Christopher is a Cavalier from the kingdom of Omas. When word got out of a Noble protecting a lycan, and as the story that was told to the order had killed many villagers, he was ordered to destroy the creature.
He set off after the lycan on horseback with the help of his canine companion Chance. As they traveled they heard deeds done by the lycan, both good and bad. Still he was not setteled that this lycan was one to be destroyed. The stories seemed too farfetched and the story told to the order was second hand. The noble had told him that there was no lycan, but the man’s posture told Christopher that he was lying but his cause was just. Christopher had encountered many creatures on his tracking of the lycan. But no confounded him more than the Lady Noel. She seemed visibly upset when he had mentioned a Lycanthrope, her Betroved had tried to comfort her.
His story begins with him entering the tavern called the ugly harpy to rest for a night before he set off again.

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