Average Healing

In Heroes of Alvena, whenever you would roll to determine a random amount of healing done to a target (such as a cleric casting cure light wounds) you may forgo making the roll and take the average of the roll instead. The spell or effect is still considered to have a random numeric variable, such feats such as Empower Spell and Maximize Spell may still be applied to the spell as desired. The only difference is you are choosing to take the average of healing done. This applies to all forms of random healing (such as from spells, a paladin's lay on hands, and so forth) and temporary hit points (such as from the aid spell) except for temporary hit points derived from a damaging effect (such as with vampiric touch).

Average Healing Chart
The following is a quick chart with common healing items and effects for your convenience.

Effect or Spell Variable Healing Averaged Healing
Lay on Hands 1d6 / 2 paladin levels 3.5 / 2 paladin levels
Cure Light Wounds 1d8 + caster level (max +5) 4 + caster level (max +5)
Cure Moderate Wounds 2d8 + caster level (max +10) 9 + caster level (max +10)
Cure Serious Wounds 3d8 + caster level (max +15) 13 + caster level (max +15)
Cure Critical Wounds 4d8 + caster level (max +20) 18 + caster level (max +20)
Wand, Potion, or Scroll of Cure Light Wounds (CL 1) 1d8+1 per charge 5 hp per charge
Wand, Potion, or Scroll of Cure Moderate Wounds (CL 3) 2d8+3 per charge 12 hp per charge
Wand, Potion, or Scroll of Cure Serious Wounds (CL 5) 3d8+5 per charge 18 hp per charge
Wand, Potion, or Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds (CL 7) 4d8+7 per charge 25 hp per charge
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