Doom Under Tarkaltul Part 3

GM: Scott (Ashiel)

Players: Lernina, Feldon, Alex, Terra, Darius, Mange, Kanketh

After their daring raid on the orc stronghold to rescue Sarah Dandelian; our heroes were nearing the town of Dantelion to stop for rest and supplies. Captain Felton said they would be there for about a week or so while he got in touch with some of his contacts and got more money and supply credit for their journey. During this down-time, Sarah Dandelian approached the party with an interesting proposition.

Despite her recent hardships, the scholarly spirit of miss Sarah hadn't been completely crushed. She revealed to the party a small silver disk-shaped case that was about the size of a pocket watch. The small mithril-like case was found during her imprisonment with the orcs; and she had managed to hold onto it despite everything that happened. Inside the case was a small map engraved with the local region, as well as notes in Sylvan about a star that fell from the sky during a harsh winter that brought strangers to the world, but they perished from the cold. She wanted to find the star that fell and see what it was about. The pocket-watch seemed to date back over a thousand years from the date inscribed on trinket's interior.

The party journeyed east for half a day from Glendelvine and found the area that was described. Sarah was with them, paying them for their support in her endeavor to find out more about this fallen star. They were traveling through goblin territory, but since they weren't making much of a fuss, and minding their own business, they hoped that they wouldn't encounter trouble - and they didn't; arriving at the place described on the map with relative ease.

Upon arriving they found themselves at the entrance to a massive crater that was at least a hundred feet across, with a giant 20ft black-metal sphere half-buried and covered with moss, laying at the center of the crater. The crater was about 20ft deep and shaped like a giant bowl. The ground had been devastated upon impact; remaining after all these centuries a dusty crater filled with small gravel-sized rocks, trace metals, and shifting sand. The place was quiet but the ground seemed to shift and move occasionally as the group approached…

Realizing something wasn't quite right, Feldon summoned forth the avatar of a celestial monkey who then began dancing around making a lot of noise and motion. Suddenly a massive twenty foot long giant centipede-like creature erupted from beneath the surface and swallowed the avatar - causing it to vanish as it bit down. The creature then turned its eyes on the Feldon in the crater. Immediately Slick and Terra dove into the crater to defend Feldon against the beast; while the rest of the party stood on the edge of the crater casting spells and providing backup.

The heroes found the creature's hide to be like thick-iron plates; but after several rounds of intense combat, they managed to drive the creature back into the ground. Fleeing, it let loose a cry into the air; which summoned three other brood-mates to its position. The three massive creatures burst from the crust of the shifting sands and rocky ground and surrounded Feldon, Terra, and Slick; but unexpectedly, instead of biting the heroes, they grabbed each of them with their mandibles and crushed them into the ground; and then as suddenly as they came, they tunneled underground with the adventurers in tow! The rest of the party looked on helplessly as their friends were pulled beyond their reach. Mange the druid refused to let them die that easily and transformed himself into a dire-badger and dove into the ground after them!

Lernina couldn't watch them dive beneath the rocky ground and not do something. She couldn't let her secret stand in the way of doing everything she could; so she tried something that could only be described and crazy and spectacular. She dove into the shifting stones and sand in the middle of the pit and began channeling as much of her fire-magic through her body as she could, burying her hands in the ground and unleashing all the heat she could as fast as she could. Using her produce flame in her hands while unleashing burning hands. The rocks began heating to dangerous levels, and her forearms began turning a beautiful golden color. She called out to the others to throw as much fire at her as they could; and at first they didn't understand…

As Mange was tunneling down and laying into the centipedes beneath the depths, the young elf-blooded sorcerer realized what was happening first and instead of waiting for Mange to tunnel a path to cast his spells, he began conjuring unbelievably hot balls of fire and hurling them down into Lernina. The flames engulfed her and the area around her and began heating her to superheated levels. He continued his barrage on the young elf girl who was busily crouching in the fire that she was creating around her; blast after blast he pulled fire from the air and unleashed it on her like small suns; each engulfing her over and over. Eventually she became so hot that her body began turning white and her equipment turned translucent and glossy like liquid glass; her eyes began shimmering and burning like orbs of super blue-white stars. The ground around her began melting like butter under the heat, as she was becoming hotter than a blast-forge! Alex and her kept up the fire until her body and the air around her seemed to ignite. Her humanoid body sparked and turned a brilliant white - to the point it was almost impossible to stare at her; with the flames licking and arching across her body like feathers spreading in the wind.

Having escaped her centipede, Terra, Darius, and Mange were busy tearing their way into one of the centipedes to free Slick from its grasp. Feldon managed to dimension door out of her centipede's grasp and begin raining lightning bolts and fire down on the ground; blasting fulgorite lines through the dirt and into the centipedes.

By this point Lernina's body was so super headed that it seemed to almost take on the translucent haze of a fiery bird around her humanoid body. The ground and sand melted beneath her so fast that she began falling through the surface like a molten steel ball through a barrel of butter. She fell through one of the centipedes, nearly killing it instantly as she and the super-heated magma around her spattered down on the creature; which promptly fled the scene and died from lingering lava damage shortly after.

With the distraction, the group managed to fight off the centipedes and drive them away. Afterwords Lernina managed to crawl her way out of the tunnel that Mange had dug. As she was doing so, the thick liquid-like mineral coating began cooling at a rapid pace; which ended with Naly being almost immobilized in a casing of volcanic rock when she reached the surface.

After the stress of the situation, the party explored the mysterious sphere after determining how to open it. Inside they found strange relics from another world; and Sarah Dandelian claimed the sphere in the name of scientific research; hoping to unlock the secrets of the magic it kept. The group found strange weapons and boots that were very magical. Afterwords, the group returned to Glendalvine; and discussed what had happened. Lernina's secret was out; there was no way she was a human, elf, or anything near the sort - but a phoenix spoke of in legends and songs - traveling with them. Mange, Terra, and Alex promised that they would keep her secret safe; and the group remained determined to reach Tarkalkul over the next few months; and now they had the might of the stars themselves to aid them…

The party gained 1600 XP.
Additionally, Lernina, Slick, Mange, Darius, Alex, and Terra gained the following treasures:

  • A set of sonic-bladed weapons from the mysterious shuttle: A longspear, a longsword, a scimitar, a short sword, and a great-axe (each worth roughly 1300gp)
  • Boots of Skating (7,000gp)

Characters who were absent at the time or didn't get treasures (Feldon, and Darious) receive 1500gp from some of the scrap metal that Sarah Dandelian sold after the adventure.

Adventure Logs
Found here: DUT - Log part 3

Psionic Weapons
The party received a number of semi-unique weapons salvaged from the aberration ship. Full statistics can be found here.

Sonic Weapons: A sonic weapon requires Craft Psionic Arms and Armor (or the Magic Equivalent) as well as any power that may deal damage with the [Sonic] descriptor, such as energy ray, energy wall, energy stun, energy push, etc. Alternatively a magic equivalent such as sound-burst may be substituted for magic versions. Market Price +1000gp, ML/CL 3rd.

Construction: Sonic Weapons are not merely normal weapon weapons with enhancements. They require a special type of masterwork melee weapon, requiring a successful Craft Weaponsmithing check (DC 20) and Psicraft or Spellcraft (DC 20); and the checks may be made by separate characters during its construction (such as a Psion providing a Psicraft check while a Fighter provodes the Weaponsmithing check).The base costs the same as a masterwork weapon of the same variety that the sonic weapon is emulating (such as a masterwork longsword). Afterwords, the weapon may be enhanced with the sonic enhancement as noted above. Sonic-weapons that haven't been enhanced seem like nothing more than useless weapon hilts or shafts.

  • Optional: A weapon designed for sonic-enhancement may be crafted with a physical weapon portion as well. The physical weapon portion inflicts damage as a weapon of its type, and continues to function in an anti-magic field. Crafting it with a physical aspect requires paying the cost for the masterwork weapon twice; once for the shaft and once for the striking portion (so a longsword designed for the sonic enhancement that also has a blade costs 630gp (315 for a masterwork longsword, and then another 315gp for the masterwork physical weapon).

Benefits of a Sonic Weapon: Sonic weapons have the following qualities.

  • Sonic Weapons loose their normal damage type (such as slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning) and instead deal Sonic damage. Sonic damage ignores hardness and Damage Reduction, but it is subject to Sonic Energy Resistance. They are otherwise identical to weapons of their type.*
  • Sonic Weapons deal damage as a weapon 1 size category smaller (thus a sonic dagger, shortsword, longsword, bastard sword, and greatsword deal 1d3, 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, and 2d4 damage respectively).*
  • Sonic Weapons are always considered Finesse-able for use with the Weapon Finesse feat.*
  • Sonic Weapons allow wielders to apply 1/2 their Strength and Dexterity bonus to damage rolls with them. Sonic Weapons do not gain increased damage from a high strength bonus when wielded with two hands (but gain the benefits of feats such as Power Attack normally).*
  • Feats and abilities such as Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, or a Fighter's Weapon Group Training apply to sonic versions of weapons associated with those abilities (thus a character with Weapon Focus (Longsword) gains a +1 bonus on attack rolls with Sonic-Longswords as well). Additionally, having proficiency with the base-weapon provides proficiency with its Sonic equivalent.
  • Sonic Weapons continue to function in areas of anti-magic, such as in an antimagic field; however the sonic-beam that they produce becomes horribly unstable in such an environment, inflicting a -4 circumstance penalty on attack rolls and a -2 penalty on damage rolls with the weapon. Other enhancements (such as the weapon's enhancement bonus, if any) cease to function as normal.
  • *: Sonic weapons with physical components may be used to deal their normal weapon damage and damage type at the wielder's option. They are then treated as normal weapons of their type (loosing any benefits or penalties of the sonic enhancement while wielded this way). Switching between using the weapon's sonic or physical portions is a free action and can made as part of an attack (such as choosing to switch between sonic or physical as part of an attack of opportunity).
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