Doom Under Tarkaltul Campaign Summary

GM: Scott (Ashiel)

Campaign Summary

Whispering the name of an ancient wild-elven city that ages ago fell into ruin that fell to the might of the drow centuries ago. Now, the surface of the grand city is a ghost-land of superstition, fear, and ruins. Tales and rumors whisper of an ancient treasure trove of elven artifacts buried beneath the ancient city. A few brave explorers managed to find treasure on the surface, but those who have ventured below have never been heard from again.

Won't You Join Us?
As we forge a path through the ancient forest, past Duskhaven, over fifty miles away from the city of Dragonport. Deep in the forest-covered hills, accross the river Talmasa, and deep into the heart of Tarkaltul? Treasures and memories of adventure, and the prospect of understanding the elves that once lived there; truly an event of a lifetime.

Be warned however…the expidition will be long, hard, and dangerous. Will you help is seek the city, explore the caverns of the drow, and return with the treasures within?

Adventures: A campaign for destined adventurers ranging from level 2-20, rich with an exploration, dungeon delving, and high adventure; far from the safety and comfort of Dragonport, Duskhaven, or Iron Kingdom.

Campaign Rules
The following rules supersede the standard Black Marches guidelines.

  • Pathfinder Core: Doom Under Tarkaltul uses the Pathfinder system for it's core mechanics. 3.5 Characters are accepted as normal, however Pathfinder characters are encouraged. You may wish to familiarize yourself with the Pathfinder rules for grappling, concentration, and skills. You can find a helpful overview HERE.
  • Buying Items: Doom Under Tarkaltul takes place on a long journey away from most major cities. Players should begin the game with standard wealth by level as shown on The Character Wealth by Level Chart. Characters cannot begin with any single item worth more than 25% of their WBL. Additionally, players will be far away from the major population centers and will have to purchase items at other towns as appropriate to the course of the adventure; which can result in price limits far below (or far above) the 10,000gp limit in Dragonport as appropriate.
  • Community GP Limits: The following communities are on the path to Tarkaltul (and their GP limits) - Glendalvine (Large Town, 3,000gp), Sylfas Pixie Village (Small Town, 800gp), Dagonthorpe (Hamlet, 100gp), Runeleaves Elven Outpost (Large City, 40,000gp), and Hammerforge City Under the Crest-Rock (Metropolis, 100,000gp).

GM-Note: You will not have to worry about being unable to acquire level appropriate equipment for your characters; and you will have plenty of time to craft magic items during your travels and during down-time at various settlements and communities as you come across them.

  • Pathfinder Crafting Mechanics: Pathfinder has introduced a new method of crafting magic items. More specifically, you can craft magic items based on your skill checks, and allows you to work on your items while adventuring. See Magic Item Creation. You can declare items that you wish to craft, and you will be able to do so in game-time during the campaign (I will be keeping track of how many days the group is traveling, or remaining stationary); allowing you to practice your trades.

Additionally, it does not cost XP to craft items in Pathfinder. Please feel free to take Item Creation feats and create things for yourself and your party members; because it is you in it together, and that's all.

GM-Note: You will not have access to items gained outside of the campaign, nor can you purchase items from the major cities before arriving in them. Finally, you will not be able to have higher level PCs or NPCs give you items, discounts, or otherwise interfere with your adventures until after the campaign has ended.

House Rules
The major house rules can be found here: House Rules.
Additional house rules can be found below; and are subject to expand as needed.

  • House Rule Notice (Crafting): The Craft skill check (assuming success) will yield the result * result in gold pieces worth of work per week. Thus if you're crafting a masterwork longsword with a DC of 20 and you roll (or take 10), resulting in a total of 25, then you get 25 * 25 = 625 gold pieces worth of work done that week and successfully craft your sword.
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