Name Andrew Zachary
Race: Human
Class: Paladin 1
Alignment: Lawful Good

Andrew sticks out like a sore thumb among normal folk, with his height and lanky gait.

He is a tall, lanky young man with a relatively well kept appearence. Andrew possess an atheletic build with shoulder-length hair of a striking Platinum color along with . The colors of his simple uniform are steel blue with golden chevrons and braids along with a white pair of pants. His Ironglave parade armor is reinforced with chainmail inner shirts at certain areas and metal parts sewn inside the fabric of the cloth.

Growing up told stories of chivalrous knights and great heroes of truth and justice really influenced young Andrew's childhood, where he constantly dreamed of one day set out into the world and make it a better place. He is highly idealistic, believing in the good of everyone and quite willing to put himself in harms way if it means the betterment of his fellows.

He hails from the faroff land of Ironglave, a once powerful nation who possesses advanced forms of engineering. When he was merely 10 years old, the Ironglave empire finally buckled under the onslaught of its neighbouring kingdoms, forcing him and thousands of others to flee or face imprisonment or a cruel death.

To be continued

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