Creating a Heroes of Alvena Character

Before creating a character, check out this Alvena Primer.

Basic Character Creation Rules

Characters in Alvena must adhere to the following rules.

Character Races

Character Ability Scores

Character Classes

Starting Equipment

  • Characters begin with Average Starting Wealth for their class.
  • Advanced Character Classes begin with Average Starting Wealth for their class.
  • Psionic Character Classes begin with the following starting wealth for their classes.
    • Psions begin play with with starting money as a sorcerer (70 gp).
    • Psychic Warriors begin with starting money as a cleric (140 gp).
    • Vitalists begin play with starting money as a bard (105 gp).
    • Wilders begin play with starting money as a bard (105 gp).
    • Soul Knives begin play with starting money as a cleric (140 gp).
  • Classes not listed here have their starting wealth based on their heaviest starting armor proficiency.
    • 175 gp (heavy)
    • 140 gp (medium)
    • 105 gp (light)
    • 75 gp (not proficient).

Special Creation Rules

  • Characters begin at 1st level. Each character gains bonus hit points equal to their class hit die (+6 HP for d6, +8 for d8, +10 for d10, +12 for d12) once. Multiclass characters use their highest hit die.
    • Example: A 1st level fighter with a d10 hit die gains +10 HP at 1st level. If he later multiclasses into Barbarian with a d12 hit die, he gains 2 more bonus HP.
  • Check the House Rules page for additional important information.
  • Characters may begin play with two Traits as per the rules for traits.
  • Check the Campaign Resources links on the left sidebar to check out additional Feats, Traits, Classes, Prestige Classes, Equipment, Spells, and so forth.
  • Please use a character sheet from,, or Rogue Penguin. All are very nice; and DnDSheets supports a Pathfinder sheet (though it's still in beta, I like it).

Leveling Up

  • Experience Progression: Characters use the Medium experience progression.
  • Average Hit Points: At each level up, you gain averaged hit points for hit die as show below.
    • D6: 3.5 per level
    • D8: 4.5 per level
    • D10: 5.5 per level
    • D12: 6.5 per level

Allowed Resources

Players are allowed access to the following material. If something from these books is found problematic it may be included on the banned list below.

Unless noted otherwise, any material that is a variant or alternate system in any of these books is not allowed.

Additional Resources

Additional resources may be requested from other sources (such as some material from 3.x D&D, other d20 products, or homebrew). Assume that unless it has specifically been accepted then it is off limits, and the answer is no. If a resource is found to be an issue it will be subject to removal or revision at administrative discretion. Because it would be inefficient to update this list each time a new game option is accepted, there is a forum thread material can be submitted, approved, and the list updated as needed.

What is Not Allowed

Because it has been brought up enough, the following are not allowed and probably never will be.

Pathfinder Material

  • Antagonize feat
  • Anything related to gunslingers or firearms rules from Ultimate Combat.

Unearthed Arcana 3.5 Material

  • Elemental Races
  • Environmental Races
  • Unearthed Arcana Racial Bloodlines
  • Level Adjustment Buyoffs
  • Character Flaws
  • Gestalt Characters
  • Item Familiars


  • Divine Metamagic Feats
  • Most Metamagic Reducers
  • Invisible Spell


  • 3.5 versions of spells updated in Pathfinder.
  • Wraithstrike
  • Shivering Touch

Entire Books
So much material from these books is inappropriate that they have been banned.
Some individual options from these books may be accepted, but don't bet on it.

  • The Book of Exalted Deeds
  • The Book of Vile Darkness
  • The Epic Level Handbook
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