemption.

Lady Lilithia wanted to kill Danton, but after words from Danton's captors, she left the scene without a word. Unable to speak, and mixed with confusion and thoughts. The party wouldn't know what she thought of it for some timeā€¦

Everyone earned 3160 XP (including an extra 1200 XP for Lernina's interactions with Alee and Daniel; Feldon's interactions with Lady Lilithia, and Kanketh's and the party's interactions with Danton and his soldiers).

Additionally, Captain Felton delivered sacks of 245 platinum pieces to Alex, Lernina, Kanketh, Feldon, Darius, Terra, and Slick; from a mysterious benefactor. A note was also attached to the bag Feldon received. Inside the note was a broken piece of a mirror and the words "I thought about what you said, and somehow sleep found me. I wanted to hate you, but it wasn't you I was angry with; and I'll never be able to thank you enough; so this is my way of trying. My husband would have liked you."

Game Log: Doom Under Tarkaltul Pt 4 Log

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