Darkori Asimov

Character Sheet

Darkori Asimov
Level 1 Aasimar Monk
Lawful Evil


Ruthless, deceptive, and in his own words, "efficient", never seeming to waste a movement or even a breath.

Physical Description

Darkori is somewhat of a tall character, his pale skin matching to his white hair, and even seeming to flow with his teal-colored eyes and smooth complexion. His build seemed fairly typical of the adventuring sort, orange and red monk's attire covering his body, save for his face.


Darkori is a man whose past is unsure, even to himself. Although it is clear that he is of celestial descent, the link is less certain to identify. Darkori was, rather, raised in a monastery deep in the mountains, from childhood weened in the ways of martial combat, his natural talent shining, having no qualms about bloodshed. With the secrecy of this monastery, very few from the outside know of their worship, most who do meeting a tragic, mysterious end. Now, the monastery has sent Darkori, one of its most skilled fighters, into the world for purposes as of yet to be revealed.

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