An aasimar such as Aurora is a half-blooded celestial who possesses traits of both the Celestials and humans. She inherits her unearthly beauty, metallic golden hair and radiant blue topaz eyes from her celestial side while possessing just enough human to not make it seem eerie and unnatural. Her skin is untarnished by such things as scars and blemishes, the reason being her pacifistic and clean nature. She possess a lithe-build but possesses enough muscle to not be considered delicate or fragile. Her golden hair is usually hung loosely at about hip length and sometimes tied in a ponytail or bun should it prove troublesome.

While traveling, she wears a loose suit of breastplate specially fashioned for her along with an ebony colored darkwood shield to protect herself should someone wish her violence. During her humanitarian duties, she wears a constant serene smile on her face and a pure white calf length dress. Despite often being mistaken for a cleric or priest, she doesn't bear any holy symbols of any known gods, making some people question where she acquires her unmistakably divine powers from.

As a humanitarian and something of a pacifist, Aurora appreciates life in all forms and woks hard to both preserve and improve it. Naturally calm and kind, she is nearly impossible to rile up and has a great number of grateful friends among the local populace around the Omas area. As a person, she exemplifies the high ideals of humanity with the celestial's resolve to both maintain and follow such ideals. As such, most people take a great liking to her physical beauty and charming personality, giving them a symbol of hope they can rely on.

When in danger, she has a strange habit of speaking the tongue of the Celestials, causing some misunderstandings among those who do not know of it.

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