Ashes Of Bristlane Pt 1

GM: Scott/Ashiel
PCs: Marco, Rayne Kitty, Kiv, Damepora, Guardian

Having heard about an old tomb discovered in a small town on the edge of the Omas Kingdom, the party ventured there to find that the tomb was a disappointment. What was at first rumored to be a new dungeon was nothing more than a single tomb with nearly nothing of apparent value, and others had looted the tomb before the group arrived. However, during their stay, they discovered that one of the early looters had discovered a seemingly enchanted ring that was sealed within. With the unintended help of Marco, the ring found the scholar studying the tomb and through a proxy of a mage host, killed the scholar and set fire to his records, and destroyed his office building. The ring then fled, taking humanoid shape and heading off into the city streets. Now the hunt is on for not only the mysterious sentient ring, but for the mysteries behind the ring, and its intended purpose…


  • CR 1 Tokens: 4
  • CR 2 Tokens: 2
  • CR 6 Tokens: 1
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