Dark Magic In Yaelen S Hope Adventure Summary

GM: Scott (Ashiel)

Adventure Summary
Recently in the Omas Region, two dangerous spellcasters have been discovered and are wanted by the Knights of Omas for crimes against humanity. One is a rumored to be a powerful necromancer who was connected with the near-destruction of a village called Yaelen's Hope on the fringes of the Omas region. The other spellcaster is an mysterious conjurer linked with several murders and the practice of demonology. Both are at large, and there is a heavy bounty on their heads if brought in alive for questioning and trial. Both have been linked to the town of Yaelen's Rest in some way.

Adventure Level
This adventure is for players between 1st - 3rd level. Characters will have opportunities to purchase items from Omas City (a metropolis) before the adventure, and purchase items from Yaelen's Rest (a small village) during the adventure.

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