Dark Magic In Yaelen S Hope Part 1

GM: Scott (Ashiel)

Players: Amebelle, Grekko, Alyssa, Jinx, and Shol

After discovering the rumors of the spellcasters, particularly the necromancer sighted at Yaelen's rest, the group made their way from Omas City to Yaelen's Rest to find about a third of the town burned to the ground, as well as blood-stains across the grassy ground in the town which had yet to wash away completely; evidence of some sort of terrible struggle only days prior. The party discovered that the necromancer had nothing to do with the pillage; was apparently from the village; and apparently saved the village from a band of marauding blackmoon orcs. This explained to the group why the villagers seemed scared to speak of the necromancer or her whereabouts to the Knights of Omas; not because they feared her revenge but feared for her.

The group realized that the necromancer was still at large, but decided to ignore the laws against necromancy and hopefully find the necromancer and meet her; perhaps believing her to be an unsung hero for the town. After getting a bit more information, the group also believed that the demonologist may have been responsible for the orc raid on the town. With the bounty still on his head, the group was interested in finding out just how much he was involved in the massacre.

The group earned 208 XP (each) for role-playing during the session.
The group earned 160gp worth of treasure (each) for role-playing which will likely show up in an upcoming session.
Jinx made 5 copper for a street performance in Omas.

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